Would you please rate these songs? This is part of my playlist for today, sit back enjoy, and rate as you please. 1.the red rooster Howlin’ Wolf with Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. youtube.com/watch?v=3i9CGyHK8Co&list=PL650CD66CE7576281&index=43&feature=plpp_video2.Zoot Horn Rollo – Don’s Secret youtube.com/watch?v=I03ARMNnZS4&list=PL650CD66CE7576281&index=44&feature=plpp_video3Mallard – Heartstrings youtube.com/watch?v=5TE-p6NEjbg&list=PL650CD66CE7576281&index=45&feature=plpp_video4.Jerry Lee Lewis & Keith Richards Cheatin’ Heart/ Little Queenie youtube.com/watch?v=9dF62NjPd1U&list=PL650CD66CE7576281&index=57&feature=plpp_video5.Bo Diddley & Ronnie Wood – Blues youtube.com/watch?v=tAJal3Shh-c&list=PL650CD66CE7576281&index=76&feature=plpp_video6.Amboy Dukes – Dr. Slingshot youtube.com/watch?v=G3-ftFS9Jbk&list=PL650CD66CE7576281&index=52&feature=plpp_video7.Pat Travers – Hooked on Music youtube.com/watch?v=4vjDZAocnkc&list=PL650CD66CE7576281&index=51&feature=plpp_video8.TINA TURNER with TONY JOE WHITE (on guitar) “STEAMY WINDOWS” youtube.com/watch?v=qMwUy1SN4ig&feature=related Man, she gets my heart pumping before the music even starts, shake it Tina, you got me moving.9.Tony Joe White – Rainy Night In Georgia youtube.com/watch?v=6AbDGLJgcys&feature=related10.Johnny Rivers – Look To Your Soul youtube.com/watch?v=n46-IXL79Tg&list=PL650CD66CE7576281&index=54&feature=plpp_videoWell I hope you found a song you liketake caredavethank you for your answer Joetake caredaveAnus I guess your name says it all. thanks for your answertake caredavethank you Koo for your answertake caredaveI knew there would be something to your liken here mike, and and as always love your input, thanks for your answer.take caredaveAmy I think Tony Joe White and Johnny Rivers are way over looked on this site. Thanks for your answer and as always I do enjoy your input. Thankstake caredave

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1 – Howlin Wolf with those others is like an orgasm to a Blues fan like me – a huge 10/102 – Don’s Secret – Didn’t know this one but I really liked it 8/10.3 – Heartstrings – Another one I hadn’t heard and it is another keeper – 8/10.4 – Jerry Lee & Keith Richards – I have heard this one and I love it 9/10.5 – Bo Diddly and Ronnie Wood – if you could past Mr Diddley’s ego you would discover a huge talent – This is a great collaboration – 7/106 – Amboy Dukes – I love the Nuge – great raw and in your face song – 9/10.7 – Ditto Pat Travers – another great in your face guitar player – 9/10.8 – Tina at her best – great great song – 10/10.9 – Tony Joe White’s original is 10 times better thab the more famous Brook Benton cover – 9/10.10 – Look Into Your Soul – I can’t say Johnny Rivers is a big part of my collection but I do have a few things by him – This is my favorite song I own by him.8/10.

Hi David.OMG your comment to that anus guy had me in stitches! Now if i can just stop laughing long enough to enjoy the music.1. The red rooster Howlin’ Wolf, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood: 6/10.Nice little jam session going on there. Despite these masters, I did find it dry.2. Zoot Horn Rollo – Don’s Secret: 8/10.I like the progressive development. By mid track it was all happening, and got quite moody later in the track.3. Mallard – Heartstrings: 8/10.Your in a pretty chilled mood so far today. It’s a nice track, with some nice changes going on throughout. I thought I saw Captain Jack Sparrow on drums at 2.25. 4.Jerry Lee Lewis & Keith Richards Cheatin’ Heart/ Little Queenie: 8/10.It felt quite improvised, but I sure can feel the love in it.5.Bo Diddley & Ronnie Wood – Blues: 6/10.It plodded away for me, but i do admire the playing.6.Amboy Dukes – Dr. Slingshot: 7/10.Vibrant and energetic.7.Pat Travers – Hooked on Music: 8.5/10.Indeed. Great tune.8.Tina Turner with Tony Joe White- Steamy Windows: 9/10.Love it.9.Tony Joe White – Rainy Night In Georgia: 10/10.Perfect.10.Johnny Rivers – Look To Your Soul: 10/10.Nice list David. Finished on a real strong note for me. Thank you.