Your Father’s Son at Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2011

Here is Waterfront playing”Your Father’s Son”, an original song written by Glyn, in the Sabrina Marquee at Shrewsbury Folk Festival in August 2011. This is t…

Sheet music for King Herod – Folk is available for downloading in digital format.

Kozlovsky – King Herod Chases Christ (M. Zlatopolsky, bass section)

jewish folks some questions about the temple? according to the Bible the first temple was built by Solomon and they had the ark of covenant, then who built the second temple? according to what I have read it was ezra and what did king herod do? was the temple a holy place even they didn’t have the ark of the covenant after jewish came back to Israel? because the Ezra temple and Herod was the same temple? they didn’t have the ark of covenant so it wasn’t holy like the first temple of Solomon? according to the jewish tradition the temple will be rebuild with the messiah but the messiah will bring back the ark of covenant?

Sheet music for King Herod – Folk is available for downloading in digital format.

construction was ordered b y the governor of the region, Zerubabbbel, in 516 BCEHerod the Great added to and rebuilt much of the Temple centuries later

Herod renovated the Temple extensively, he sis not build a new one, just fixed and beautified the one that already existed in his time.And yes, the Second Temple was not at the same level of holiness that the first temple was at- Jewish sources state that there were ten miracles in the first Temple era that never occurred in the second Temple era.As for the third temple, there are two ways it is rebuilt in the time of the Mashiach:1) It descends whole and ready built from the heavens and is restred fuly by G-d- this assumes the Mashiach comes because we are righteous and deserving of miracles2) Mashiach comes and we have to rebuild the temple ourselves- this assumes the case that Mashiach comes because it is time, not because we are righteous and thus we are notdeserving of all the miracles that occur when we are righteous

The leaders of the Jews at the time the second Temple was built wereking – ZerubabelHigh Priest – JoshuaEzra and Nehemiah were political leaders and go-betweens to the Persians.Herod sponsored the enhancement of the Temple area — bigger exterior walls, fancier this and that, ramps, bridges.

jewish folks? according to you if jesus was real, he would jesus have a long hair? and beard? or he would have a short hair? I know that jesus isn’t revelant in judaism but I am talking about the appareance of a jewish person in those times where jesus was alive, in the first century, under the king herod, poncious pilatus
The Jewish men of that time had short hair, long payot = the hair that grows from the temple, and a long beard. Much like the Chassidim of today.

Creepy Story About a Soul.? There was this man who led a very bad existence–really evil.The folks said when a coach was carrying his coffin to be buried, that a black dog (representing his soul) lept out of the coach never to be seen again. They claimed his soul was evil. Anyone ever heard of this?From a book.
The Passion of the Christ is a 2004 film co-written, co-produced and directed by Mel Gibson. It is based on the biblical stories of Jesus of Nazareth and focuses on his last twelve hours. It details his arrest, trial, and crucifixion, events commonly known as “The Passion”. The film’s dialogue is in Aramaic, Latin, and Hebrew, with English subtitles. It was filmed in Matera, Italy and Cinecittà Studios, Rome.PlotThe Passion of the Christ begins in medias res in the Garden of Gethsemane, on the Mount of Olives, with Jesus agonizing about his impending death, while Satan tempts him to abandon the idea that one man can redeem the world’s sins.Meanwhile, at the Temple, Judas Iscariot meets with the Sanhedrin High Priest (Kohen Gadol) Caiaphas, who pays him thirty silver coins for Jesus’s whereabouts. Judas then takes the Temple guards to the garden and identifies Jesus, the Christ, with a kiss.Elsewhere, Jesus’s mother, Mary, wakes from a nightmare; Mary Magdalene asks if she is all right. Knowing something is wrong, Mary quotes the Passover prayers, Why is this night different than other nights? ; Mary Magdalene replies, Because once we were slaves and we are slaves no longer . Suddenly, John arrives, explaining Jesus was arrested.Jesus is beaten as he is taken before Caiaphas. Judas looks with shame when the Temple guards throw Jesus off a bridge; a demon appears and frightens Judas, who runs away.Jesus sees Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John watching him at the Temple; he is before the Sanhedrin who denounce everything Jesus has taught, including being King of the Jews. Asked if the accusations are true, he says “Yes”, adding that they will see him sitting at the right of the God Father. Offended by such blasphemy, Caiaphas screams at him and tears his own garments; the other priests beat and spit in his face, then condemn him to death.Peter flees, but is seized by people who point out that he is a Jesus disciple; Peter thrice denies it. When Jesus looks at him, Peter is ashamed. When Mary comforts him, Peter flees, weeping. Judas goes to Caiaphas, pleading for Jesus’s release, refunding the betrayal bounty; Caiaphas refuses. Judas throws the money on the Temple floor and runs away. Sitting by a fire, two children approach and ask what’s wrong; Judas curses them, they become demons, with Satan among them, who chase him beyond the city walls. Judas encounters a dead donkey being eaten by maggots; despairing he takes the donkey’s rope and hangs himself from a tree.Meanwhile, the priests have taken Jesus to Pontius Pilate, so that he may be crucified under Roman Law. Pilate demands to know whether the Jews always punish their prisoners before trial. Caiaphas responds that Jesus has declared himself the Messiah. Pilate privately interrogates Jesus, asking if he is King of the Jews. Jesus replies that his kingdom is otherworldly, adding that all who hear the truth hear his voice; Pilate asks, “What is truth?”Pilate addresses the crowd following Jesus’s persecution by the Sanhedrin, saying he finds no crime in Jesus and orders the priests take the Christ to King Herod Antipas, because he is a Nazarene, thus Herod’s subject; Caiaphas protests, but obeys. King Herod is impressed by reports of Jesus’s miracles. When silent to his pleas to work “a little miracle for me”, Herod mocks Jesus as crazy.While Herod interrogates Jesus, Pilate asks his wife, Claudia Procles, What is truth? She says he cannot see lest he look for it. Fearful of freeing Jesus, Pilate says the priests and Israel will revolt, yet, if he sentences him, Jesus’s followers will revolt. Then, the Centurion Abernader (later St. Ctesiphon) interrupts, saying that Herod did nothing to the man. When the priests return Jesus to Pilate, he is displeased, and forces Caiaphas to choose between freeing the murderer Barabbas or clemency for Jesus; Caiaphas cries “Release Barabbas!”Pilate asks the priest-bribed crowd what is fair punishment, they scream, “Crucify him!” Pilate refuses, fearing revolt and that the ensuing bloodshed will turn the Emperor against him. Instead, he orders Jesus flogged, hoping that to satisfy Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin’s desire for the Christ’s death penalty. Jesus is shackled to a broken pillar; two soldiers flog him with a switch, after exhausting his floggers, he rises to his feet; the floggers then use barbed scourges until his ribs show and seems dead. The Centurion Abenader stops the flogging; Pilate’s wife, Claudia, gives the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene linen towels to clean the Christ’s blood.Later, the flogging soldiers drive a crown of thorns into Jesus’s scalp, spit on him, and cloak in a soldier’s red cloak, then, in mock royal homage: “Hail, King of the Worms”, laughs a bowing soldier. Jesus is returned to Pilate who is disgusted by the sight of the tortured Jesus; he asks the crowd if they are satisfied; Caiaphas still demands crucifixion. Disgusted, Pilate washes his hands of this Jewish religious quarrel, declaring, “I am innocent of this man’s blood”, and orders Abenader to crucify the Christ.The condemned Christ walks between two other criminals sentenced to crucifixion; they are only tied to their crosses — yet Jesus must carry his cross while the soldiers beat him and the crowd taunt him; Mary, Mary Magdalene, and John follow. He falls with the cross, Mary runs to him; he rises, hefts his cross, and continues, then falls again. Abenader approaches, ordering the soldiers to help Jesus. Instead, they take a man from the crowd, Simon of Cyrene, who grudgingly agrees.Jesus falls without the cross; Simon cannot bear the cross’s weight; people fighting for a chance to beat Jesus. Roman soldiers repel them, then Veronica approaches Jesus with a cloth and a pitcher of water. Jesus wipes his face and tries to drink; a soldier kicks over the cup and drives away Veronica, whose cloth (Veronica’s Veil) is imprinted with the image of Jesus’s face.The soldiers continue whipping Jesus; Simon threatens to not help carrying his cross if they do not cease; they oblige. The procession continues to Golgotha, “The Place of the Skull”. There, Simon is ordered away as Jesus is stretched onto and then nailed to the cross, which then is raised.Caiaphas and the priests mock the crucified Christ, as does the thief to his right, who tells him to save them all if he truly is the Son of God. Jesus prays, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do”. The thief to his left, the Good Thief, tells Caiaphas, “Listen, He prays for you”; he then tells Jesus his punishment is just, and that Jesus would be justified in condemning him, then says, “Lord, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.” Jesus replies, “On this day, you will be with me in paradise”. As the right thief laughs at them, a crow picks flesh from his face.Jesus crucified.Jesus weakens; the sky darkens. Mary and John approach the crucified Jesus; he declares, “I thirst!” A sympathetic soldier named Cassius, (later St. Longinus), impales a vinegar-soaked sponge on a spear and reaches it to him; tasting it, Jesus turns away. The Virgin Mary pleads with Jesus to let her die with him. He tells her John will care for her. He tells John that Mary now is his mother. Jesus cries, “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?” Then, looking down at them, says, “It is accomplished”. Mary Magdalene weeps. Gasping, Jesus looks up, saying, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit”, and dies.An earthquake occurs; the spectators flee. The soldiers break the crucified criminals’ legs to hasten their deaths. When Cassius is about to break the Christ’s legs, another tremor occurs; he tells Abenader that Jesus is dead. Wanting to ascertain that, he orders Cassius to stab a lance into the Christ’s side; blood and water pour from the wound; Cassius kneels; everyone, present then understands they have killed the Son of God.Elsewhere, the earthquake broke the Temple in half, revealing the Holy of Holies; the horrified Caiaphas weeps, while in Hell, Satan screams in rage.That night, Jesus is lowered from the cross; Mary embraces the body of her son and gives him a last kiss. Three days later, the morning light illuminates the interior of the Christ’s tomb, his wounded hands visible.Cast and crewCastNotable Crew * Mel Gibson – director, co-producer, co-screenwriter * Benedict Fitzgerald – co-screenwriter * Caleb Deschanel – director of photography * Francesco Frigeri – production designer * John Debney – composer * Fr. William Fulco S.J. – translated script into Latin and reconstructed AramaicMel Gibson’s roleTo produce The Passion of the Christ , Mel Gibson spent some forty to fifty million dollars of his money to finance and advertise it. Aside from being its co-producer and director, he is the co-screenplay writer with Benedict Fitzgerald. Given the interpretation, the very explicit violence, and the polyglot soundtrack (Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew), it was difficult to find an American distribution company; the film was completed before Newmarket Films agreed to release it in the U.S. Equinox Films was the Canadian distributor, and Icon Films the British and Australian distributor.In addition to repeated accusations of anti-Semitism, Gibson’s Traditionalist Catholic be

Hi!I heard a similar story.not actually a soul.but i’ve heard that bad djins come in the shape of black dog in some religions represent death or point towards a very unfortunate event that is abt to happen to d person who sees if u c a black dog which suddenly appears from corner or a bush n also u loose sight of it before u even pondered what exactly it was or where exactly it came some religions it is taken as a symbol or a warning of death or a great catastrophe.

Wanna hear a creepy story?There had been several different guys driving late at night, there was a beautiful woman dressed in a butter yellow colored chiffon gown.She stood 5 feet 7 inches tall, had long thick wavy blonde hair pulled back slightly, blue eyes, peaches and cream ivory complexion, she was about 20 years old.Each of these guys had picked her up, she was always standing out in front of the gates of the graveyards at night.She was stranded and needed to get home.Each of these guys had dropped her off at her home.The next day each of them had gone by her home, only to be greeted by an old, widowed lady.Each guy had asked if she was home?Each guy had been told she had been dead for over 30 years.Each guy went to the same graveyard they had picked the young woman up, and found her grave.Have you ever seen Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction and Creepy Canada?