Fairytale – Ludovico Einaudi – To Jira

Soundtrack Dr.Zhivago

Digital music scores source: Ludovico Einaudi: Fairytale

Fairytale – Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico’s Fairytale set to a boardwalk scene with added rain effects and added rain and thunder sound effects.

Where can I download Fairytale by Ludovico Einaudi? It’s a song that’s on the soundtrack of the 2002 version of Doctor Zhivago. I haven’t been able to find it on iTunes, and I don’t want to be illegal about it. I just need a link or maybe some sites that might have it?

Digital music scores source: Ludovico Einaudi: Fairytale

What was the music played in Easteners friday when Janine and Michael were discussing the prenup?
What song is this in tonights eastenders? I was just watching eastenders and the song at 40:38 is really bugging me!! You know when you know a song but can’t think the name of it or you see an actor in a film and can’t think what else they’ve been in?! It’d be awesome if you could help, thanks 🙂 bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01k1p4t/EastEnders_22_06_2012/
It’s either:Ludovico EinaudiI Giorni (The Days) Ludovico EinaudiFly Ludovico EinaudiFairytale

What was the music played in Eastenders friday when Janine and Michael were discussing the prenup?
What are some piano songs that I can play for my music course? Nothing too easy or complicated. thanks =)
Liz on Top of the World – Dario MarianelliMonday – Ludovico EinaudiFairytale – Ludovico EinaudiMetamorphosis: Metamorphosis Two (instrumental) – Phillip GlassLullaby from Pan’s LabyrinthMelancholic Lisbon – Luigi RubinoYasuragi (not sure who the pianist is)Shoko – FafnerSo Alone, Be Sorrow – Motoi SakurabaSilent Nights – Antonio BreschiO Shenendoah – James Levy and Doug Deitemyer

Any recommended light, happy piano pieces? I’m looking for a piano piece that’s light, and. refreshing in a way, but very happy. you know, kinda like fairytale by ludovico einaudi (only i can’t find the sheets for this) or dawn by dario marianelli? something for easy listening? only i want to play it myself? haha. it would be nice if you gave a site where i could print the sheets off for free. thanks!
If you’re looking for something that sparse, you’ll probably want to look more into New Age music or Minimalist music. However, this piece somewhat captures a similar happy, nostalgic mood.Debussy: Arabesque No.1-youtube.com/watch?v=GWpV7L4YHuUFor some New Age/Minimalist music:Jim Brickman: Lake Erie Rainfall- (used in film “A Beautiful Mind”)youtube.com/watch?v=sM1ZW01Jqy0David Nevue: One Night at Mozart’syoutube.com/watch?v=CjrYZc9lzd0Both of those compose very nice and gentle pieces, though I’m not sure if they’re as light as you wanted them to be. They’re still really good though.

Some of Haydn’s piano sonatas are light and happy, but as you are using non-classical music as examples, I’m not sure this is the kind of thing you are looking for.Einaudi, Yiruma, Marianelli are not classical composers and if you are looking for instrumental pop like this, perhaps asking in the pop music category would be more appropriate.

Okay so I have 2:Through the Kaleidoscop by Steven Cravis– most beautiful song ever written!! I could play it over and over again and never get sick of it. I found this sheet music for free online.Also, the theme song for forest gump is also light and happy :)hopefully this helps

good music to write an essay to? i’m writing an essay on the raven. not the most interesting topic. and i need music to write to. any good suggestions?
‘Quoth The Raven Nevermore.’ That’s my favourite poem, give it a chance. I always like to study with classical music, not sure why but it works for me.

Depends what you’re into to be honest. I know when I’m trying to concentrate on an essay I try not to listen to any music with vocals, because I know I’ll spend over five minutes ruining my trail of thought singing/rapping along!I quite listening to drum & bass, it’s active and keeps me concentrating!Hope I helped,All the best,James.

when i do any school work i listen to. Hellyeah, mudvayne, three days grace, flyleaf, pantera, mushroomhead, papa roach, marilyn manson

Most definitely classical music! It really helps me concentrate; I can even read a novel while playing my Chopin records in the background.

This is probably irrelevant now as I’m guessing you’ve already wrote your essay.HOWEVER, for future reference, I highly recommend classical music. You won’t get distracted by singing along and if you have it on in the background it’s very soothing. I would suggest Ludovico Einaudi because a lot of his work is very gentle and beautiful and you don’t exactly want to be doing work with O Fortuna blasting in your ears.Here’s my list of his work that I think would be best to work to (just looking through my iTunes, doo doo doo);Al Di Là Del VetroAscoltaBella Notte (Not the Lady and the Tramp one)Berlin SongThe Crane DanceDivenire (Not so gentle in some places but one of his best pieces)Due TramontiEden RocFairytaleFlyI Giorni (my absolute favourite although I love them all)Il Peso Dell’AnimaJuliaL’Ultima VoltaLe OndeMondayMoto PerpetuoNefeliNuvole BiancheOltremareOnde CorteQuesta NottePrimavera (Same situation as with Divenire)Resta Con MeReverieThe Snow Prelude No. 15The Snow Prelude No. 2That probably seems like a lot but believe me, it’s not.I’d also recommend the more gentle tracks of X-Ray Dog, who do a lot of movie soundtracks.City of GoldFrom The Heart (such a beautiful track)Eden Voyage (Starts off gentle but gets progressively more uptempo, not exactly conductive to a working environment but I don’t care because it’s such a good track)Those three are some of my favourites.Anyways, with that in the background it’ll all make for a very relaxing time 😀

what are some good sad songs with a lot of imagery ? i am wanting to get some really good sad songs (heartbreaking to make people cry) . plz can someone help me i really want to get some good songsi m thinking of some songs with really sad lyrics and good music (if possible a good music video)
Yo,Yeah, “Hello” by Evanescence is a good one. But almost any Evanescence song would be good. Every song has tons of imagery, and some of their oldest works are quite.sad. “My Immortal” has always been a fav, and so is “Lacrymosa”, though I don’t know if it would make you cry.Just look on Youtube.com. I know they have lots of the old Evanescence songs posted. I know you could find some there.There are a few instrumental songs that strike an emotional chord. “The River Flows In You” by Yiruma and most of Ludovico Einaudi compositions are so emotional and has TONS of imagery. I don’t know though if you wanted words in the songs. These would make AWESOME soundtrack songs for a book or movie, though.Some of my personal favs from Einaudi are:I GiorniFlyNefeli (yep, very “sad”)FairytaleOltremareIn Un’altra Vita (the beginning doesn’t sound all that sad, but wait till the middle & end :))Limbo (yep, another melancholy tune)Divenire andAndare (maybe, but it does touch the listener)I’m sure there are more. You might have to decide whether or not the instrumentals strike that special chord with you, but I know they do for me and alot of other people who have listened to them. I hope you can find what you are looking for *smiles*.Out.