The Killers- “Jenny was A Friend Of Mine”

The Killers- “Jenny was A friend Of Mine” Lyrics- We took a walk that night, but it wasn’t the same We had a fight on the promenade out in the rain She said …

The Killers: Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine – B. Flowers sheet music is available online.


Abbey Road 2011.- ENJOY!!!!

The Killers? Is the lead singer in band “The Killers” gay? I’m just asking. I don’t want anyone to get mad.Please answer the question and don’t make any funny remarks ;)!Don’t get me wrong, I do like The Killers ;)! I’m just asking.

The Killers: Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine – B. Flowers sheet music is available online.

aww, brandon flowers? lol. i don’t think he’s gay. that would be a shame because he’s hot. lol. i’m not sure.

Biography for Brandon FlowersBirth name Brandon Richard Flowers Nickname Brandy B.Flow (Gangsta name) Height 5′ 9¾” (1.77 m) Spouse Tana Flowers (2 August 2005 – present) Trade mark Always has a new, sometimes abstract yet very stylish outfit at each performance.Will often wear eyeliner and lipstick during performances.Trivia Contrary to popular belief, Flowers is indeed his actual last name.Worked as a bellhop for the Gold Coast Hotel before forming his band with friend David Keuning.Married longtime girlfriend Tana Munblowsky on a beach in Hawaii.Has four sisters and one brother.Loves Coca-Cola, and is sometimes jokingly called a “coke addict.”Favorite film is ‘Moulin Rouge’.Favorite song on the Hot Fuss album is ‘Jenny Was a Friend of Mine’.Said in an interview that the song ‘Where Is She?’ is dedicated to a woman who attended the band’s Scotland concert. She was kidnapped and murdered later that night. The track will be included on the new Killers album, due for release in later 2006.At a relatively average 5 feet, 10 inches tall, he is the only Killers band member who has not broken the 6 foot mark.Youngest child of a family from Las Vegas.One of his favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite.His only brother, Shane, is 12 years older than him.Born in Las Vegas and raised in Nephi, Utah. Does this anwer your’re welcome.