Jelly Roll Morton – King Porter Stomp

Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe (October 20, 1890 — July 10, 1941), known professionally as Jelly Roll Morton, was an American ragtime and early jazz pianist, band…

Sheet music for Morton – King Porter Stomp is available for downloading in digital format.

King Porter Stomp – Jelly Roll Morton (1926)

“King Porter Stomp” is a 1923 jazz song by Jelly Roll Morton. This recording is by Jelly Roll Morton (1890-1941) and his orchestra in 1926.

What are some of the Best Songs and Jazzy scores of the 1920s? I want anything from the 1920s, But it has to be American and a popular trend at that time.dont give me Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, I already know that oneIf there are any Blues that was popular at that time too then you can send me that!

Sheet music for Morton – King Porter Stomp is available for downloading in digital format.

1920’s bluesBessie Smith – St Louis Blues – 1925, Young Woman Blues – 1926Blind Lemon Jefferson – That Black Snake Moan, Matchbox Blues – 1926/’27Lonnie Johnson – I’m Not Rough -19271920’s jazzLouis Armstrong’s Hot Five – Muskrat Ramble 1926, West End Blues 1928James. P.Johnson – Charleston 1923Bix Beiderbecke Wolverine Orchestra – Jazz Me Blues, Royal Garden Blues, Tiger Rag 1824 – Riverboat Shuffle 1927Frankie Trmbauer Orch’ – I’m Commin Virginia 1927Jean Goldkette Orch – Clementine 1927Paul Whiteman Orch – Mississippi Mud 1927 / 29Bix & His Gang – Happy Feet, Jazz Me Blues, Royal Garden Blues 1928Duke Ellington – East St Louis Toodle Oo, Black And Tan Fantasy, Jubilee Stomp 1926 / ’29Jelly Roll Morton – Black Bottom Stomp – 1926, King Porter Stomp, Wolverine Blues, Mr Jelly Lord 1923 / ’26King Oliver – Dippermouth Blues 1923Again there are many others but these will have to do.

What was a popular dance in the twenties (1920s) and a song that goes with it? Can anyone suggest me a popular dance from the 20s, and a specific song to go with it?Like, which 20s song would you dance the Quickstep to? e_e’ Not the Charleston, though. Help?
The roaring twenties was a time of big bands, swing, and jazz.Some popular dances of the twenties include the Foxtrot, Turkey Trot, Jive, Lindy Hop and Black Bottom and The Peabody.I recommend the music of Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton (1880s – July 10, 1941) He was an American ragtime and early jazz pianist, band leader and composer.Some of his work includes “Jelly Roll Blues,” “New Orleans Blues,” “Frog-I-More Rag,” “Animule Dance” and “King Porter Stomp”Some popular dance music of the 20’s can be found