Gee, Van Jones, the Environmentalist, Is also a Communist? Tell me it ain’t so, lol. No surprise it’s the norm? Environmentalist involved in the democrat party have an agenda which is more communist and less environmentalist. They are green on the outside, red on the inside, Watermelons as they have been known for years by those who are on to their actions which are inconsistent with true environmentalism, but NEVER inconsistent with a push to destroy business and harm our economy. They have lied about species of animals, lied about their status, lies about the causes of their population declines . why? It’s always to stop projects like clean Hydro Electric projects that can provide clean electricity. They made up a species of fish to do this, the snail darter, which lived in streams they said. Only this fish was a fish that lives in lakes and ponds and sometimes goes up into steams. It’s a mosquito something or other, and it’s the same stinking fish that actually does better in lakes and ponds. Another lie to destroy industry with damaging results. To stop the logging in forests of a renewable resource, making wood prices go up, destroying whole cities economies in the North West, and what happened to the forests? Because of the mismanagement there became a buildup of fuel, more so because of the disease. These forest had super fires that destroyed the environment in those areas. Killing the seeds of the grasses and trees that start to spring back with in a month of a normal fire. What was left? Dusty soil that was eroded and polluted streams. The land will never be the same for thousands of years because the top soil and those nutrients are gone, all because of gross mismanagement brought on by the environmental movement. The lie? The spotted out needed oil growth forest or it would die out and the logging was responsible for it’s troubles. The truth? Spotted owls have no problem finding nesting sights, they are being pushed out by a larger species of owl, naturally being pushed by competition. Nothing more natural occurs in the world. This could go on for 100s of pages, the lies these people have told,a nd the mismanagement of the environment they have wrought on our land. It’s all about destroying the economy, that is what Van Jones is all about, and most of the environmentalists including Al Gore and his man caused global warming scam that’s made him 100s of millions and could make him billions with cap and trade.Know these people, they are not who they say they are. They are not who the Obama controlled media says they are. They are out to take over your country and put you down “in your place”, put the US in it’s place. We are to rich they say. They are afraid of our people becoming powerful and taking on the old money, old power, the lords of Europe, the bankers, the Oligarchy set up to be super rich. These people pretty much control the world, and they want it ALL. This is the money behind the democrats. There are the people the media they control and entertainment industry they control, identify as republicans lol, so the people will hate republicans, while these super rich support our democrats and work with them to destroy our freedom so they can take what we have for themselves. Don’t you think maybe it’s time to start paying attention now? Wouldn’t it be better to understand the motives of the people broadcasting all the news you watch, which doesn’t contain so many pieces of information you could really use if you really wanted to be well informed? Do you now Van Jones Started the Apollo Alliance? Do you know they WROTE THE PORCULUS BILL that put us so far in deficit that it will severely damage our economy for decades to come? That paid off ACORN which is in the Apollo Alliance? Hello? Don’t you think this stuff deserves to be discussed in any real media organization for that organization to be legitimate press?

Download and print PDF scores of Jones (A Thousand Trees)

VAN JONES HIMSELF SAYS HE IS A COMMUNIST, OR DID UNTIL HE WAS GIVEN THE GREEN JOBS CZAR POSITION, OR ADVISER OR WHATEVER THEY CALL IT.WHERE IS THE PROOF? LOL! Admission is the best proof there is, especially of an ideology. He also was involved in communist groups like the center for American Progress, a group heavily funded and maybe founded by the criminal George Soros who also founded the radical group

Would this make you mad? I was looking up my family tree online and I found someone selling my Family crest. They were selling of all different kinds of family crest thousands of them like jones family crest or smith or any other last name. it was a down load. Is that legal. I mean my ancestors made that and there Selling it. If it was not a down load I would be fine with that because they have to keep making them and making them. But I mean a Download for $12.00
Here in the UK, anyone selling a registered crest is breaking the law. Technically called ‘Grants of Arms’, they are designed by the Royal College of Arms for a specific person. A license fee is payable. On the other hand, anyone can design their own crest and do what they wish with it. Some companies do it to make their products seem more ‘upper class’.

No not mad at all. I have seen it before and actually I thought it was cool because I would not have had the opportunity to see my family crest if the website did not exist. It gave me the opportunity to see and purchase it if I desired to do so. I did not create the family crest so I can’t feel they stole something that belonged to my own creative process. They have to make money so what is wrong with that?It is perfectly legal unless it is a copyrighted image and the copyright was current. I am assuming it is not though.There are many other things to get mad about I don’t have energy to be mad over this. The person who cut me off eralier can have my anger.