Heather Brendel Evans Hall of Fame Induction

Sheet music for Julie – Charles Heather is available for downloading in digital format.

Discovering the hard to find: new media in traditional journals – Heather Cunningham

Discovering the hard to find: new media in traditional journals Heather Cunningham, University of Toronto.

Has anyone heard from the follow students from Virginia Tech since the shooting? Charles Sharpe, Heather McClain, Katie Wooten, Julie McDaniel, Austin Carter, Ben Guzzardi, Lauren O’Neal, Donnie HayesHas anyone heard from these students?AIM: MillerR17

Sheet music for Julie – Charles Heather is available for downloading in digital format.

I just saw the news they have not released names yet. What a tragedy. My prayers too go out to this bad situation.

No, I’m sorry. But it’s in my sincerest wishes that you find them. I hope they’re ok, and my thoughts and prayers are with the school, staff, and families at this time.

Using the names provided what would you name 10 kids? I have long been facinated by names and the history behind them so i’ve added a series of names that both like and dislike, some will be modern some not so much.1. Girl FN: Sophia Emma Ava Abigail Mia ElizabethMN: Issabella Olivia Emily Madison Chloe Ella2. BoyFN: Jacob William Noah Ethan Aiden AnthonyMN: Mason Jayden Michael Alexander Daniel Mathew3GirlFN Ashley Brittany Samantha Stepany Lauren NicoleMN Jessica Amanda Sarah Jennifer Megan Kayla4 BoyFN Christopher Joshua Andrew David James RyanMN John David Nicholas Robert Kyle Kevin5 GirlFN Michelle Lisa Kim Amy Heather DawnMN Melissa Tamy Julie Tracy Karen Susan6 BoyFN Jason Brian Scott Richard Jeffrey MarkMN Steven Thomas Charles Eric Timothy Paul7 GirlFN Mary Betty Dorthey Barbara Joan MargaretMN Helen Shirly Doris Ruth Gloria Nancy8 BoyFN Edward Kenneth Jack Henry Walter Harold BillyMN Arthur George Ralph Eugene Frank Carl 9 GirlFN Katherin Alice Sabine Eira Molly AriadneMN Kathaleen, Margaret, Loraine, Beatrice, Petra10 Boy FN Henry Oliver, Charlie Ben Lucas Everett MN James Lorne William Quintin Tristan Leo
I’m also a name fanatic, and now that I’m pregnant I’m surprisingly having the toughest time deciding on a name!– Sophia Chloe– William Alexander– Samantha Megan– Ryan Nicholas– Amy Melissa– Jeffrey Steven– Margaret Ruth– Henry Arthur– Alice Loraine — Lucas William{Sophie, Liam, Sammie, Rye, Amy, Jeff, Maggie, Henry, Ali, and Luca}:)-Emily

Emma OliviaWilliam MatthewLauren SarahRyan RobertMichelle JulieJeffrey EricMary HelenKenneth ArthurKatherin MargaretHenry William

Ava MadisonNoah MasonAshley Megan Ryan KyleHeather MelissaJason ThomasMary RuthHenry RalphSabine PetraOliver TristanI LOVE #3 i had a very hard time picking

Emma IsabellaNoah MatthewLauren JessicaJoshua NicholasHeather MelissaMark ThomasMary NancyJack ArthurAlice BeatriceLucas James

1. Sophia Ella2. Ethan Alexander3. Nicole Kayla4. Andrew David5. Kim Karen6. Jason Timothy7. Betty Helen8. Henry Ralph9. Molly Margaret10. Oliver James

Baby One : Abigail MadisonBaby Two : Noah MasonBaby Three : Nicole JenniferBaby Four : Andrew DavidBaby Five : Michelle TamyBaby Six : Scott PaulBaby Seven : Joan ShirlyBaby Eight : Kenneth ArthurBaby Nine : Molly LoraineBaby Ten : Lucas James

?1 Girl:? Elizabeth Chloe.?2 Boy:? William Alexander.?3 Girl:? Samantha Jennifer.?4 Boy:? Andrew Nicholas.?5 Girl:? Dawn Melissa.?6 Boy:? Scott Charles.?7 Girl: ? Joan Gloria.?8 Boy:? Walter George.?9 Girl:? Alice Margaret.?10 Boy:? Henry James.”Elizabeth, William, Samantha, Andrew, Dawn, Scott, Joan, Walter, Alice and Henry”.”Eliza, Will, Sam, Andy, Dawn, Scott, Joan, Walter, Alice and Harry”. :3

– Abigail Chloe- Anthony Michael- Lauren Amanda- David Nicholas- Heather Tracy- Richard Paul- Margaret Ruth- Walter George- Molly Loraine- Henry Tristan

Ava Madison Anthony Mason “Tony”Ashley Jennifer “Ash”James Nicholas “Jamie”Michelle Karen “Shelly”Mark Steven Margaret Helen “Maggie”Henry George Katherine Beatrice “Katie”Ben William

Abigail OliviaWilliam Michael – Will Lauren Kayla – David NicolasDawn SusanJason Paul – JaseMary Gloria – MareHenry George – GeorgeAriadne KathleenOliver James

1.Emma Madison.2.Ethan Matthew.3.Ashley Sarah.4.Christopher Kyle.5.Lisa Karen.6.Brian Charles7.Mary Helen8.Billy Arthur9.Sabrina Kathaleen10.Henry James

Ava ChloeNoah MasonSamantha MeganJoshua NicholasHeather TracyScott ThomasYikes don’t really like any but will pick Mary Ruth Jack ArthurMolly KathaleenBen Tristan

Ava OliviaWilliam MathewNicole JessicaRyan KyleMichelle JulieJason EricMargaret RuthJack CarlAriadne KathaleenLucas JamesAva, Liam, Nikki, Ryan, Ellie, Jay, Maggie, Jack, Ari, & Luc

Elizabeth IssabellaEthan AlexanderLauren JenniferJames RobertMichelle SusanScott ThomasMargaret RuthJack EugeneAlice KathaleenOliver William

Elizabeth Issabella “Issa”William Daniel “Will”Samantha Megan “Sam”Christopher David “Chris”Lisa JulieMark CharlesJoan NancyHenry ArthurAriadne Kathaleen “Ari”Oliver Leo

Elizabeth Madison (nick name Eliza) Noah Mathew Lauren JessicaJoshua DavidAmy Karen Jason Thomas Margaret Ruth (nickname Maggie) Henry George Molly Beatrice Benjamin James (I’d use Ben as a nick name but prefer Benjamin as a full name)

– Elisabeth Chloe- William Michael- Not a fan of any of them really- James Nicholas- Don’t like any of these either- Jeffrey Charles- Mary _____- Henry George- Molly Loraine- Oliver James

1. Elizabeth Chloe2. Jacob Alexander3. Samantha Amanda4. James Robert5. Amy Susan6. Scot Thomas7. Margaret Gloria8. Walter Eugene9. Eira Loraine10. Everett William*Elsa, Jake, Mantha, Jack, Amy Sue, Scot, Maggie, Walt, Eira, and Rett*

?Abigail Ella ?Ethan Daniel ?Nicole Jessica (or Jessica Nicole)?James Kyle ?Dawn Julie?Jason Paul ?May Ruth?Edward George ?Alice Petra ?Oliver James-Winter?

Sophia IsabellaJacob AlexanderSamantha MeganJames RobertMichelle SusanScott ThomasMargaret RuthJack GeorgeMolly KathleenHenry William(:

• Sophia Olivia• William Alexander• Samantha Megan• James Nicholas• Michelle Susan• Scott Charles• Betty Gloria• Henry Ralph• Katherin Beatrice• Oliver Quintin”Sophie, Will, Ana, Jack, Ella, Charlie, Betty, Henry, Kate & Oliver”

first set of first names.. have my top three favorites!Emma ChloeWilliam MichaelLauren SarahJames DavidHeather JulieJason ThomasMargaret DorisJack ArthurKatherin LoraineLucas Tristan

1. Sophia Olivia2. Noah Mason3. Brittany Amanda4. Ryan Nicholas5. Michelle Susan6. Scott Thomas7. Mary Ruth8. Jack Arthur9. Alice Loraine10. Charlie Leo

1) Elizabeth Madison2) William Alexander “Will”3) Ashley Jessica4) Christopher John “Chris”5) Michelle Julie6) Jason Charles7) Margaret Ruth8) Jack George9) Alice Beatrice10) Oliver James

• Elizabeth Chloe• William Michael• Lauren Sarah• Christopher John• Amy Melissa• Jeffrey Paul• Margaret Helen – “Maggie”• Edward George• Molly Kathleen• Henry James”Elizabeth, William, Lauren, Christopher, Amy, Jeffrey, Maggie, Edward, Molly, & Henry” 🙂

Ava ChloeWilliam Mason “Liam”Brittany Sarah “Brittan”David Nicholas “Davi”Michelle Tracy “Ellie”Jason Timothy “Jase”Margaret Doris “Maggie”Henry Arthur Molly Lorraine Oliver Leo 🙂

Abigail OliviaNoah AlexanderLauren MeganRyan KyleLisa TracyBrian ThomasMargaret “Maggie” GloriaHenry GeorgeMolly KathaleenLucas Quintin

Abigail Emily.William Alexander.Lauren Sarah.James David.Kim Susan.Jeffrey Thomas.Margaret Ruth.Jack Arthur.Alice Beatrice.Charlie Leo.– [Abigail, Liam, Lauren, James, Kimmy, Jeffrey, Maggie, Jack, Alice, + Charlie.]:)

1. Ava Emily2. Ethan Alexander3. Samantha Jennifer4. Christopher Nicholas5. Kim(berley) Melissa6. Richard Charles7. Margaret Ruth8. Edward Arthur9. Katherine Lorraine10. Everett Leo

Elizabeth ChloeWilliam AlexanderSamantha SarahJoshua NicholasKim SusanJason ThomasMary RuthHenry GeorgeKatherine MargaretLucas James”Belle, Liam, Sarah, Josh, Kim, Jason, Rue, Hank, Kit, Luke”

Child 1:Sophia Madison “Sophie”Child 2:Noah AlexanderChild 3:Samantha Jennifer “Sami”Child 4:James Robert (my boyfriend’s name)Child 5:Michelle KarenChild 6:Jason CharlesChild 7:Joan Nancy “Jojo”Child 8:Jack ArthurChild 9:Molly LoraineChild 10:Oliver Leo “Ollie”– Sophie, Noah, Sami, James, Michelle, Jason, Jojo, Jack, Molly, and Ollie —

1. Mia Issabella2. Jacob Mason3. Samantha Kayla 4. Ryan Nicholas5. Dawn Melissa6. Scott Steven7. Margaret Ruth ‘Maggie’8. Henry George9. Molly Loraine10. Everett Tristan

Abigail IsabellaAidan MatthewSamantha JenniferJoshua DavidAmy MelissaScott ThomasJoan NancyJack ArthurAlice MargaretLucas James

Ava ChloeEthan MathewLauren AmandaRyan NicholasHeather MelissaScott CharlesJoan GloriaHenry GeorgeAriadne KathleenEverett Leo

1. girl – Abigail Madison2. boy- Noah Alexander3. Girl- Ashley Sarah4. boy- Christopher John5. girl- Amy Melissa6. boy- Mark Steven7. girl- Mary Nancy8. boy- Jack Carl9. girl- Alice Petra10. boy- Charlie Leo

Elizabeth Chloe William Alexander Nicole Jennifer Christopher John Michelle Julie Scott Charles Joan Ruth Henry Arthur Ariadne Petra Oliver James ~ Eliza, Liam, Nicole, Christopher, Michelle, Scott, Joan, Henry, Ari, and Ollie ~

1. Mia Olivia2. William Alexander3. Lauren Sarah4. Joshua Nicholas5. Amy Melissa6. Scott Thomas7. Margaret Ruth8. Henry Ralph9. Alice Lorraine10. Oliver James (My 2nd favourite boy’s name!)Mia, Will, Lauren, Josh, Amy, Scottie, Greta, Henry, Alice and Ollie- Ella 🙂

Elizabeth OliviaNoah AlexanderSamantha JessicaAndrew DavidMichelle SusanJason EricBarbara RuthHenry ArthurAlice KathaleenLucas James

Ava IsabellaNoah AlexanderAshley JessicaJames RobertAmy SusanMark CharlesDorothy RuthHenry ArthurAlice BeatriceCharlie William

Ava Olivia- “Livvy”Noah Matthew- “Matty”Lauren Jennifer- “Loz”Christopher Nicholas- “Chris”Amy Melissa- “Amy”Scott Thomas- “Scott”Betty Ruth- “Rudy”Edward George- “Eddie”Molly Loraine- “Molly or Ranie”Ben William- “Ben or Will”

1. Sophia Emily2. Jacob Alexander 3. Nicole Sarah4. Andrew John5. Heather Melissa 6. Jason Charles 7. Margaret Ruth8. Jack Arthur 9. Alice Kathaleen 10. Oliver James

Mia OliviaAiden AlexanderLauren MeganAndrew John – – – – – – -AndiDawn KarenJason ThomasJoan HelenJack ArthurEira BeatrxBenjamin Tristan – – – – – – Benji

Elizabeth ChloeAnthony DanielNicole AmandaDavid KyleLisa SusanJason ThomasMargaret HelenJack CarlAlice LorraineCharlie William(:

Elizabeth Emily. “Beth”William Mathew. “Will”Samantha Megan. “Sam”Andrew John. “Drew”Michelle Karen. “Mitchie”Jason Charles.Mary Ruth.Henry George.Molly Loraine.Oliver James.Beth, Will, Sam, Drew, Mitchie, Jason, Mary, Henry, Molly, & Oliver.

• Elizabeth Emily “Beth”• Noah Alexander• Samantha Jessica “Sam”• James Robert “Jay”• Amy Susan• Richard Steven “Ricky”• Margaret Ruth “Maggie”• Henry George• Katherin Beatrice “Kate”• Everett Leo?

1* Elizabeth Isabella “Beth”2* William Alexander “Liam”3* Lauren Jennifer “Laurie”4* Andrew Robert “Drew”5* Michelle Julie “Chelle”6* Scott Thomas 7* Margaret Helen “Maggie”8* Henry George 9* Katherin Beatrice “Kate”10* Oliver James “Ollie”Beth, Liam, Laurie, Drew, Chelle, Scott, Maggie, Henry, Kate & Ollie. 🙂

Sophia IsobelNoah AlexanderStephanie MeganJoshua NicholasKimberly JuliaJason EricMary RuthKenneth GeorgeAlice Loraine Oliver Tristan(:

1. Elizabeth Chloe2. William Alexander3. Ashley Jessica4. Christopher John5. Amy Melissa6. Jason Thomas7. Margaret Ruth8. Henry Arthur9. Molly Beatrice10. Oliver Tristan*Ella, Will, Ash, Chris, Amy, Jace, Maggie, Henry, Molly & Ollie*xx

Elizabeth Isabella “Eliza”Ethan AlexanderSamantha Megan “Annie”Andrew RobertKim Julie “Julie/Jules”Jason Thomas “Jace”Margaret Ruth “Maggie”Jack ArthurMolly BeatriceCharlie Leo”Eliza, Ethan, Annie, Andrew, Jules, Jace, Maggie, Jack, Molly, & Charlie” 🙂