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Jesus Died For Me–Hank & Audrey Williams SR.

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Did you know some famous Witnesses of Jehovah? Politics:- Dwight D. Eisenhower – U.S. President (raised JW)- Evelyn Mandela – first wife of South African president Nelson Mandela (convert to JWs)- Lieby Piliso – Nelson Mandela’s younger sisterSports:- Venus Williams and Serena Williams – world chamption/Olympic gold medalist tennis players- Lou Whitaker – professional baseball player (Detroit Tigers)- Chet Lemon – professional baseball player (Detroit Tigers)- Shont’e Peoples – professional football player (Saskatchewan Roughriders); convert to JWs- Kid Gavilan – welterweight champion boxer; elected to boxing Hall of Fame in 1990 (convert to JWs)- Dave Pear – NFL professional football player for Colts, Buccaneers, and Raiders (convert)- Mark McCumber – professional golfer- Dave Meyers – professional basketball player (Los Angeles Lakers in 1970s)- Danny Granger – professional basketball player (Indiana Pacers)- Travis Scott – NFL football player for Rams (raised JW)- Willie Wise – NBA professional basketball player for Seattle Super Sonics and Denver NuggetsMusic:- Prince – pop singer (convert to JWs)- Selena – Tejano singer (Selena Quintanilla)- Hank Marvin – famous guitarist with the Shadows (convert to JWs)- George Benson – singer, guitarist- Larry Graham – singer; member of Sly And The Family Stone between 1967 and 1972, founder of Graham Central Station- David Thomas – songwriter/vocalist for Pere Ubu (convert to JWs)- Herman Pizzanelli – leading Uruguayan concert guitarist in the 1960s (convert to JWs)- Dave Hill – musician, Lead Guitarist and back vocals for Slade (convert)- Rebbie Jackson – singer- Michael Jackson – singer, pop superstar (lapsed)- Janet Jackson – singer (lapsed)- Katherine Jackson – matriarch of the Jacksons musical dynastyand the mother of pop music legends The Jackson 5,Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson- La Toya Jackson – singer (lapsed)- Jackson Five – musical group (lapsed)- Ja Rule – rap singer, film actor (raised)- Patti Smith – punk rock star- Geri Halliwell – singer (Spice Girls)- Jill Scott – R&B/neo-soul singer-poet- Roy Harper – songwriter, musician (raised)- La Lupe – Cuban salsa singer (convert)Actors and Actresses:- Terrence Howard – actor; Ray, Hustle & Flow, etc.- Teresa Graves – actress, star of TV movie and TV series “Get Christie Love!” (convert to JWs)- Lark Voorhies – TV/movie actress- Michelle Rodriguez – actress, movie star (lapsed)- Wayans Brothers – and sisters: Damon Wayans, Dwayne Wayans, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Kim Wayans, Nadia Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans;Comedians, Actors, Filmmakers:- Rustom Padilla – Filipino movie star- Carmina Villarroel – Filipino actress- Naomi Campbell – supermodel- Kim Holland – Dutch porn star (former JW)Literature:- Mickey Spillane – best-selling crime novelist (convert to JWs)- Gloria Naylor – novelist, author of The Women of Brewster Place (1982, American Book Award)Religious Leaders:- Charles Taze Russell – founder and first president of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Watchtower Society; died in 1916- Joseph Franklin Rutherford – second president of Jehovah’s Witnesses, from 1916 until his death in 1942- Nathan H. Knorr – third leading figure in the history of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, president of Watchtower Bible and Tract Society from 1942 until he died in 1977- Frederick W. Franz – president of Watchtower Society from 1977 until his death in 1992- Milton G. Henschel – president of Watchtower Society from 1992 to 2000- Don A. Adams – current president of the Watchtower Society, since late 2000Other:- Margaret Keane – artist famous for her “Big Eye” paintings (convert)- Carol M. Swain – political scientist; professor at Vanderbilt University; author of Black Faces, Black Interests and The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration; left the Witnesses at the age of 20, in 1975- Viv Nicholson – famous London lottery winner in 1961. She then became a devout JW. The musical Spend, Spend, Spend was based on her story.- Rene Montes de Oca Martija – dissident human-rights activist in Cuba (son of JW)- Hayden Covington – leading attorney for the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Watchtower Society; won multiple U.S. Supreme Court cases; represented Muhammad Ali in court- Firpo Carr – historian, author of Germany’s Black Holocaust: 1890-1945; Wicked Words: Poisoned Minds – Racism in the Dictionary; founder: Scholar Technological Institute of Research, Inc. (STIR). No longer associated. Heard on L.A. radio defending Michael Jackson during his trial. (lapsed)- Angelo Palego – leader of team searching for Noah’s ArkSome have left the Truth, Others learned and excepted it.bar_enosh- I couldn’t agree more. We are all imperfect, and it is Jehovah that will read our hearts in the end.

See and download H. Williams (Hank Williams: Jesus Died For Me) sheet music

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?”Willie Wise – NBA professional basketball player for Seattle Super Sonics and Denver Nuggets”you know you are stretching your copy and paste job thin when you mention an NBA guy i’ve never heard of. I’m a huge NBA fan. and the Sonics aren’t even a team anymore. lol.

Jesus Christ according to Isaiah 55:4-5 and Revelation 3:14Isaiah 55:4-5 Look! As a witness to the national groups I have given him, as a leader and commander to the national groups.5 Look! A nation that you do not know you will call, and those of a nation who have not known you will run even to you, for the sake of Jehovah your God, and for the Holy One of Israel, because he will have beautified you.AND you are mixing things people who were JWs and later become musicians are no longer JWs.the majotiy if not all of them have been out of a Kingdom hall for years.

so how come they don’t disfellowship some of them based on the things they portray while acting / singing etc?

Yes, I was aware of some of those people as well.I like Teresa Graves example. She seemed to be very whole souled and did not want the limelight anymore, but wanted to live a “quiet life” and pioneer.I wonder what is Venus and Serena’s standing? And Lark Voorhies?

Yes true true, but all famous people are only another imperfect human creature & ones that have some notability in the limelight are not a recognition of what is the truth. Take one that you mentioned, Mickey Spillane, you say convert, when he left the truth to write filthy immoral books that made him a very wealthy person. His books are full of what is called”works of the flesh” at Gal the 5th chapter starting with verse 19. This person as well as others, Michael Jackson included are only noted as famous from a worldly standard, they are defiantly not famous from my standards, they are disgusting to me in there actions. The porn industry has their famous people, Gods people do not consider them famous, we consider them immoral & wicked acting. I’m sure if a porn star stopped being one & became a religious person wanting to please God, would be ashamed of their previous life & would note boast about it or consider themselves famous.All of the ones that were or are in the limelight of being famous that are now serving Jehovah, are striving to worship Jehovah first, if not, then I would say they are putting their carears in front of their service to Jehovah. Teresa Graves left her promising carear & went into the full time work going from door to door like all other Jehovah’s Witnesses, did not like any special notice between her & the sisters in this life saving work. I heard her give her life experence at a convention, what impressed me was her service to Jehovah, I had watch “Get Christy Love” & followed her carear as she slowly got out of the business, she had offers for all kinds of productions after her contract was over, she told all that she had signed a new contract for the full time door to door work with Jehovah, so she wouldn’t be available for the movie & TV productions. These are not her exact words, but it’s what I got out of what she said.

Many of those people are questionable. Because someone “was” one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, or even “raised” a Witness is meaningless unless they continue to follow the path of Jesus Christ.And one mentioned as “lapsed,” Firpo Carr, has for some time been reinstated and continues active as a Witness.The final judgment is in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ, who judges on Jehovah’s behalf.In the meantime, all that any of us can do is to endure in faith, following closely the footsteps of Christ, our Exemplar.

who cares. More witness arrogance..look at the IQ’s of these losers- Terrence Howard – actor; Ray, Hustle & Flow, etc.Is not a WitnessYou can have MIchael Jackson thoughHow come real Witnesses get disfellowshipped but the ones with fame and money are “lapsed”

I was at the meeting a few years back and Serena and Venus’s mum was sitting in front of me. My friends mum studied with her for a little while but i’m not sure if she ever progressed to baptism.

oh goodness me! I mean spice girl Geri?? she was one of JW before. gosh!it is sad that those are stray away from paths what Jehovah gives them. It is everyone’s choice and deicde.We all want happiness and peace in life. That is what we have join and cheer with doing all Jehovah’s kingdom:))thanks for all details.

Another sister who recently died, has some notoriety in our area of the country.Her name was Mary Cavendish Greene Stewart. Her father and grandfather were the owners of the Greene Line of Ohio River Paddle and Steam Boats.Many may have heard of the historic Delta Queen which traveled the Ohio River. Her parents were owners. Her grandmother, Captain Mary B. Greene was one of the very few women steamboat captains.Mary was raised on the river boat and traveled from city to city up and down the Mississippi. She became the Vice President of the Steam Boat Line, full time Cruise Director, and Crew Member of the Line.She was also a very talented singer and would entertain on the river boats. Mary graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Cincinnati in 1951.Mary’s love for the earth and God’s creation caused her to search for the truth of God’s word. In 1960, she became one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and left the riverboat life to become a full-time evangelizer.In 1979, she and her husband did a complete restoration of the stained glass rotunda of the historic Carnegie Arts Center in Covington, KY.I was privileged to be one of her students in 1967. Her zeal for the ministry continues to set the example for me today.

I have to agree with fixerkin many of these people turned out to be disgusting,including the jackson family a lot of worldly people want no part of him.So it is not who is important people in the worlds eyes ,but it would be better to mention those in the Holocaust or others who have died for their faith and beliefs in Jehovah. They are the ones that are living in his eyes, not the ones who take the name.THe name doesn’t mean anything.I lived in a nextdoor town to Selena and her family they all said they were wittnesses ,not the mother but the father tried,but in that environment it is impossible to please God well .THat is why Theresa left and proved faithful until her death. But Selena’s father said in an article that came out in the Corpus Christi paper if only I had lived for Jehovah and hadn’t taken her on the road she would be alive today. Now if you see the Brothers they the Cumbia Kings they worship their disgusting idols and wear them around their neck,that just brings shame on Jehovah’s name.These people bringing shame on Jehovah’s name are not his wittnesses and should not be mentioned among us.