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Strawbs – Josephine, For Better Or For Worse

Josephine, For Better Or For Worse (Cousins) Old School Songs The years have left their mark And time must be to blame To me you’re still the same Josephine,…

Which name sounds better? The middle name has to be Emma.Emma is in honor of my sister (Emily).These are the only names that I have found that flow well with Emma.Please answer the questions about each name and then tell me which one you like best.1.) Caroline Emma — My cousin’s name is Caroline. Do you think it’s weird if I use my cousin’s name and sister’s nickname? She will ONLY go by Cara (a name that I adore, but it doesn’t flow well with Emma).2.) Charlotte Emma — I go to school with a girl named Charlotte. Every time I hear the name I think of that girl (I’m NOT naming my daughter after this classmate. I just like the name and it flows well with the middle name). Would this be a bad choice?3.) Lilac Emma — I’m not fond of unique, over-the-top names. Is Lilac too out there? I would probably call her Lila. Suggestions are welcomed! (Nothing that ends with -a- and no Kaylee, Bailey, etc.Thank you!I’m not too close to my cousin Caroline (she lives in another country) and she also pronounces her name differently (instead of Care-oh-LINE her name is pronounced Cah-row-LEE-nee).

Download and print PDF scores of Cousins: Josephine, For Better Or For Worse

personally i would make emma the first name and make it emma leeanswer mineanswers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090316150952AAcYSde

Meagan Emma, Lauren Emma, Lillian Emma as opposed to Lilac. Prefer Carolyn over Caroline. (ca-ro-lin short i sound)

I like Caroline Emma because of the sentiment, I’m very fond of naming children names that mean something. So I would probably pick that name. But I do love the name Charlotte Emma and I think it kind of flows better.

1) It would be a little strange to name your baby after your cousin if you’re not close to her. You also might want to consider name meanings. Caroline means beautiful woman.2) Charlotte is a beautiful name. It means feminine. 3) Lila is my best friend’s name! She loves it because it’s so original. It means night, And of course, in case you didn’t know, Emma means universal.

why not cara emily? that flows and its prettyi don’t like charlotte emma that much but its okayi also like lily emma or lilian emma

I like the name Lilac Emma. There is a mean kid named Emma on our street so. but I also like Caroline. My baby cousin’s name is Coroline. And we call her Corey. And its so cute, they sing Corey, corey in a line- pass the poor children at least a dime. ha. lolgood luck

Hmm. Emma is a very cute middle name that could be difficult to find a first name for.1. Caroline Emma is sweet, gentle, genuine, and creative, yet, Caroline is a little used. Cara would be a very nice nice, but as you said, it doesn’t flow well with Emma. I see how this can be a dilemma, but this one I have to say: NO to.2. Charlotte Emma has always been one of mty favorite names, and it is almost as if you read my mind. I was thinking this same name when I read that the middle name had to be Emma. Charlotte is cute, sweet, and adorbale. When I think Charlotte Emma, I think “that is the CUTEST baby name for a little girl! I don’t think this would be a bad choice at all.Though naming your baby after your cousin is strange.3. Lilac Emma does not strike me as a very “flowy” name, but I can see how you would make this a possibilty. Lilac Emma is even a little too graceful and cute for my taste. Lilac is such a flowery name that it just doesn’t make the name as cute as it should be. I would not choose this name because I don’t like it in general, but I don’t like the flow or the name.Suggestions:Allison Emma has always been a cute name that I like. I know that you may think that Allison and Emma start with vowels, but that has become popular.Maybe instead of using Emma as a middle name, a first? This is only a suggestion. I was thinking Emma Grace? It is sweet, beautiful, gentle, and adorbale. Just if you want to consider the suggestion, here is an example. Emma Taylor? Emma Elizabeth? Emma Lilac? I think Emma Lilac flows better.(Hayley is off-limits? So is Amanda. you take away all of my favorite names. Olivia! >:-. just joking!)Mary-Emma? This could be a middle name or a first name. I have always like double names. I have good friends named Ann Marie, Mary Caroline, Mary Grace, and Leigh Anna.Kylie Emma? Cute, yet modernHIH! I have been studying baby naming for a long time.

1. Caroline is a beautiful name but personally i dont think you should name your child that because after all she would go by a completely different name plus i do think it will be kinda weird with your cousin2. Charlotte is a great name.. and i think you shouldnt care that a classmate is named like that after all shes not family.. however charlotte emma sounds ackward3. I dont like the name Lilac.. personally Lila is so so so much betterbut again Lila Emma.. kinda ackward- It is really hard to find a name that flows well with Emma.. what about using Emma as a first name instead?Emma MichelleEmma CorrineEmma Elisabethor just Lily Emma

If you like the name Cara, why not call her Cara Emily? For unique names, what about Regan Emma?Madison Emma would also be cute.I’ve never really liked the name Charlotte for some reason. I personally think Lilac is pretty out there, but if you like it, then use it!

1. Caroline Emma – it’s nice, but it’s very safe and maybe a little dull.Similar names: Catherine Emma, Josephine Emma, Madeleine Emma2. Charlotte Emma – very classy; it has Baby Name Poll winner written all over it!Similar names: Antoinette Emma, Juliet Emma, Violet Emma3. Lilac Emma – very beautiful and unusual; I think most people would use Lilac as the middle name, which makes it a very daring choice.Similar names: Hyacinth Emma, Jasmine Emma, Lavender Emma

X-Men Question 10 Points Help? Is Juggernaut A Good Guy Or A Bad Guy
I’m pretty sure he’s bad.because he’s part of the brotherhood.But you could also search him up on wikipedia.org

Over the course of the comics, The Juggernaut has evolved from a simplistic, destructive villain to a complex and at times even heroic character. When Juggernaut first appears, he is revealed as the stepbrother of Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men. Marko is portrayed, in his initial appearance, as having been an angry, greedy bully as a child. Later comics revealed that Marko was also bullied by his older, larger schoolmates[3] and physically abused by his father, and established his hatred of Xavier as coming from his resentment over how Xavier used his powers to get ahead. While serving together in the Korean War, Cain and Charles stumbled onto the ancient temple of Cyttorak, lost for centuries. On an altar Cain saw the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, and immediately grabbed it. Upon the gem was an inscription, and he read it aloud: “Whosoever touches this gem shall be granted the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak! Henceforth, you who read these words, shall become . forevermore . a human juggernaut!”. When Cain grabbed it, the cavern collapsed. Charles was able to escape, but it took Cain years to dig himself out. Upon escaping, he sought revenge on Xavier.Although he was originally an X-Men villain, he has also appeared in stories with other heroes of the Marvel Universe, such as Spider-Man, Venom, the Avengers, Deadpool, and the Incredible Hulk.Cover of X-Men #12 (July 1965). Art by Jack Kirby.Often accompanying him during his travels was his friend the mutant mercenary known as Black Tom Cassidy, whom he met when they were both in jail at the same time. Sharing a hatred for family members – Juggernaut for his stepbrother, Professor X, and Cassidy for his cousin, the X-Man known as Banshee – the two became close friends. When they got out of prison, they became partners and first battled the “new” X-Men.Juggernaut reformedIn a later storyline, the Juggernaut joined the X-Men. Initially this was part of a scheme with Black Tom Cassidy to destroy them from within, but after Cassidy turned on the Juggernaut, Xavier asked his stepbrother to return with them to the mansion. While at the mansion, Juggernaut began to change when he befriended a young mutant boy from Canada named Sammy Paré particularly as both had similar backgrounds, including an abusive father. Over time he began to be portrayed as a more sympathetic character, though he still retained his violent streak, attacking Sammy’s abusive father at one point, and subsequently getting into a large and destructive fight with the superhero team Alpha Flight that led to his arrest. Due to stopping another super villain from escaping, and staying when he had the chance to escape himself, and the intervention of Sammy’s mother, he was released.Juggernaut with the X-Men, on the cover for X-Men #161 (vol.2). Art by Salvador Larroca.Later Juggernaut was seemingly working with Black Tom Cassidy’s Brotherhood of Mutants, where he met his future teammate Talia Josephine Wagner (Nocturne). While plotting to attack the X-Mansion, Sammy Paré, aka Squidboy, found out what was going on and was killed by Black Tom. Enraged by having seen his friend murdered, Juggernaut started attacking the Brotherhood. During the attack, Black Tom’s plant form took over most of the grounds of the X-Mansion. The only way to stop the attack was for the entirety of Black Tom, along with Juggernaut and Nocturne who were both stuck in his grasp, to be sucked into the portal in Xorn’s head, leaving them stranded in the Mojoverse.[edit] Reformation’s endUpon leaving the X-Men, Juggernaut joined the New Excalibur team in London. In one storyline, the Juggernaut seeks to reclaim his lost power by traveling to the Temple of Cyttorak in Korea. He kills his challenger and reclaims the Gem. This story expands on the origin of the character, establishing that there were other Juggernauts before him, and revealing that he killed his predecessor before seeking his initial revenge on Xavier. In the course of the World War Hulk storyline, Juggernaut, whose powers have been weakening, is informed by Cyttorak that he must personally desire and embrace the destructive nature of his power for it to return, instead of simply wanting that power to be a defender of his stepbrother. Upon doing so, Cain’s power is restored and he fights the Hulk to a standstill. Juggernaut is tricked by Hulk who uses Cain’s own strength against him and allows Juggernaut’s unstoppable momentum carry him off into a nearby lake. After the Hulk leaves, Cain dismisses Xavier’s attempts to thank him for his aid, and warns that nobody should come looking for him after he leaves, lest they not like what they find.Subsequently, in X-Men Legacy, Xavier seeks out the Juggernaut in an attempt to reform him and gain lost memories. Cain rebuffs Xavier, saying that he chose to be the Juggernaut again, and that he regretted trying to be like Xavier. After the encounter, Xavier acknowledges that

Early in the X-Men comics Juggernaut was a bad guy but, recently he has reformed and is now a good guy. In the movies he is still considered a bad guy. Interesting fact he is Professor Xavier’s step brother.

lol looks like your answers are kind of split, I’ll go find his first appearance in a comic book (super-original.link below.in the picture you can see him pretty much lashing out on all the x-men characters, so I think that would deem him as a evil villian. Hope, I helped!

Although commonly appearing as a supervillain in the Marvel Universe since 1965, Juggernaut had his own one-shot in the late 1990s and was formally a hero and main character in New Excalibur. However, as of X-Men: Manifest Destiny #2 and X-Men Legacy #219, Juggernaut has been returned to his villainous rootsIn X-MEN the movies he is working with magneto after they broke him out of prison

He’s a conflicted character, who happens to be the brother of Charles Xavier. He is more of an antihero than anything else, and it takes him quite a push to do work for the side of good.

Depends on which writer is using him at the moment. He originally was a villain but in the later years he switched back and forth.

up to the fight with the hulk in wwh xmen he was a good guy working for excalibur. now since he used the jem of cytorak again he may be bad because he promised to do what it wanted as long as it got him to the hulk. he is bad again, in x-men legacy prof x tries to help him but juggy said he chose to be the juggernaut again.