Thin Lizzy – Killer On The Loose

Online source: Killer On The Loose – Lynott sheet music

Philip Lynott – Yellow Pearl

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Do You Know Thin Lizzy band? What’s your favorite song?

Online source: Killer On The Loose – Lynott sheet music

Cant be limited to a song, too many to choose from but.Vagabond of the western worldStill in love with youEireOld moon madnessKiller on the looseDont believe a wordRosalieKings revengeEmeraldJailbreakSarahThe rise & dear demise of the funky nomadic tribesDo anything you want toWaiting for an alibiRoisin dubh

Are you joking? I love Thin Lizzy. Phil Lynott is an icon. In fact they could well be the most underrated rock band. They should’ve been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a long time ago! My top favourite Lizzy songs areThe Boys Are Back in TownWhiskey in the JarJailbreakThe Boys Are Back in Town (live)SarahKiller on the LooseOut in the FieldsJailbreak (live)Dancin’ in the MoonlightThunder and the Lightning

Is every Thin Lizzy song as good as The Boys Are Back in Town? Cuz if they are, I really gotta start listening to this band. I just don’t wanna listen to them and they turn out to be one of those bands where you hear one amazing song and then you look them up and everything else you hear by them sucks. (Like Sunny Day Real Estate with Seven or Led Zeppelin with D’yer Mak’er)BQ: fail ever?BQ2: Best Thin Lizzy songs and albums?
Not really, a few are better many are worse. Honestly I think they are a pretty bland and pedestrian band myself. Nazareth has a better discography, BadCo too.BA: No, the titanic wasBA2: Not an expert, sorry

Lol.that’s probably my least favorite by them.there’s a lot more to Thin Lizzy than that song, contrary to what the Billboard Top 100, and a few others might tell you :)Check out the LP’s ‘Vagabonds of the Western World’, ‘Johnny The Fox’, ‘Fighting’, ‘Bad Reputation’, and any of the stuff with Gary Moore released during the latter half of the 70s. He’s an awesome guitarist. Their first 3 LP’s with Eric Bell on guitar are also worth checking out.Edit.oops I missed your BQ’s, sorry.BQ: And he’s Canadian? Wow, what an embarrassment. He should change his name to Justin Beaver. Yep fail all the way.BQ2: ‘Vagabonds of the Western World’ (3rd album) is one of my favorite albums from the earlier lineup of the band. It was recorded back when they were a 3-piece; Eric Bell (guitars), Brian Downey (drums) and Phil Lynott (vocals & bass). Here a couple cuts from that LP.Black Boys on the Girl In the mid 70’s their lineup changed somewhat, with Eric Bell leaving being replaced by American Scott Gorham. Not long after, a second guitarist, Brian Robertson joined the ranks helping fill out their sound. It was this 4-piece lineup appearing on 4 albums between 1975-77 that really helped them break ground in the US during the mid 70’s.’Johnny The Fox’ is a damned fine album released during their heyday (’s a few the Fox meets Jimmy the Woogie’Bad Reputation’ and ‘Fighting’ were also cool LP’s from this’s a few actually preferred their cover of this song more than the original by Bob the late 70’s, heroin had pretty much taken its toll on Lynott and Gorham.but 1979’s ‘Black Rose’ LP was quite good, aided by guitarist Gary Moore.1981’s China Town was a great hard rock LP too, and featured Phil, Brian, Scott, and new comer Snowy White (2nd lead guitar). Snowy had previously worked with Pink Floyd during the late 70’s, helping that band out while on tour promoting ‘The Wall’.Here’s a couple cuts from ‘China Town’.Sugar on the as you can see.these guys are not “virtuosic” musicians by any means.nor is everything they released brilliant.nor are many of the other classic 70’s bands I’ve seen others talk about.Bad Company, Aerosmith, BOC, Nazareth etc etc. Thin Lizzy was a great Rock n Roll band though.first and foremost, just like the aforementioned bands.So my advice to you is.don’t take any advice from people who can’t make up their mind what they like from one month to the next.or from persons who have only heard a handful of tunes by these guys, and formed their opinion based on that. Thin Lizzy’s albums varied in style between 1972-83, as their lineup changed every couple albums or so.with only two members remaining constant. Sadly the Youtube selection isn’t all that great I’d say go with your gut, and maybe a few of the songs I’ve posted will help guide you 🙂

You don’t like Zeppelin? Whatever, they are an alright band. That is my favorite song by them but thye are pretty good.