Paul and Linda McCartney – Jet

Jet – live at Wogan 1987.

Sheet music for Jet – Linda McCartney is available for downloading in digital format.

Paul McCartney & Wings- Jet

Paul McCartney & Wings- Jet Writer(s): Paul and Linda McCartney Producer: Paul McCartney Released: 15 February 1974.

I’m doing a report about Paul McCartney and I need a few web pages that have the RIGHT information.? I would like the web pages to talk about his whole life.I’m not trying to copy someone else’s work. I just need to read them so I can get the basic idea. If you have some interesting facts, that would also be appreciated.

Sheet music for Jet – Linda McCartney is available for downloading in digital format.

Paul was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England. His father’s name was James and his mother’s name was Mary. His mother was a devout Catholic, but his father described himself as an agnostic. He had one younger brother, Peter Michael. Paul and his brother Michael were very different. Paul was the quiet one, while Michael was more aggressive and loved to argue. Paul once got 90% in high school Latin and was an above average student. Paul met George Harrison on a bus to school. Paul has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Paul is about 5′ 11″ and weighs about 160 pounds. Paul’s favourite color is blue. Paul’s favourite singers were Elvis and Little Richard.

Why would you do a report on McCartney? That’s dumb. John Lennon was much more of a historic personality. He also is more interesting. Do a report on Lennon.

Paul’s real name is James Paul McCartney. The song “Jet” which he wrote with Wings, was about his dog, Martha (he also wrote the Beatles song Martha My Dear about her). His mother died when he was only 14 years old (breast cancer) so his life has been doubly affected by the disease (his first wife Linda also died from it).Paul has also performed/recorded under many psuedonyms both alone and with others such as Paul Ramone, Suzy And The Red Stripes, Percy Thrillington, The Fireman, Twin Freaks, The Nerk Twins, Bernard Webb.Paul has released a poetry anthology called Blackbird Singing and also a book of his Paintings, which he also had an exhibition for in Liverpool in 2001.Paul played every single instrument on most of his 2005 album, Chaos And Creation In The Backyard, such as piano, drums, guitar, bass, even an Armenian flute!!He has also released several highly acclaimed classical albums.Depsite his huge fame, this year was his first visit to the Brits and his first ever Brit award.

what are some good Wings songs? My two favorite wings songs are Band on the Run and Junior’s Farm. What are some other good Wings songs. I am aware of Live and Let Die and Maybe I’m amazed, and answers that include those two songs will not be considered for best answer.
My favorite is that Admiral one. I’m not sure what the exact name is, but Uncle Albert is in the title.

I’m limiting this to just Wings records only (“Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” are Mccartney + Linda solo). I’m starting from the “Wild Life” album (1971) and ending with “Back to the Egg” (1979)Nineteen Hundred and Eighty FiveLetting GoBeware My LoveJetDon’t Let It Bring You DownBridge Under the River SuiteWild LifeBig Barn BedArrow Through MeI’ve Had EnoughSpirits of Ancient EgyptMull of Kintyre

Coming UpAnother DayJunior’s FarmMull of KintyreMy LoveSilly Love SongsGot To Get You Into My LifeJetBluebirdHelen WheelsLet Me Roll ItVenus and MarsMagneto and Titanium ManListen to What the Man SaidRock ShowLet Em’ InBeware My LoveHi, Hi, HiUnce Albert (Admiral Halsey)With A Little LuckGirlfriendEnjoy.

“Mull of Kintyre””Hi, Hi, Hi””My Love””Live and Let Die””Helen Wheels””Junior’s Farm””Venus and Mars/Rock Show””Magneto and Titanium Man””Silly Love Songs””Maybe I’m Amazed””With a Little Luck””London Town”

I want to get into Paul McCartney’s music.. with what albums should I start ? I only know a couple of songs that I really like .Hey Ryan , Prof , Punchy , everybody ! 🙂
Hi SmoochyThis is my favorite Paul McCartney song from his solo probably heard the GNR cover.And of course band on the run but you probably already heard that

1st album to get is “Band on the run”songs; band on the run, jet ,1985 , Helen wheels ,bluebird (has excellent sax solo)2nd album to get “Ram”songs; Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, too many peoplefrom that point you just have to “go from there”, cause in those days an album had only 1 or 2 hits then they put out a new album, next year, like clock work.Some other McCartney Albums worth mentioningVenus & Mars-song “listen to what the man said”Wings at the speed of sound-songs “Let Em’ in” “Silly love songs”Mc Cartney (1st solo LP after the Beatles) has “Maybe I’m amazed”Red rose speedway- “My love”there are some others, but I lost interest after 1978

hey Smoochy!well this question is right up my alley as I’ve been a long time fan of his..1- Memory Almost Fulla remarkable late in the game out the songs Ever Present Past Dance Tonight2- Band On The Runa remarkable early 70s’s Last Words (Drink To Me)3- Tug Of Warthis is a remarkable Geroge Martin produced masterwork, and also his first release following the death of John Lennon and his arrest in Pound Is Here Today4- Driving Rainthe first release of new self written material following Linda’s a Lover to a Friend5- Rama number of people have mentioned this one, and thats terrific.. underrated at the time of its release, this album has certainly grown in stature over the Back Seat Of My Carif you want to hear an overview of Wings at a PEAK, please check out the “live” Wings Across America album. it was a triple vinyl masterpiece with one great song after Venus and Mars 02 Rock Show 03 Jet Smoochy, I just wanted to wish you a magical holiday season and my very best for the coming new year!

I was gonna say Ram or Band on the Run. so instead I’ll give you particular songs.For one, Hi Hi Hi. Not the most lyrical, but it’s surely one that will be in your head for days.Maybe I’m Amazed- classic McCartney love song.With a Little Luck- just has a nice sound (if you’re in to the slowish stuff)Live and Let Die, of course.Jet (which is on Band on the Run)Silly Love Songs- classic McCartney silly love song.But there are so many. I suggest either those albums OR a greatest hits one.:)

Hi Smoochy. I dig Ram personally. I think it’s a nice spot to start. I also really enjoy “McCartney” a lot.

I like Band On The Run and Venus and Mars the best but for an overview try “Wings Across America” It’s a live album but it sounds great and has a lot of energy.

Yeah Ram or Band on the Run. Ram is more lighthearted but very solid musically, BotR is more glammy and arena but the songs are near perfect.If you want more after that you could grab Venus and Mars, Red Rose Speedway, McCartney, Back to the Egg, London Town. and a recent favorite of mine, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.