Kiss Kiss Kiss Daisuke Ono

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?????Kiss Kiss Kiss?PV???? – Daisuke Ono making of “Kiss Kiss Kiss” music clip

9/25????????UP STAIRS??DOWN STAIRS??? ?UP STAIRS?????Kiss Kiss Kiss?????? DOWN STAIRS???????????

what is the song that says i killed john lennon when played backwards?

See and download Kiss, Kiss, Kiss by Ono sheet music

If one of your poems was to be recorded as a song? What artist or group would you choose to record it?
interesting question,the poems i’ve been working on lately1) in no way can it be song, it just doesn’t work2) too short, it’s just a cute poembut if the first one was somehow converted to a song, it would be celine dione, she sings serious, and my poem is serious and is defiantly a slow type of song. it’s meaningful, which i feel she captures meaningful lyrics nicely and takes her time on them

I would only let my poems be performed as songs by Yoko Ono.Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Me LoveHurling-poolballs-scatter-the-silenceI Kiss Kiss Me LoveThe girl-outside-in-a-halter-top-comes-in-from-the-wind. 

I guess it would be this don’t know all the words yet, but I have the dance and aiyiyi part down pat.edit: um on 2nd thought, as I realize each and every oneof my body parts alone is more than one poem with manysongs from different groups, then I think to be fair my handsalone might possibly be all of Woodstock and then some.Damn it, I knew I made a serious mistake in poetry long, I should have said hair balls instead of fur balls?

In the unlikely event one of my poems (light fare) is to be recorder, I would select an unknown to sing it, someone whose voice moves me beyond any fair spirits.