ABBA – Knowing me, Knowing you (Ultrasound extended version)

“Knowing Me, Knowing You” is a hit single recorded by Swedish pop group ABBA. The song was written by Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Stig Anderson, with …

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Abba – Knowing me, knowing you with lyrics

Abba – Knowing me, knowing you with lyrics I hope you enjoy it ! No more carefree laughter Silence ever after Walking through an empty house, tears in my eye…

Does anybody know Abbas Kiarostami? If positive which movie?

See and download ABBA (ABBA: Knowing Me, Knowing You) sheet music

I have seen several of his films and the following are my favourites-1. Ten2. Taste of Cherry3. Throught the olive trees4. Where is friends home?5. ABC Africa6. 10 on Ten (which is a filmmakers masterclass)For more Kiarostami (excerpted from Sense of cinema) Kiarostami is the most influential and controversial post-revolutionary Iranian filmmaker and one of the most highly celebrated directors in the international film community of the last decade. Although Kiarostami made several award-winning films early in his career, it was after the revolution that he earned a highly esteemed reputation on the stage of world cinema. 20 years after his ground-breaking debut feature, Report (1977), he was awarded the prestigious Palme d’Or (Golden Palm) award at the Cannes International Film Festival for his film Taste of Cherry in 1997. His masterpiece Close-Up (1990) and, later, the poetic Life and Nothing More…(1992) led to Kiarostami’s discovery in the West, and only then it was mainly by the French. He won the Un Certain Regard award for the latter at Cannes.Kiarostami’s cinema celebrates the economy of film language and offers an alternative to the fancy, excessive mainstream cinema. A controversial characteristic of his films is how they encourage the audience to reflect and creatively participate in them. His films challenge viewers’ stereotypes and make them aware of their own blind spots. A refreshing experience of watching Kiarostami’s films is how they resist giving an expected, homogeneous, or exotic “third-world” image of Iranian culture to the audience. Each of his films, even those that are shot in the remote rural areas of Iran, reflect McLuhan’s concept of the “global village” and our disillusion of the image of “self” as separate, immune, and distant from the “other”.The

are you know abbas kiarostami? kiarostami is a iranian director his film “taste of cherry” won “Palme d’Or” in 1997 cannes film festival
I’m Iranian i know kiarostami. TEN[10] is his best movie i think. and i love one of his old movies called [Gozaresh] means report. search the Internet for more information if you don’t know how to write his name in Farsi try this: [ ???? ???????? ]

Does anyone know how Bjorn from ABBA died? the news headlines says that he was found dead in a room, , does anyone know what he died from?
He isn’t dead, he’s encased in dreadnought armour with a lightning claw, heavy flamer and an assault cannon. I believe they call him “the fell handed”.

Bjorn is dead? NO! I used to fancy both him and Benny, back in 1979.ok, I was only 4 at the time, I didn’t know any better but still, how sad.

Abba drummer found dead in Spain Ola Brunkert went on tour with Abba A former session drummer with Swedish pop band Abba has been found dead in the garden of his Spanish home with cuts to his throat, police say. A spokeswoman said the man was 62-year-old Ola Brunkert, and said his death appeared to be accidental. Police believe Brunkert fell from a window and died while he tried to seek help. A post-mortem is taking place. Brunket, who retired to Majorca, was the only session musician to have appeared on all of Abba’s recordings. The musician was found by a neighbour late on Sunday in a pool of blood. As well as recording with Abba, the Swede also toured with the band, who had a string of hits including Take A Chance On Me and Waterloo. Despite breaking up more than 25 years ago, the group still sells between two and three million albums a year.

Most known Abba song? I’m doing a research at school for the most known bands and one of them is Abba. I also need there most famous songs. So can you please tell me their top ten songs in order by how famous they are?
By far.Dancing Queen is their most famousothers would include:Knowing me, Knowing youFernandoChiquititaSOSDoes Your Mother KnowVoulez Vous


“Dancing Queen” is a hit single recorded by Swedish pop group ABBA. It was the follow-up single to the massive hit “Fernando”. Also “Waterloo”

Take a Chance On MeAs for most famous top ten..Take A Chance On MeDancing QueenDoes Your Mother KnowVoulez VousS.O.S.Knowing Me Knowing YouGimmie Gimmie Gimmie(A Man After Midnight)WaterlooMamma MiaFernando

1) Eagle2) Money Money3)Take a Chance on Me4) Waterloo5) Dancing Queen6) Fernando7) Gimme Gimme8-10) ?Good luck.

“Fernando” is probably their most famous.There’s “Dancin’ Queen”, “Does Your Mother Know”, “The Winner Takes It All”, “Take a Chance on Me”, “Super Trouper”, “Knowing Me, Knowing You”, “The Name of the Game”, “Chiquitita”, “Voulez Vous”. And a lot more.

abba,father? what does abba mean in the bible
“Abba” is the Aramaic word for “father”. It is specifically, the form of the word used when speaking TO someone. In other words, if you want to use older or more formal English, you could translate it “O father”This form was used in Jewish prayers, and picked up in the prayers of the early church. We find Jesus using it when praying (in the Garden of Gethsemane story as told in Mark’s gospel). It reappears and in a couple of references by Paul (Romans 8, Galatians 3) where he speaks of Christians’ being able to cry out (that is, to pray) “Abba, Father” Actually, the Greek reads – Abba pater, following the Aramaic word with its Greek equivalent. This might be to make the meaning clear. But even his Gentile readers probably already knew the meaning of that word –as they knew common Hebrew words like “Amen” and “Hallelujah”. I suggest that it is to remind his audience that Jewish and Greek-speaking/Gentile Christians could call God “Father”, perhaps even that they both do so TOGETHER – since most of these churches had both groups in them.__________________(There is a popular notion you may hear, that this form that little children use and that it means “Daddy”. But that is not true. They have misunderstood the ending -a, which simply indicates speaking TO someone. In fact, the same form is used in one of the few Aramaic parts of the Bible to speak to King Nebuchadnezzar — the speakers say “O king [malka], live forever!” Clearly they were not using a familiar form or ‘babytalk’! I think the reason even pastors sometimes slip into this mistake is that may have studied HEBREW, which doesn’t have this ending, but they’ve not studied Aramaic, since it only makes up a few chapters of the Old Testament, plus a handful of individual words. )

Abba was the Aramaic word for “Father.” Aramaic was the spoken language of Jesus’ time. When the bible was translated into English, the translators kept the original word and then followed it with its English translation.