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I need suggestions for good fantasy and other books for teens? Hey,Whoever gives me book names with one or two sentences about what they’re about will get best answer.okay, so I love fantasy books–especially about birds and wolves. (I’m obsessed with birds of all kinds). I enjoyed the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, Harry Potter, The Sight by David-Clement Davies, and One for Sorrow Two for Joy by Clive Woodall. PLEASE NO TWILIGHT. I hated it!Also, I love anything to do with FBI, CIA, police.even biographies and autobiographies. I read “Special Agent” by Candace Delong. Thanks for any suggestions–Phoenix

Download and print King Of Sorrow by Hale sheet score

Terry Goodkind – Sword of Truth series, they are long and there is like 8 books. but they are good, they have some mature content, and can be a little grusome but they are a really good read. the first one is called – Wizards Frist Rule

Wizard of Earthsea: I loved that book. It was about a boy who’s village got attacked, and soon becomes a great wizard who gets revenge, and goes on to face a HUGE problem.

The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins is fantastic. I think you’ll love it based on the books you listed. Definitely try it. It’s a best-seller and a movie in-progress. I don’t really know how to give a short summary about it because it’s a complicated story. Just go to this

Any of the His Dark Materials books. Which are The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. I got really into them and read them all in about two weeks. The ending was very good I cried.

I am on the last book of Jack Whytes The Camulod Chronicles. It is a history fiction about Camulod and excalibur and Merlin and king Arthur. It is the best series in my opinion.

Thank you your like the first person i can find that hates twilight also um The Giver —a kid named Jonas lives in this utopia. But he doesnt know something about it until he recieves something from the towns most sacred elder 1984 —Winston Smith lives in a dystopia. He is watched constantly by the thought police about what he thinks about the government then one day he and his love are captured and tortured.

I hated Twilight too. Um, maybe The Heroin Diaries or Avalon High or Jinx or even the House Night Series

Ok well I am an avid reader so I can suggest loads for you, though I will start with just a few.Fantasy is a massively wide genre so it is quite a hard question to answer.For simple good vs evil (ie with a hero who you get to love) read the Books by David Gemmel, especially the Drenai series (google is your friend). His books are all quite generic, reluctant good guy forced to go on a quest to save girl/world. Not exactly the most demanding of books but fun nevertheless. This series will sate you desire for wolves and birds aswell. One of the main characters has the ability to talk to wolves and another is called “raven” for reasons you will discover.Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series are also quite interesting, though the narrative is MASSIVE 11 sequential books and the 12th and final due out within a year. About a young man named Rand who is destined to fight the “dark one” (kinda like a devil) and save the world.George R R Martyn’s A song of Ice and Fire series are my favourite. Far more realistic than other fantasy series, ie main characters WILL DIE, unlike the indestructable heroes we see in other novels. It is set in a warring kingdom much like the ancient greek city states. Really rather interesting.However I will suggest a few more of my favourite novelsOscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray can be classified as a fantasy. Dont judge this literary masterpiece with the dirge that is currently on in the cinema (here in the UK anyway). This is a superb novel, basically Dorian is a narcisist (loves himself, selfish etc) who is incredbily beautiful and can get away with doing whatever he wants, or can he? HIGH RECOMENDEDBiographies can be hard to recommend because we don’t know what interests you. Bob Dylan is probably the best I have read.

I’m an avid reader of fantasy books, so I’ve picked a few series that have stood out to me.Tamora Pierce. Tamora Pierce is one of my all-time favorite fantasy authors. Her first books are rather old, and were published in the late 1980’s, but don’t let that deter you, since I first discovered and read her books about two years ago, as a teenager. She has written many books, and I enjoyed reading all of them. However, I don’t think I have enough space to list and summarize all of them. This part of her site, however, should give you a good idea of what her books are Pellinor series by Alison Croggon was a series that I liked a lot. The books tell the story of a girl named Maerad who is rescued from slavery, and goes on a journey to discover who she really is, and what part she plays in the war that will inevitably take over the lands. The first book is called The Naming.If you haven’t read the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini, you could give that a try. The first book is called Eragon. The series follows a boy named Eragon who finds a dragon egg and raises the dragon, Saphira, in secret, in the process becoming a Dragon Rider. The Dragon Riders had been destroyed by the current king of the country, who is now after Eragon.The His Dark Materials series, beginning with the first book The Golden Compass, by Phillip Pullman is another outstanding fantasy series. The first book initially takes place in Oxford, but in an alternate universe where people have daemons, or a part of their soul, that can be seen in an animal form. Lyra is the main character, who becomes mixed up in a plot involving kidnapped children and something called Dust.The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale is one of my favorite fantasy books. It’s based on the fairytale of the same name. Ani is a princess of the kingdom of Kildenree. Her aunt could speak to animals, and taught her how to speak to birds, but this is something that was looked down upon in the kingdom. Ani is betrothed to the prince of a neighboring kingdom, but on the way there, her jealous lady-in-waiting plots to kill her and goes to the neighoring kingdom, pretending to be Ani. Ani becomes a goose girl as she tries to find a way to show that she is the true princess of Kildenree.I could go on and on, but I fear that this answer is getting rather long already. For books dealing with the FBI or CIA, I’m not sure if that would apply to books about spies, as well?If you are interested in books about spies, I’d definitely recommend the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter, beginning with the first book: I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You. The first book is about a girl named Cammie Morgan who attends a school for spies, but by chance becomes entangled in a forbidden relationship with a normal boy who has no idea who she is. The series itself follows Cammie’s life, and not only deals with romance, but with friendship and other aspects of a teen’s life as well, all without losing the spy aspect of it.Hopefully, you’ll find a book or series that you enjoy.

Not sure about birds, but the Runelords by David Farland was fantastic! Check it out at It’s about this world where attributes can be taken from one another (things like strength, intelligence) to build up super armies.