Genesis – Abacab ( Vinyl edition 33° ) [Full]

the eleventh album of the Genesis! it can consider among the best pieces sold by genesis. Side one: 00:13 1) Abacab (Banks/Collins/Rutherford) 07:00 2) No Re…

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Genesis Live 14th January 1984 Los Angeles Keep it Dark Its Gonna Get Better

Have a cold and my pc got messed up. “But now I’m back again, like i never went away. Oouh, let me in, I’m in through with wasting my time.” Who knows these …

Can I rob a bank? Like I SERIOUSLY need money! and I keep seeing movies where people rob banks and get away with it (Dark Knight). So is it legal to rob a bank.

See and download Banks: Keep It Dark sheet music

Well, you COULD. However it’s highly illeagal. I know someone who got fired from her job (She worked at a bank) and she decided to rob a bank and she actually got away with robbing one so she decided to rob another one and got caught because she was stupid enough to go rob the bank she was fired from and they recognized her. Most people don’t get away with robbing a bank. Camera’s everywhere, also have heard that they have a bag full of fake money in case they get robbed

Do you think TARP was a success using Bank of America as an example? Bank of America took their $45 billion in TARP money and gave out FEWER loans, and gave out even bigger bonuses to their executives during some of the worst economic times of the last 50 years. While at the same time raising interest rates dramatically without explanation on good standing customers. They “paid back” TARP and are now in even dire circumstances than they were before, they are teetering on the edge of default and now adding on a $5/month charge to debit cards that are used for transactions. The whole point of TARP was in my understanding not to protect the banks but to generally in large part protect the consumers, the people who had their money with the banks so the banks wouldn’t have to scrape for every little bit of money they could get, like the debit card price hike and hurt the consumers. Now the Big Banks hold a greater percentage of wealth than they did before TARP started and are “Too big to fail”P.S. Please stay on topic to the question, people on here(not you of course!) tend to get distracted and start talking about Obama, if Obama should come up in your answer please make sure it is in relation to TARP. As a reminder to people Bush was the one who passed TARP and Obama oversaw a lot of it.As an aside my email is always open if you want to debate the efficacy of TARP more.personally. @Scales of Justice Don’t forget Henry Paulson the former CEO of Goldman Sachs @Average College Student I have to disagree. Goldman Sachs made out handily with TARP. They were granted $10 billion after they in large part caused the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Not alone, but they helped. Henry Paulson(The Treasury Secretary and also the former CEO of Goldman Sachs) was the one who really spearheaded TARP with Ben Bernanke. Henry Paulson was also the one who bundled the toxic mortgages of Goldman Sachs into CDO’s so they could sell them to their customers while at the same time betting against them knowing full well they would default. They then lied to Congress and let’s be honest here, they donated almost $1,000,000 to Obama’s campaign when they should really be in prison for costing the American people billions.
We are better off with TARP than without it. In that sense, it’s a success. I dislike BofA, and I hated it when they swallowed up the bank where we have our mortgage. But to be fair, BofA was forced to buy out Merrill Lynch during the dark days after the Lehman failure, and much of the abuse of bonuses happens inside Merrill Lynch. I hate the fact that BofA, like many other banks, has not expanded their loans.There used to be laws, on the books since the Great Depression, that kept banks from getting too large, and kept banks out of the stocks & bonds business. Those laws were swept away in Reagan’s big round of deregulation, and that allowed banks Wall St companies to grow too large to fail. Capitalism works on the short term, but it needs government to break up or prevent monopolies on the long term. I think BofA and a number of other large banks should be broken up.I also think CDSs (credit default swaps) need to be regulated. If you’re going to buy insurance on some object (a house, a bond issue, a company, whatever) you should need to own some of the underlying asset before you can buy the insurance. ———- update ———-@Scales of Justice: Have you been getting your “facts” from Rush Limbaugh? In the House, TARP was called H.R. 1424: Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 and 91 republicans voted for it; see the Senate, six republicans voted for Tarp: Alexander (TN), Gregg (NH), Kyl (AZ), Lugar (IN), Snowe (ME), Voinovich (OH.

we will never know, because the Bush Administration put a clause in the bill that made it ILLEGAL to investigate how the TARP Funds were spent.

They are giving fewer loans because of new government regulations mandating them to carry a higher percentage of assets.

It was done wrong. It only favored republican donors banks while sacks and lehman were hung out to dry.

If the goal of TARP was to keep the banks from folding, it has been successful so far. If the goal of TARP was to restore the economy the banks destroyed, it has been unsuccessful.

At least your honest. TARP was signed by Bush. Implemented and structured largelyby Geithner and Larry Sommers. With help from Christina Rhomer. the DEM congresspushed through the legislation without one Republican Vote. That is providing you don’tcount that RINO SNOW from Maine or her Phony ass counterpart, ALSO A RINO.This was all on OBAMA and his gang.

I doubt that there was a “good” way to handle the bank collapse after it happened..The Republicans would have screamed bloody murder if Bush/Congress had included too much control over how they used the money.The fact is that a lot of people saw it coming, but since the Republicans had made it “legal” for the banks to be over-leveraged. there was nothing they could do to prevent it.

Who runs the worlds banks, and how do they or did they get it? know there’s the Rothchild’s
Rothschild, he started it all over two hundred years ago. Trading fraudulently creating Fractional Reserve Banking of which is now dragging the economies of the world in the dirt.

O.K. , so the Rothchild’s obviously have a big hand in international finance capital.What I look at is which member banks co-own the federal reserve (not federal by the way).There’s at least 13 of them and most of them are in Europe.Deutsche bank of Germany ,Lazard brothers (Netherlands), Chase- manhattan etc. etc.The control of modern banking was started with a deceptive process called “fractional reserve lending / banking”When people hired coin shops to safe keep their gold / silver coins in their vaults,the coin shop would give the person making the deposit a signed receipt.This receipt would be a legal document to use when desiring to withdrawl assets on deposit.Later on theses receipt became transferable to a 3rd party for transactions,(much like how we use checks today).Understand , there was a fee or interest rate owed to the coinshop for these services.BUT !, eventually coin shop owners noticed that no matter how much assets on depositwere withdrawn, there was always a certain amount that was in the vault at any given time.So, deceptively the coin shop would loan out money (not real money , just receipts with a fee.And the coin shop would make tremendous amounts of extra wealth based on the loansmade with other peoples (customers) Balance on deposit.These receipts today are “currency”, In which more currency is loaned out with interestthat the actual assets (gold) on deposit. Making more profit off of these loans than the central bank actually possesses.So this is how massive wealth was created by Banking families etc.As far as controlling a massive amount of the global economy, It is primarily the lending institutions working with corporate elites that make it work.Lord Amshel Rothchild once said “Give me control of a country’s money, and I care not who writes it’s laws.”Because the Golden rule is , the one that has the most gold makes the rules.The way these central banks opperate today is a far reaching web of policies & practicesthat are hard for regular people to understand because of it’s darker aspects.The way the federal reserve came to be was the result of a highly secret meetingat J.P. Morgans “Jekyll Island” retreat in Georgia (1910)People involved with this meeting includedJ.P. MorganPaul Warburg (agent for the Rothchilds)A couple members of the Schiff familyJohn D. Rockefeller etc.And many other potential private stock holders.What these central banks do & have done in the past to become established isHave the collective whole of potential co-owners ( and the chosen country’s government)all put in their fair share of up front assets to start the central bank.The reality of it is that the “private co-owners” deceptively act as if they put up moneybut instead took the governments’ money and used Fractional reserve lendingto reap interest off of the countries money to make up for the assets they never put up frontin the first place.These things I shared with you are just the basic fundamental mechanisms used by these kinds of centeral banks to see to it that they never lose.There are so many more deceptive practices than these I shared.Have any other questions,.E-Mail me.