Just got paid, ZZ top, drum cover

Just Got Paid, written by Billy Gibbons (guitarist, lead vocals) and Bill Ham (producer) was recorded by ZZ Top for their 1972 album “Rio Grande Mud”. Origin…

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“Francine” (Billy Gibbons, Kenny Cordray, Steve Perron) — 3:33 “Just Got Paid” (Gibbons, Bill Ham) — 4:49 “Mushmouth Shoutin'” (Gibbons, Ham) — 3:41 “Ko K…

Is Cameron sacrificing Teachers to pay for HS2? HS2 will cut 30 mins on the travel time from Birmingham to London,the Govt will need to borrow £30billion to finance it. Forget the CO2 from building it blowing a hole in Huhne’s Climate Bill, forget the miles of Nature Reserves and SSSI affected by it, just remember the £30 billion that Cameron must borrow – and you pay interest on – to build it. Now look at Teachers’ pensions, they might cost £10billion over 50 years. But, is that £10 billion being diverted to provide for the pointless and expensive HS2?Your thoughts please.

See and download Just Got Paid (Bill Ham) music score

So you get on a “slow” Virgin train (quite fast now!) in London and you get off in New Street (B’hams central station) about 1hr 10mins later.Get on a “fast” HS2 and you arrive in the outskirts of Brum about 55 minutes later. Then you have to take a taxi into central Brum which takes.20 minutes.Where is the logic? Why are we doing it? How much will a HS2 ticket cost, 3-4-5 times a Virgin ticket? It’s priced at £30billion now but will it be £60billion, like the 2012 Olympics was “sold to us” priced at £2.5billion but is now going to be £10billion, Absolute lunacy!

No. He is sacrificing everyone who earns less than £75,000 a year to pay everyone else more and more.

Correct.Many years ago teachers took a great pay cut and they have never caught up.Everybody thinks that teachers have an easy life.Just try it in a failing inner city school for one term.Best of British!

I get paid £103 every two weeks from Income Support? I was wondering if they would be able to pay me half of that every week?I always end up having no money/food a couple of days before I get paid so getting £50 a week would be so much easier for me. I’m 16 and living in a hostel so any help is welcome 🙂
No, unfortunately they stopped paying weekly to reduce costs. It costs them a fee every week to process your benefit so you’re only able to be paid fortnightly or monthly now.

income support is paid fortnightly thats the be all and end all really, there are no circumstances or ways they will pay it weekly, its up to you to make your money last. i take it u have a bank account so only take half out and leave the rest for the next week

As the other answers have said, payments are only now every 2 weeks (although some payments like Carers Allowance are still weekly)At 16, you are young and probably not used to budgeting, so I can see why you would have a problem, but it looks as though you have no choice.Lets say you have £50 per week to live on. When you get paid, ONLY take out £50 for that week and leave you card at home the next time you go out.You don’t say if this money is just for food or for bills, so if it’s both it will be tight, but you can do a weekly shop for around £30 each week if your careful! if you have the full £50 per week for food, then your laughing! as I only have £50 per week for food as well, and I manage to feed myself and partner 3 meals a day on that and I eat well with fresh fruit and veg!Best bet is to do this:Instead of just going to the shops and buying what you want when you feel like it, sit down and plan a full 7 days of meals (Don’t know if in the hostel you can use the oven and cooker easily so this may change things)IF you can use a cooker and oven freely, then it makes it easier (if you don’t have much access to cooking or not great at cooking home meals, then you can often find frozen pizza’s on offer as well as other micro meals. I presume you at least have a fridge to store stuff?Try to use what I call a capsule meal week (example, chopped tomatoes, onions, tinned mushrooms and carrots and mince beef can ALL be used to make either a cottage pie or spaghetti or another dish of choice, So, buy one pack of mince, and either cook the whole lot and then divide into two days meals, OR cook one half for each day.Thing like onions and chopped tomatoes can also be used for things like making a chicken curry, so if you buy basic chicken breasts, use half for one days meals and then the other half the next day. Or buy a basic stir fry for around £1 and split that in half so you make two meals out of one pack. (buy some dried garlic and some soy sauce. The garlic will be used in the spag as well as curry or the stir fry)Buy basic own brand potatoes and half them, so you can use for the cottage pie early on in the week, and then use the rest up for later for things like Baked potatoes and a filling.So:Monday: Cottage pie (half mince, carrots and mushrooms for next day meal)Tuesday: SpaghettiWednesday: Pizza frozen (buy one get one free/2 for £3 etc)Thurs: chicken curry and rice (chicken halved and kept for further in the week and one pack of boil in the bag own brand rice, also don’t buy the expensive branded curry sauces, just buy curry paste as all you will need for the curry is the paste, chopped tomatoes and the onion)Friday:Pizza frozenSat: chicken stir fry and rice (using 1 small pack of the 2x boil in the bag rice – choose normal rice if you want but seeing as your young, you might only want boil in the bag lol)Sun: 2 large Baked potato with baked beans/tuna/ and cheese or a micro meal!Make sure you eat breakfast, so that’s either own brand bread x 2 loafs and cereal, own brand baked beans, jams etc and milk. For lunches, add in some ham and lettuce etc into your weekly shop, so you can have sandwiches for lunch time meals. Try basic or own brand tuna and sweetcorn, or use own brand chicken pieces and other things like pork sausage, or cheese and own brand pickle!This should make it easier to budget and buy your food in! IF you can only get access to micro meals, then try to find an Iceland or Farmfoods and get buy on get on free and £1 meals if you can!It’s not ideal, but your going to have to learn somehow to manage the money your on. Also, I think you will find, that most of us, working or not will always have 1 or 2 days where we have no money at all. I buy all our weekly shop on the same day every week, but I know that even if I have no money until we get paid, I will have already bought in the food to last. Some times, it’s basic food, no pop and limited items, but you get used to that lolHope that helps! Feel free to email if you need more help :0)