Brandon Flowers Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine Live From Abbey Road July 2011

Alternative version of the Killers song Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine at Abbey Road Studios.

Digital sheet music source: Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine – Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers – Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine Live Acoustic (HD)

Brandon Flowers playing an acoustic rendition of Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine live on MIX 94.1 Underground Lounge. Download here:…

Who is Jennifer that The Killers talk about in their songs? I was listening to The Killers and I noticed that Jennifer came up in two songs (Jenny was a friend of mine, Leave the bourbon on the shelf). I tried to google it, but all I could come up with was the stuff about Jennifer Hudson. Does anybody have any ideas on her significance?Thanks.

Digital sheet music source: Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine – Brandon Flowers

She might not be a real life girl who Brandon Flowers knew, just a name he chose to use for whatever reason. Lots of bands include names in songs who aren’t real life people. If it doesn’t say so on the internet, and there haven’t been any rumors surface, then most likely Jenny isn’t anyone. =D

What order do the songs occur in the Killers “murder trilogy” ? Looking i have had various orders for the 3 songs. Does anyone know the actual order of them? Thanks
This is the third part of the Murder trilogy. The first song is “Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf,” which was released in 2007, and the second song is “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine,” the first track on their debut album Hot Fuss. “Midnight Show” is about the actual murder of a girlfriend who wasn’t being faithful. Lead singer Brandon Flowers says, “The murder has something to do with water, but it’s not drowning.” (thanks, Bryan – Bismarck, ND)

Does anyone know why in the killers song? ‘Leave the bourbon on the shelf’ the girl in it is called Jennifer? I know its a tie to ‘Jenny was a friend of mine’ and I know about the murder trilogy, but is there a reason she has that name?
I heard Brandon Flowers talking to Kevin & Bean on K-ROQ 106.7 FM in Los Angeles about a month ago. They asked him that very same question. He replied that, no, it was just a random name they thought sounded right for the song. So.guess it depends if you want to believe that or not.

Is today Mark Stoermer’s birthday? Yes it is. I had to ask something like the above otherwise Y!A would delete my question like they did for the one I asked for Brandon Flowers a week ago -_-Mark is the bass guitarist and secondary songwriter for The Killers and he’s 33 todayBQ: Favorite song by The Killers that Mark helped write? (look their albums up on Wiki or if you have Killers cds look in the little book)BQ2: Jenny Was A Friend of Mine bass solo (starts at 0:27) Spaceman bass solo (starts at 2:48) ?BQ3: Mark’s favorite drink is orange juice. Do you prefer pulp or pulp free orange juice?BQ4: Favorite picture of Mark?BQ5: It was Mark’s idea to name their latest studio album Day & Age so what’s your favorite song from Day & Age?
Happy birthday!BQ: BonesBQ2: Spaceman bass soloBQ3: Pulp freeBQ4: Uhhh. Neon Tiger

Yay for Mark!BQ – This River is Wild closely followed by Read My Mind. Both amazingBQ2 – Well, I prefer Spaceman however his solo in Jenny Was a Friend of Mine is awesomeBQ3 – I don’t like orange juice at all :(BQ4 – Pop that hip and tell Dave to wake the hell up!BQ5 – A Dustland Fairytale.or Losing Touch. It’s like choosing between children!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARKKKK!BQ.Bling (Confession of a King),Midnight ShowBQ2:Jenny Was A Friend of Mine bass solo BQ:3 pulp Is Your Life,A Dustland Fairytale

Happy Birthday Mark!! You’re freaking awesomely talentedBQ: All The Pretty Faces & Midnight Show & BlingBQ2: Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine but the Spaceman solo was GREATBQ3: Pulp FREE. BQ4: Neon Tiger & A Dustland Fairytale

You said it.BQ: There are so many, but I’ll stick with the “unpopulars” like you’d want me to. Bones, This River is Wild, and Midnight Show are all good. I don’t know how I could pick a favorite.BQ2: Spaceman.BQ3: What’s pulp?BQ4: Well, I’ve never looked up pictures of him, so I’ll go with the one on his Wikipedia page. Same as BQ2.

Happy ploopbirthday Mark. Is he the alcoholic?BA: The one that’s good.BA2: JennyBA3: Pulp.BA4: NoneBA5: Is Dustland Fairytale on there? That.

-Read My Mind.-Are you asking which one I like better? The second.-Pulp Touch.

Happy birthday Mark!I swear like, loads of artists have a birthday in june.Pulp free.Human is the best day and age song, followed by the world we live in and spaceman.