Jonas Brothers – Kids of the Future (Lyrics on Screen)

Jonas Brothers Kids of the Future Lyrics: We’re the kids We’re the kids We’re the kids of the future [x2] Standing on a dirty, old rooftop Down below the car…

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Mardy boy

Kicking off.

Does anyone no which Jonas Brother wrote these songs? HollywoodInseparableJust FriendsKids Of The FuturePlay My MusicPushin’ Me AwayS.O.SStill In Love With YouThat’s Just The Way We RollWe Got The Party With UsWhen You Look Me In The EyesYear 3000

See and download Kids Of The Future – Marty Wilde music score

play my music, SOS, when u look me in the eyes.. hope this helpes.. o and just so u no.. ther r gonna b ppl who r gonna b lik weho cares. just dont let those jerks hurt u. 🙂

Hollywood-Nick, Joe, & KevinInseparable-Nick, Joe, & KevinJust Friends-Nick, Joe, & KevinKids of the Future-Marty Wilde & Ricky WildePlay My Music-Kara DioGuardi & Mitch AllanPushin Me Away-IDKSOS-NickStill in love with you-Nick, Joe, & KevinThats just the way we roll-Nick,Joe, & KevinWe got the party with us-Kara DioGuardi & Greg WellsWhen you look me in the eyes-Nick, Joe, Kevin, & Kevin Sr.Year 3000-Charlie Simpson, James Bourne, Mattie Jay, Steve Robson, Matthew Fletcher

If you could run your own company, what would your roster look like? Here’s mineMain Event Talent1.CM Punk2.Triple H3.Rhyno4.Sheamus5.Drew McIntyre6.Chris Jericho7.Abyss8.Kane9.Kurt Angle10.Randy Orton11.AJ Styles12.Christopher Daniels13.Robert Roode14.Sean O’Haire15.Jeff HardyMid Carders1.Kevin Fertig (Kevin Thorn)2.Elijah Burke3.MVP4.Alberto Del Rio5.Samoa Joe6.Chris Masters7.Marty Wright (Boogeyman)8.Tyler Black9.Jimmy Jacobs10.Nigel McGuinness11.Crimson12.Hernandez13.Gunner14.Shelton Benjamin15.Charlie Haas16.Paul Burtchill17.Douglas Williams18.Daniel Bryan19.Magnus20.James Storm21.Matt Hardy22.Mark Jindrak23.Jimmy Uzo24.Jay Uzo“X Division”1.Kazarian2.Rey Mysterio3.Syn Cara4.John Morrison5.Ron Killings (R-Truth)6.Justin Gabriel7.Kofi Kingston8.Evan Bourne9.Amazing Red10.Yoshi Tatsu11.Jimmy Yang12.Austin Aries13.Kid Kash14.Shannon Moore15.Homicide16.Eric Young17.Matt Jackson (Max Buck)18.Nick Jackson (Jeremy Buck)19.Juventud Guerrera20.Psycosis21.Silver King22.Super Crazy23.Jay Lethal24.Petey Williams25.Chris Sabin26.Alex Shelly27.Paul London28.Brian KendrickTag Team1.Motor City Machine Guns2.Beer Money Inc.3.Uzos4.Hardy Boyz5.Jindrak & O’Haire6.London & Kendrick7.LAX8.British Invasion9.Young Bucks (Generation Me)10.Styles & DanielsWomen(Wrestlers)1.MsChif2.Lita3.Trish Stratus4.Melina5.Beth Phoenix6.Natalya Neidhart7.Angelina Love8.Velvet Sky9.Daffney10.Roxy11.Jessica Kresa (ODB)12.Cheerleader Melissa (Alyssa Flash)13.Taylor Wilde14.Sarita15.Mickey James16.Hammada17.Tara18.Jackie19.Nora Greenwald (Molly Holly)20.Michelle McCool21.AJ Lee22.Katelyn23.Sara Del Rey24.Gail KimDivas(Filler, Eye candy, Gimmick Matches, ect)1.Kelly Kelly2.Layla3.Alisha Fox4.Ms. Brooks5.SoCal Val6.Christy Hemme7.Stacy Keibler8.Torrie Wilson9.Nikki & Brie Bella10.Maryse Ouellet11.Lacey Von Erich12.Shelly MartinezI have a large roster to allow for more variety, flexibility, and sustainability. People get tired of the same matches all the time. Rotate talent.have more than 2 or 3 legitimate contenders in each division.And just be able to keep things fresh. You want a smaller roster, go for it. This is just my idea, you are entitled to your own
Your talking about a company but you have wrestlers running it?And i agree, Wrestling is fake. watch ufc, they dont do drama on a fighting ring

hmm pick every1 and allow no time for em. at least they’ll get a paycheck and you’ll go bustmy roster would look like this1. John Cenawhy. apparently he is the only 1 that sells ppv’s and merchandise, and this way we give the fans they want. john cena by himself putting asses in seats and getting over (over 4 hours of cena a week should generate alot of money :P)

Dude you have to many.Main EventCM Punk – FaceAlberto Del Rio – HeelSheamus – FaceKurt Angle – HeelRandy Orton – Psycho vs all – His punt takes out injured workers who feud with him upon returnAJ Styles – John Cena face who is capable to lose Upper Mid CardersMVP – Cocky Heel a la 2006Rey Mysterio – Flashy Face popular with kids used to put overJames Storm – Tag Team Champ able to Wrestle in the main EventRobert Roode – Tag Team Champ able to Wrestle in the main EventDaniel Bryan – The Underdog that can break you. Future Heel TurnWade Barrett – Big Dog in the Midcard. Has a stable. Always Heel Due to badass accentMid CardersJimmy Uso – Fun Babyface Tag TeamJay Uso – Fun Babyface Tag TeamTyler Black – Competitive FaceSin Cara – Misterious Face who doesn’t talkAustin Aries – Cocky Cheating HeelHomicide – Violent Thug HeelChris Sabin – Badass Face TeamAlex Shelly – Badass Face TeamKofi Kingston – Exciting Good Guy with violent mean streakDrew MacIntyre – US Champion who delivers DDT’s and BrainbustersAlex Riley – Drew’s Main Face Enemy All American FaceTag TeamMotor City Machine Guns – Top TeamBeer Money Inc. – Underdog Against Beer MoneyUsos – Good Matches but no push in sight.Austin Aries and Homicide – More of an alliance than a teamWomenBeth Phoenix – Heel Diva of Doom Attack All Divas Womens ChampionNatalya – Heel Diva of Doom Attack All DivasMsChif – Heel Diva of Doom Attack All DivasSara Del Rey – Main Face Against DODAJ Lee – Sarah’s Best Friend against DODMichelle McCool – Flawless but still against DODTaylor Wilde – Third Main FaceDaffney – Psycho Heel uses weapons and the ring against DivasLayla – Flawless but still against DODNikki & Brie Bella – Face tag team against FlawlessMaryse Ouellet – Pretty Heel Girl but mostly fillerThe Undertaker would be more of a Special Atraction.Sheamus would be the big guy in the roster and Kurt Angle would be the veteran. Randy Orton would be the tweener, Aj Styles would be the Main Face and CM Punk would be the second face who turns on AJ. Alberto would mostly feud with the popular midcard faces like Rey Misterio and Daniel Brian with the occasional victory over some main eventers to keep him strong. The Midcard will feud for something like the US Championship while the Tag Team Division will be the opening of the shows. I believe that the MCMGs would be very popular with the kids on a wider platform.