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Downloadable sheet music: Edwards – Keep On Running


Should John Edwards keep running for President? Okay, normally I post pretty conservative stuff here. I will admit I’m no fan of the guy but this is different. When someones life is on the line, politics don’t matter. I lost a dear friend last year to EXACTLY the same type of cancer. It started in her breast and spread to her ribs and hip and eventually took her life. This is incurable.he isn’t going to win anyway so why not spend all his time with his wife and family. Every day is a gift.especially for these folks. He has a ton of money.spend it creating memories with the family.

Downloadable sheet music: Edwards – Keep On Running

Only if he really wants to lose. He appears very unsyhmpathetic by running instead of being with his wife.

Her life isn’t on the line based on whether or not he runs. What is it that you think he can do for her? This is a decision they made together. If my dying spouse wanted me to run for President, I would. Doctors are saying she could live for YEARS. She could lead a perfectly normal life for that long. I know that you probably have some picture in your head of her lying in a hospital bed right this minute, alone, while he’s out campaigning, but the truth has very little to do with that picture.Life must go on, even when it’s winding down. I think John Edwards should do whatever he and his wife have determined is best for them and their family.Don’t you?

I thought about that myself this weekend.after seeing all the news of the Edwards. And it really does put everything into perspective, doesn’t it? What is more important than the life and health of your family? I am not a big fan of his either, but I certainly don’t wish this kind of crisis on anyone. And I also agree that his chances are very slim.so his time would be better spent with his wife and children. But that is not our choice to make, and I’m certain they made that choice together. She was very clear in her opinion.and seemed to feel that her children learn alot from the campaign process.travelling the country. So, perhaps, that is how they have chosen to handle her health crisis. I don’t think they are sticking their heads in the sand.I think they are choosing to spend their time in a way that makes them happy.and apparently, the campaign trail makes them happy.I wish them nothing but the best.

I don’t believe he should be running, he should be home with his wife. That is what most of America will think, and he was already a weak candidate before, so if he runs while his wife is dieing of cancer, he will lose both time with her and the Presidency. On a colder but more rational note, if he bows out and next election decides to run, the fact that he stayed home with his wife will increase his likability and help in his campaign.

It is his choice.I disagree with Edwards and don’t want him in the White House but the issue of his wife’s cancer is a private matter for him to work out.

He’s just waiting until his campaign coffers are full of cash,then he’ll quit,write a book (ghostwriter),build a masoleum and spend time with the family.

I didnt like how the liberal media said “this is the way you should deal with cancer, like Edwards and his wife did” Everyone has their own way of dealing with it. And of course, the media made it into some big conspiracy when the First Lady came forward with her cancer. Aside from this, i know its tragic, but i would have to question whether or not this would hinder his performance to effectively serve in office.

I feel the decision to continue is solely within the Edwards’ hands. Elizabeth was the first one to say that she is all for his continuing. And he said he will be there, no matter what, should she need him. I believe they do put their family first, as it appears when they make public statements and have news conferences. In interviews, they defer to each other. That is one thing that really impresses me about both of them. I wish her well, and hope she makes a speedy recovery. I am sure the prayers of a nation are with her.

We can’t assume that continuing his run for the presidency and spending (quality) time with his wife and children are mutually exclusive. Even if we were to substitute any marital goal or dream for the presidential election, there are very few of us who have actually been in these shoes, so it’s hard to judge.One or both of the Edwards’ may be overly optimistic about “positive thinking”, but science and religion do bear out that it “works” to some degree. Conversely, saying “oh crap, I quit” to everything you have (both) worked for is not necessarily a satisfying or pleasant way to conclude your days, however many there are.A number of presidents have experienced personal and physical tragedies while in office — Lincoln, FDR and JFK are the most obvious, and I am not sure that these events weakened their performance or their humanity. Just like anyone else, the Edwards’ will be making adjustments as time goes by. If indeed either of them has truly conquered their fear, that speaks well of them.Bottom line: I’m not going to vote for him either, and that’s the only judgment I can make in confidence.

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John Edwards is not Psychic. He does what is called “cold reading”. He asks a bunch of very broad questions, and narrows things down, until it looks like he actually knows something. If he was really psychic, he would already know that he’s not going to win the presidency, and wouldn’t waste his time running.

You need to get your names and your facts straight. John Edward and John Edwards are 2 totally different people.

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