Brown polka dot leggings? i ahve brown with white polka dot leegins, and i have no clue what to wear with them. can anyone help me with some advice, and by the way im a teenager so no old women stuff pleasee (:

See and download Brown (Just Out. Polka) sheet music

maybe a cute jean skirt and a simple tee shirt would look nice:)so that the main focus of the outfit are the leggings.for shoes, i would say flats in brown, white, or black.hope i helped πŸ™‚

Well. I’m a teenager too. And no offense.. But I don’t really like leggings that much anymore. I think there kind of out.. But to me it all kind of depends where your from.. They may not be out where you live I have no idea.

Okay well you could definitely wear them with a cute short little Denim skirt and either a white or a brown baby-doll tank top. That would look the cutest but if it’s cold then still wear them with the skirt and the tank but with a little jacket that matches and some Ugg boots. p.s. if an old lady every wore this i think that would be INSANE!

a button up white shirt like lots of accessories

Summer Cute brown tanktop with white tank layered under Cute skirt and a cute pair of white flats or brown Or cute leather flip flops or some teal flip flops to be more spunkyFor winter A same cute tank top in brown or a blue oneand a cute sweater from hollister or something like that in white and a pair of ripped and destroyed jeans that have holes that show the leggings Preferably skinny jeans and some cute furry boots For fall A cute wool dress in white or a sweater dress leggings and some brown flats or white

I’m a teenager as well! POLKA DOT LEGGINGS!? You should just stick to solid maybe some print or colorful floral ones ( betsey ones are really cute!) But polka dot?/ just dont wear them. They just don’t look good. If you want to make a statement wear bold neon or colorful like with a simple rock t and skirt. otherwise i say use them for pj’s. =)

Just pair up the leggings with a cute pair of jean shorts/skirt (those mini kind), and wear a simple t-shirt on top.

Hmm. maybe a longish white shirt with a brown t-shirt or brown tank top underneath to match the brown of the leggings. Or, a brown or denim mini skirt or denim shorts and a white peasant blouse. I’d suggest either flats or possibly ankle-high boots, depending on how the outfit starts to come together.

since your leggings have a pretty loud pattern, wear things that are more plain with it so your outfit doesn’t look too “busy.” I always wear my leggings with a denim mini or cute denim cutoffs. You could go simple and just pair that with a brown or white tank, or you could even dress it up a little with a cute collared shirt with ruffles – something like to give you an idea. πŸ™‚ Anyway, good luck!

Anyone seen a brown and cream polka dot dress anywhere? Please help i have looked everywhere,but cannot seem to find one like pretty womens. 😦
I’m afraid this is the best I could

Maybe these?

Brown Bikini? in the summer of 2005, I bought a brown bikini with pink and white polka dots from kohl’s. the bottom no longer fits, but the top does, and I think it’s a waste to have to throw the whole bathing suit away. Does anyone know the brand of the bathing suit? Or, even better, does anyone have any suggestions of where I can purchase the bottom? Thanks soo much!
At hollister or abercrombie and finch there are alot of bottoms that have polka dots on them or just plain colors to

well you could get a brown one at any store you want to get it at!!or buy a brown top and pink bottom so you go and wear to colors!

just get bottoms the same color. either brown or pink. or you could just give it to me honey! i could always use a cute swimsuit!!

The bottoms can be a solid brown, white or pink. Or wear it with jeans, and a white long-sleeve cotton shirt, with a couple buttons done at the bottom . Not for swimming though.

Could you take a picture of the top and upload it? If not, you could get a brown bottom, because it would still match. For—switch to ‘chocolate’—switch to ‘java brown’—switch to ‘java brown’—switch to ‘java brown’—switch to ‘brown’—switch to ‘brown’—switch to ‘brown’—switch to ‘brown’ a pink one (I don’t know if it’s a light pink or a hot pink, so I’ll put in both)—switch to ‘coral’ or ‘light pink’—switch to ‘fuchsia’—switch to ‘light pink’—switch to ‘coral’—switch to ‘coral’—switch to ‘fuchsia’—switch to ‘Mrs. Robinson’—switch to ‘fuchsia’Now, as a last resort, you COULD do a white bottom. Whether or not it would look good, I couldn’t say. But here are some white—switch to ‘natural’—switch to ‘white’Well, good luck, and I hope I was helpful =D