For Josephine!

2009 by MRCyrusx.

If you like this piece you can download David Cousins (Josephine, For Better Or For Worse) sheet music online in digital format.

The Battle – Strawbs (cover)

Cover of The Strawb’s The Battle. Another great song by Dave Cousins.

How do you feel about these names? i’m just curious to see your ideas/feelings on these names. They are names my friends and cousins have named their children, i didnt like them much at first, but they’ve grown on me. So what do you think of them? * denotes siblings*Hayley Marie*Jayden MichaelClaire LynnSeth EdwardLandon ScottJosephine GabriellaLeland David – My soon to be nephewAlso what do you think is a good middle name to go with Tessa?ThanksThe names are set in first and middle

If you like this piece you can download David Cousins (Josephine, For Better Or For Worse) sheet music online in digital format.

I like Jayden and Seth. I think that Claire, Lynn and Josephine are a little old-fashioned. Landon sounds like London but pronounced weirdly. I think that Hayley – Marie is a nice name but the best names are Jayden and Seth. Good Luck choosing 🙂

Tessa EveTessa LilyTessa KylieTessa DanielleTessa BritneyTessa LynneTessa RoseTessa Gerian (Jer-ee-ann)Tessa Tululuh (Tuh-loo-luh)Tessa McKenzieTessa MykaylaTessa Sydney

The first two names are really not my style. Hayley is not a favorite, and Marie is such a boring name, in my opinion. I feel like anyone who gives their child the middle name Marie does so for lack of creativity (unless it is a family name, of course). Jayden is just AWFUL! Way too trendy and can you really imagine all the Jayden, Brayden, Kaydens, etc. as they grow up? Seems way too childish of a name for me. Michael has always been one of my least favorite names as well; Michael reminds me of the smelly kid in class. Claire is a beautiful name and one of my favorites. Lynn, however, seems to be one of those filler names for lack of creativity. Sure, it flows well with everything but it sounds a little too “country” if ya know what I mean. Claire Lynn sounds like it should be one name, “Clairelynn,” not two separate names. Seth Edward. LOVE! No problems whatsoever. Both strong names, and flow great together.Landon, UGH! Another one of those trendy names that will just not hold up in 20 years. Scott is a nice name. Would have recommended Scott Landon instead.Josephine Gabriella. Love this name as well. I am partial to Josephine as a middle name, so I would much prefer Gabriella Josephine, but either way this works. Both very beautiful, classic names.Leland David. UGH! Leland is another one of those “country” names, David is just not one of my favorites. Awful combination!Tessa is a very cute name!! Not sure I could imagine an 80 year old “Tessa” but I suppose there are worse things. Perhaps it can be used with a name such as “Contessa” as a nickname. Either way, here are some of my favorite combinations with Tessa:Tessa ScarlettTessa CharlotteTessa KateTessa ClaireTessa EvangelineTessa ChloeHope this helps!Tessa

I love:Hayley MarieSeth EdwardLandon ScottI like:Jayden Michael (if it was Michael Jayden i would give it 9/10)Claire LynnDont like:Josephine GabriellaLeland David (sorry but Leland is not very nice at all and sounds a bit awkward)Tessa LorrainTessa DenielleTessa WillowTessa SummerTessa Naomi

What would you rate and comment on these names? Please do not take popularity into account as these names will not be used anytime soon.1.Sophia Noelle2.Catherine Renee3.Josephine Ava4.Charlotte Rose5.April Rain6.Michelle Ann1.Lucas John2.Riley Edward3.Andrew River4.August Henry5.William Charles6.Zachary DavidMeaning behind names so please take that into consideration.I do not want to go over them all.At the same time honesty would be great.River is after a cousin and Rose is after an Aunt who passed,April Rain is a name I liked as a teen.But I am not so sure now.What would you name a brother/sister to Danielle Lisa,Eden Elizabeth,Francis/Franklin Timothy and Scott Jason?August and April are legit names.And River and Riley are boy names.Also you did not fully answer the question.No names are being used as fillers they honor people.Sorry I meant what would you name a brother or sister out of the names above.
I like Sophia from the girls.Sorry but Riley and River are too feminine for innocent boys.August and April are months.Rain is weather?!

• Sophia Noelle •6/10Maybe try Sole, Saffron or Daphne? Sophia is okay though. It’s better than Sophie. On it’s own, Sophia is a 5.5/10. Noelle is pretty, but only a 7/10. • Catherine Renee •9/10Just beautiful. Maybe try ‘Renée’ instead of ‘Renee’ for spelling. Catherine is gorgeous. A feminine, classy and timeless name. • Josephine Ava •4/10Josephine is gorgeous! However, it doesn’t flow with Ava. Ava is also a horrid name, about a 2/10. Together it’s a 4.• Charlotte Rose •7/10A bit plain. A bit common, classy but still boring. It flows nice, but Rose is such a filler middle name. Maybe try Charlotte Rosette? Or Charlie Ray? • April Rain •5/10April isn’t very pretty to me. It just sounds like ‘ape.’ Rain is gorgeous though. I love the name Rain. However, April Rain is just tacky. Try Raina Ariel or something.• Michelle Ann •7/10It’s okay. Not too common. I think I’d prefer Misha or Mila or Elle as a first name. Ann is a filler but it works. I hope this helped you. Best of luck!

I liked them all except april rain..not a good one. but all the other names so beautiful and different !

lol I love how people think that River and Riley are girl names. Probably the same people who think it’s acceptable to slap Drew/Harper/Elliott/Ryan on a “poor, innocent” GIRL. Ha!Sophia Noelle — gorgeous. flows so well and is beautiful. 9/10Catherine Renee — kind of an awkward flow, since “rine” and “ren” are really close to each other and kind of create a stuttering effect. Still a pretty name though. Won’t matter though if you love it. 6/10Josephine Ava — this is really nice. good to see Ava as a middle name. 8/10Charlotte Rose — pretty but a bit generic sounding. love charlotte, but it could do with a more interesting middle name. 7/10April Rain — I’m sorry, but I don’t like this at all. It sounds like you’re talking about rain in April. It sounds a bit weird. What about April Lorraine? If not, then maybe split up the names to different combos. 2/10Michelle Ann — very dated sounding, and I think it’s mostly to do with the middle name. If Ann is important to you, then maybe find another name that is a variant of it? Ann is so boring and when it’s added to Michelle, an already kind of dated name, it’s not balanced. What about Michelle Anneliese? Michelle Anna? Anna Michelle? Anya Michelle? Michelle Anya? etc. etc. Rating: 5/10Lucas John — nice, but a bit generic. but it is still a good name that will age well. 7/10Riley Edward — this is nice. I question Riley’s ability to age well, but it’s still nice. 7/10Andrew River — there’s something not quite right about this combo and I don’t really know what it is. It’s kind of awkward. I think it’s the Rs and Ws. This would be very difficult for a kid to say if they had a speech impediment. Andwew Wiwew. Andrew is lovely though. Maybe match it with another middle name? 6/10August Henry — nice, and pretty original too. Personally I think Henry August flows better, but this combo is still nice! 8/10Zachary David — Zachary is ok, but I don’t like David. Not a bad name though. 6/10Hope this helps and good luck! :)BQ – Danielle Lisa, Eden Elizabeth, Francis Timothy, Scott Jason, Nathan Oliver, and Grace Victoria.