Robbie williams

Live at the o2.

Karma Killer by Guy Chambers sheet music is available for immediate download.

Robbie Williams – Live At The BBC (Full Concert)

Recorded at the BBC December 1998 Track listing: 1. Let Me Entertain You 0:00 2. Life Thru a Lens 7:33 3. Millenium 10:43 4. Win Some Lose Some 15:30 5. Karm…

Events that lead to my Wrestlemania card. Do you like it? ? No real order hereSin Cara wins the royal rumbleThe Rock/Cena promos off & on throughout the yearDolph Ziggler losses title to Rey Mysterio Rey losses title to Jack SwaggerDrew McIntyer & Dolph Ziggler becomes tag champs CM Punk faces X-PAC, Kevin Nash, the clique throughout all those months says he’s sick of their crap on Raw & is going to a real brand HIS brand Smackdown wins the title Elimination Chamber Daniel Bryan vs Punk happensAustin returns speaks on The Rock vs Cena match live & speaks about great matches. Enter Goldberg the return he says a match that never happen needs to happen Austin 3:16 vs Goldberg WCW vs WWF.Karma makes return @ elimination chamber kills the Bella twins puts both on announce table jumps off the other table & breaks them & the table. She goes on the next night to say she’s back Beth Pheniox interupts saying she’s dominated the wwe & no one will come in & give her a challenge not even Kharma, They go back & fourth then Kharma head butts Pheonix ala Kurt Angle Samoa Joe starts the rivalry. Barrett says basically Randy Orton is over hyped over rated & he’s tired of being over looked. He was in the hottest matches of the summer in 2010 & all of a sudden it’s stopped because Orton is “the man” on Smackdown well not anymore there is a new legend in town Randy Orton & Barret is the new legend killer. Cena & Rock will have a big promo before WM 28 Rock saying Cena needs to respect the business & respect the fact he’s put in a position that he’s in as “the top guy” there’s been millions of ppl way better than Cena that did not get the top guy push names guys such as Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, Owen Hart, Mr. Perfect, even says Undertaker & Kurt Angle never been “the top guys”. Cena response is who is The Rock to say anything about respecting the business when he lies to the fans when he says he lives for them. Goes on to talk about how for 7 years John Cena picked up the heavy load of what The Rock left high & dry

Karma Killer by Guy Chambers sheet music is available for immediate download.