Tori Amos – Juarez

From To Venus and Back (1999).

Downloadable music scores: Juarez – Tori Amos

Tori Amos – Juárez

A rare treat for all the YouTube Toriphiles. Tori’s famous solo version of Juárez which featured on the 1999 and 2001 tours. Imho one of her most stunning re…

is this true? Tori Amos is going to have a new album? tori amos will have a new album kinda of, it will feature B-sides and live recordings. the b-sides are remix to fit today pop music. Tori amos feels this will have her at the top of the pop charts. is this true? It is produce by the people who do P!NK. Kelly Clarkson and adeleshe has ditched mac aladin) its a three cd set. Tori AmosTori Amos1. Flying dutchman2. Take it to the sky3. Honey4. Take me with you5. Walk to Dublin(6. Not david Bowie7. Zero Point 8. The Dolphin song9. Never Seen Blue10. Black Swan11. Peeping tommi12. here, in my head13. merman14. sister janetdisc 2(live and remix)1. Juarez2. bouncing off the clouds3. code red 4. in the spring time of his vodoo5. scarlet’s walk6. hotel7. pancake8. tear in your hand9. body and soul10. your clouddisc 3midnight graces1. Momma saw mark, kissing santa claus2. pink and glitter 3. our new year4. touch by the snow5. Mark and Mrs. Claus6. All I want for winter7. Ka-Ching8. Snow Angels from New York9. Silent Night10. Juliette and Markis this true? from rumor mill

Downloadable music scores: Juarez – Tori Amos

I’ve definitely never heard she’s going to do a 3-disc album, I have no idea who told you that. And I strongly doubt she ever wrote any Christmas songs about her husband, lol. But she is coming out with a new winter album called Midwinter Graces. This is the official announcement from her Facebook fan page:”Tori Amos Announces Midwinter Graces Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 11:34pmAfter nearly two decades writing and recording some of her generation’s most emotionally powerful music, Tori Amos will release her first seasonal album, Midwinter Graces, on November 10 via Universal Republic. A follow up to Tori’s critically acclaimed studio album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, Midwinter Graces will find Tori reworking and expanding on classic carols as well as developing some of her very own seasonal tracks.Midwinter Graces is an album that has been in the making for the past 40 years. Raised in the Baltimore area under the watchful eye of her Methodist minister father, Tori grew up playing holiday carols at Sunday services and Christmas Day celebrations in her father’s church. These were the songs that gave a young Tori her first taste of music, and now almost 40 years later Tori gets her own chance to reimagine the classics.Midwinter Graces Tracklist:What Child, NowellStar of WonderA Silent Night with YouCandle: Coventry CarolHolly, Ivy, and RoseHarps of GoldSnow AngelJeanette, IsabellaPink and GlitterEmmanuelWinter’s CarolOur New Year”

I want a list or a few songs,that have a creepy melody not lyrics just the melody.? LikeTeam Sleep-kool aid party (feat. Mike Patton)The birthday massacre-BlueDavid Bowie-The man who sold the worldDead can dance-the host of seraphim
’97 Bonnie & Clyde – Tori AmosRaining Blood – Tori AmosJuárez- Tori AmosFitter Happier – RadioheadClimbing Up the Walls – RadioheadWaking the Witch – Kate Bush (don’t get fooled by the first minute of the song, it gets freaky after that)An Echo, A Stain – BjörkOctavo Día – ShakiraGive In to Me – Michael Jackson

what are some songs about abuse? About child abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, pretty much any abuse.I already know concrete angel: Martina McBridealyssia liesim ok Cristina agularaAnyother ones would be great
Concrete Angel by Martina McBrideyoutube link: a realllyyy moving song. i love it!

Who makes a song about abuse? I want to listen to how funny the song sound. If u like that kind of music then ur F***d up!

Alyssa Lies – it’s country forgot the artist, it will make you cry be prepared, Run Away Love – Mary J Blige and Ludacris

behind the wall idk who sings it but it doesn’t have any back round music and it is about this guy, the song goes, “last night I heard the screaming, loud voices behind the wall.” I danced to it, try to find it.hey this is a link to the youtube video that has the song. give it a

concrete angel-martina mcbridenever again- nickelback face down- red jumpsuit apparatuslittle susie- michael jackson, yes its weird. but its a sad/good songerm. im sure theres more, but those are the only i can think of from the top of my head

7 Year Bitch – Dead Men Don’t RapeAerosmith – Janie’s Got A GunAlice Marie – I Was SevenAmos, Tori – Black Dove (January)Amos, Tori – JuarezAmos, Tori – Me and a GunAmos, Tori – Pandora’s AquariumApple, Fiona – Sullen GirlApple, Fiona – The Child Is GoneAt The Drive In – Invalid Litter Dept.Bikini Kill – Star Bellied BoyBikini Kill – Suck My Left OneBikini Kill – White BoyCelestial Molestation – IntruderCreed – Wash Those Years AwayDestiny’s Child – The Story of BeautyDiFranco, Ani – GratitudeDiFranco, Ani – TiptoeDonut, Alice – Lisa’s FatherDrain STH – Serve the ShameDream Theater – Anna LeeThe Dukhs – Four Blue WallsGrant, Amy – Ask MeIan, Janis – Breaking SilenceJ-Saint – Gonna Make ItKorn – DaddyKorn – Hey DaddyKorn – PrettyMarilyn Manson – Wrapped In PlasticMegadeth – Family TreeMitchell, Joni – Cherokee LouiseMorissette, Alanis – Hands CleanNirvana – PollyThe Offspring – Jennifer Lost The WarOsbourne, Ozzy – Mr. TinkertrainPaul Field Band – ChildPearl Jam – AnimalPlumb – DamagedQueen Latifah – U.N.I.T.YRuin, Julie – I Wanna Know What Love IsSachs, Jayne – Twisted BallerinaShakur, Tupac – Baby Don’t CryShakur, Tupac – Keep Ya Head UpSmall, Fred – Light In The HallSmith, Will – Tell Me WhySpringfield, Rick – Beautiful PrizeStabbing Westward – SleepSublime – Date RapeTool – Prison SexTucker, Tanya – No Man’s LandVega, Suzanne – Bad Wisdom Physical Abuse (Child Abuse & Domestic Violence)10,00 Maniacs – Waht’s The Matter Here?Aguilera, Christina – I’m OKBenatar, Pat – Hell is For ChildrenCarrol, Jason Michael – Alyssa LiesCooper, Alice – Only Women BleedCooper, Alice – Take It Like A WomanDiFranco, Ani – Two Little GirlsDisturbed – Down With The SicknessDixie Chicks – Goodbye, EarlEve – Love Is BlindHill, Faith – A Man’s Home Is His CastleKing’s X – Mr. EvilKlenco Music – Dear Mr. JesusKorn – Falling Away From MeMcBride, Martina – Concrete AngelMcBride, Martina – Independence DayMetal Church – In Harm’s WayMorisette, Alanis – Sympathetic CharacterNickelback – Never AgainNova, Heather – IslandPerez, Frankie – Something CrazyQueen Latifah – U.N.I.T.YSupergrass – MaryTears For Fears – Woman In ChainsTrivium – A Gunshot to the Head of TrepidationTwain, Shania – Black Eyes, Blue TearsVega, Susanne – LukaWayne, Jimmy – Stay Gone Emotional/VerbalDestiny’s Child – The Story of BeautyGray, Dave – George White’s ChildrenHill, Faith – I Would Be Stronger Than ThatJewel – DaddyMcBride, Martina – A Broken WingMetallica – Dyers EvePearl Jam – DaughterPink Floyd – MotherNeglectCooper, Alice – Dead BabiesCreed – SisterO’Connor, Sinead – This Is To Mother YouPearl Jam – JeremyP.O.D. – Youth of the NationReligious Related AbuseMetallica – The God that FailedUndetermindedAshanti – Rain On MeBenatar, Pat – InvincibleBenatar, Pat – Suffer the Little ChildrenCarey, Mariah – Close My EyesCarlton, Vanessa – ParadiseCelestial Molestation – THREATSChambers, Kasey – Not Pretty EnoughChapman, Tracy – Behind The WallClarkson, Kelly – Because of YouDamn Yankees – The Silence is BrokenFoo Fighters – Best of YouGoo Goo Dolls – Acoustic #3John, Olivia Newton – Stronger Than BeforeLinkin Park – Breaking the HabitLinkin Park – CrawlingMadonna – Oh FatherMarilyn Manson – KinderfeldMetallica – FixxxerMetallica – Where the Wild Things AreMontgomery, John Michael – The Little GirlMorissette, Alanis – FlinchMorissette, Alanis – Precious IllusionsPoe – HauntedREM – The One I LoveSecond Coming – Vintage EyesSugababes – StrongerTwain, Shania – God Bless the ChildWithin Temptation – Overcomei so better get 10 points! lol

love is blind- mary j bligeindependence day- martina mcbrideallyssa lies- jason michael carroli think thats all i know, sorry hope it helps.

Goodbye Earl – dixie chicksConcrete Angle – martina mcbrideindependence day – martina mcbridewhat if she’s an angel – tommy shane steiner

OH MY GOODNESS, there is the best song ever. Its called Runaway Love and its by Ludacris ft. Mary J Blige. Its so sad and inspirational but still with a good beat. you should check it out. its amazing.

Luca (?-80’s song), Hell is for Children (Pat Benatar), Whats the Matter (10,000 Maniacs), I Feel Everything (Idina Menzel.just off the top of my head.popular topic

“Face Down” by The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusActually found mainstream popularity cause it’s catchy. In addition to the original version, the acoustic is amazing as well:

My name is Luca – Suzanne VegaJanie’s got a Gun – AerosmithPrison Sex – Tool – “I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this sh*t, blood, and come on my hands”

Face down- the red jumpsuit apparatusone i haven’t seen named yet, its about child molestation.Anne in the white coat- bright eyes.

Oh father, Promise to try, Madonna.Two beds and a coffee machine, Savage Garden.Things in the rearview mirror appear closer than they are, Meat Loaf.Concrete Angel, Independance Day, A Broken Wing. Martina McBride

My Name Is Luka – by Suzanne VegaMy name is LukaI live on the second floorI live upstairs from youYes, I think you’ve seen me before If you hear something late at nightSome kind of troubleSome kind of fightJust don’t ask me what it wasJust don’t ask me what it wasJust don’t ask me what it was I think it’s ’cause I’m clumsyI try not to talk too loudMaybe it’s because I’m crazyI try not to act too proudThey only hit until you cryAnd after that you don’t ask whyYou just don’t argue anymoreYou just don’t argue anymoreYou just don’t argue anymoreYes I think I’m okayI walked into the door againWell, if you ask that’s what I’ll sayAnd it’s not your business anywayI guess I’d like to be aloneWith nothing broken, nothing thrown Just don’t ask me how I amJust don’t ask me how I amJust don’t ask me how I am

Alissa Lies. Real sad song about a kid who keeps telling her Dad every day about the bruises her school mate is concealing and Dad doesn’t really listen. When he finally pays attention to what his young daughter is trying to tell him, he goes to her school to report it but it was too late.

Luka-Susan Carry-“TIl

the best would be concrete angel- martina mcbrideand this is my favorite for the love of a daughter- demi lovatoand its not really child abuse but its about a father leavin its called i needed you by chris brown i hope this helped