History of Hunters/Hunt Seat Equitation? I need the history of Hunt Seat Equitation and Hunters for a 20 page paper that I have to write for my equine science class. I am having a difficult time finding anything on the history. If anyone could list some sources that would be extremely helpful.

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Noelle, try asking this question in the “horses” section, under the “Pets” heading. You’ll get better answers there. I don’t know all the history, but I do know that show hunter classes evolved because most of the first major shows were organized and underwritten by the major hunt clubs in this country. Shows like the Washington National, the National Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the Penn National at Harrisburg, most of the Florida shows, the Upperville Colt and Horse Show in Virginia, and so forth- these big shows were all originally organized by the hunt clubs which existed in the states where they are located. Hunt seat equitation is a specific type of hunter class, one in which the rider is judged as opposed to the horse. It was originally intended to be a way for people to show off their riding skills, skills which they would presumably use if they were foxhunting in the field or riding to hounds. There are normally no jump offs in hunter classes, and ticks and rubs of rails are penalized in hunters, although they are not in jumper classes. The types of obstacles differ too- in hunters, they are more likely to be things you’d expect to see in the field, such as coop fences, stone walls, brush fences, and the like. Hunter courses only rarely have water obstacles. Jumper courses have huge fences, including double and triple combinations, oxers, water jumps or liverpools, herringbone fences, verticals, and so forth, and the fences are made with brightly colored poles and standards. Show JUMPER classes are different, and had a much different origin. Unlike with the hunters, show jumping is a sport that began in the military, the way most of the Olympic horse sports did. Today’s show jumping classes are a direct descendent of the jumping contests which the officers of the various cavalry units would get into when they weren’t fighting. Every unit and regiment had its own champions, and often, there were fierce rivalries between the different divisions over who had the right to claim the top spots- who could jump the highest, who could jump the most fences in the least amount of time without faults, and so forth. There are even records of disputes being settled with a jumping contest in some cases. Out of all of this came the inspiration for the modern sport of show jumping. This sport differs from hunters in other ways too. Show hunter classes are all about style, manners, good form, and grace over fences, whereas with jumpers, the main focus is on speed and on getting around the course. Jumpers are also the power horses of the sport horse world- this is definitely a speed event in every respect, and many of the top horses today depend on being able to gallop fast in order to get over and around courses. Hunters have to be calm and mannerly, and must be easy to ride and control. It’s also important that hunters have good gaits, because they are judged on how they move- and in the case of confirmation hunters, they need to be physically sound and free of blemishes. Jumpers are not required to be blemish free, and if they jump hollow or flat, that’s okay.

What are some questions that you would ask an animal hunter? We are supposed to have this discussion at school tomorrow and I’m supposed to find really interesting questions to ask about animal hunters. But the questions are supposed to be based on seals. Like people that kill seals for not only the money, but for the pleasure of it sometimes. Please help me, and if you can’t I’ll figures something out. Thanks!
Nope,nobody does all that cold,dangerous HARD WORK for “pleasure”,kid.It’s called being a responsible adult & keeping yourself & family FED & housed.harvesting nature’s bounty,making a living.If all you want is peta-nutz LIES.go elsewhere.There are so many variation of hunting,you won’t get the same answers from any two people. Somebody who works all year to afford going to Wyoming for a week ,w/their quality pointer has a different outlook than someone who has to go out every day,glad to find 2 rabbits & a duck to feed his/her family today.

People don’t kill seals for pleasure. That is strictly part of the fur industry. Ordinary hunters however do hunt for the pleasure or sport of it, just as fishermen do, and also for the meat, again as fishermen often do.

Ask about size selection when targeting animals. I have no problem with hunting and hunters. There is a problem with hunters trying to get the largest and best males of the species though. They are damaging the genetic make-up of the population and are not following the ideas of Natural Selection. Ask a hunter if they would have a problem if they would pass up the big male for a medium to small male?

“B” hit the nail right on the head. I have given a lot of thought to that exact topic, myself. I have done a lot of hunting in the past, and I know a lot of other people who hunt as well. When it comes to hunting feral animals, which is what I’ve normally done, it doesn’t matter if you take the largest males and weaken the population, but a lot of native animals also get hunted. When it comes to shooting kangaroos, for example, the shooters always try to go for the biggest bucks. If they went for the smaller ones, that would not weaken the population as much. I think it’s a good idea to ask any hunter that question, i.e. Would they take smaller animals instead of the biggest.Re: other questions to ask hunters.well, I hope no hunters enjoy killing seals, because bashing animals to death seems to be a rather sadistic and unpleasant way to do it, but when it comes to shooting animals, when the death is instantaneous, it is actually a rewarding hobby. The animals don’t suffer, and you get the benefit of testing your shooting skills and getting rid of feral animals which damage the environment. So.questions to ask.1) Do you enjoy hunting animals because it tests your shooting skills?, 2) Would you rather shoot animals or targets? Which do you find more enjoyable?, 3) Do you only shoot animals if you can sell their bodies/body parts, or do you just shoot any feral animal that causes harm to the environment?, 4) Why do you find it satisfying to shoot feral animals?, 5) Why do you shoot the biggest animals? (The answer to that question is that you normally get more money for bigger animals).There are millions of questions you could ask, but I can’t think of them right now, but I hope those ones help.