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Will Young performs ‘Jealousy’ during his Love Live Music set for Smooth Radio at Band on the Wall in Manchester, June 2012. Jealousy was the first single re…

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Is it me, or is it really hard to find good girl friends? I’m a 21 yr old “good girl” and looking back on the relationships I’ve had, I’ve noticed it’s been really hard to keep GOOD girl friends. I’m really a loyal person but the reasons why we’ve stopped being friends was b/c of petty things such as insecurity and jealousy and as much as it’s hard to be “friendless”, I would keep distance and hopefully pray for a good girl friend. I DO have many girl friends but what I’m saying is that it’s hard to find “true blue”, consistent, and LOYAL girl friends.I grew up in a household (w. a younger sister) and we were always taught to not be jealous and insecure of each other and that’s how I am today. I’m a good friend – i’m loyal, listen and love unconditionally. Most girls i befriended would be insecure whenever I had success, jealous if a guy was interested (even if i wasn’t), be catty and “tease” (even if they meant it. it’s hard. I’m not saying I’m perfect but are there girls out there that aren’t catty?I also realized I get along with older people way better than I do my age. I feel that I can have a good conversation/good time with older people b/c we have this good mutual understanding. I get along w. girls my age too but not as much.

See and download Will Young: Jealousy – W.A. Young music score

hahah i have the same problem and it really suxs. It is hard to find good friends these days. Im 23 still have the good friends problems. I had a friend who i known since i was 5 but she was very immature and two years ago i finally got fed up (long story) with a few other ppl. and we talk here and there but don’t hang out and i dont talk to the other ppl at all. I also get along better with older adults or boys. It suxs i guess just have to be patient and wait until everyone grows up. gosh i really understand and know how u feel. But at elast you have a sister? its worse when your an only child. NOW it really feels like you have no one.

Yep, I understand exactly how you feel. But there are people out there that make really good friends.. It’s hard, I know, because alot of people have petty jealousies and things bother them that shouldn’t or they just plain hurt you. Keep your eye open for people that you really like and that have proved to be loyal. They’re the ones you want to keep. good luck.

If you see yourself that way, I think it will be hard for you to get a friend you will really like. Most of the girls are really like that.

Awful time coping w/ an ex/ He ended our relationship 6 mo. ago.When we were together,he really wantedto be? with me,called me every minute he had,wanted me to meet his family, told me he loved me & couldnt be w/o me.But he had a depression problem & I helped him through ALOT,like his feelings of suicide, it was an ongoing issue.He finally confided in me he had a child w/ a one night stand bf we met.He wanted nothing to do them,bc he didnt want a child w/her,he didnt care or”respect”.Eventually he wanted to meet the child,& I told him he of course he should.Well, he developed feelings for the mom and ended our relationship.But whats worst was,she called me & told me he told her that he wasnt attracted to me & that he never loved me.When I confronted him,he said some of it was true some wasnt.I believe he said these things bc he wanted to be with her.But how can he do that to someone that was there for them through so much.He hurt me so badly. I feel i’m very attractive,im sorry,but this girl is trash, looks and personality. They r not together now. He cant even talk to me, yet he hurt me??
Do not get back with him, he made his choice and now he has to live with it. Move on and find a man who deserves you.

hes an @$$ hole and you should be happy that someone else has to deal with him not you go find an even hotter boyfriend and make him jealous

He so sad, and so are you if you allow Mr. Bipolar get under your skin. The girlfriend called you because she was feeling low herself, never mind them they are both trash. Thank you for being a better person and know that someone will come along and be a better person to you.

he probably felt like he had to be with this child and his mom.maybe he still had feelings for you, but she made him forget about you, so that she could stop worrying about him loving someone else.or maybe she knew that he still loved you and was jealous, and that is why she told you all that stuff. but if he hurt you so much, and it was so unfair for him to treat you like that, why do you care? you deserve someone who is much better than him! just get over it.

ill answer whith a question based on what you said.why do atractive girls end up choosing those types of loosers, ==?if he has such a depression problem and he is a liar, and he dumped you,,,dont you think you are better off?go out this firday and get yourself someone new.

This guy has serious issues. One thing I’ve learned in life is if you want to be a girlfriend to someone, be that. Don’t be someones therapist besides. He has depression issues, among other ones. It’s just too bad that you invested so much time in an enterprise that was almost completely doomed from the start. The best thing for you, is to look out for you. Do what you need to do, which is move on. This guy has a child with another woman, regardless of his feelings for her he has a lifetime obligation to his child, and the drama will always be there between him and his ex. You don’t want that drama. Girl you deserve better, now go out there and get it!Good Luck!

you’re definitely the victim here. You need to cut it off forever with him and take care of yourself. Focus only on making yourself better. If you are a student, make education your “spouse”. Your education is of the utmost importance. Boy friends who distract you with pain are a form of stress and anxiety you don’t need. Make your education the most important thing to yourself. If you are not a student. Then seek out spirituality, not religion, Instead, find people in your town who you can call at any time of day or night. Tell them everything and work through this with them. Don’t try to handle this on your own strength. You need support and a loving person, I recommend a female since you’re female, to lean on. You can make it through this. Good Luck

well remeber that a guy is just another fling sometimes ain’t wortha a crap.All you remeber is they never miss a good thing until is gone so do not worry shug your day is coming and it is gonna be with someone who loves you for you. he also may be something wrong with him so just think she got something off of your hand

Girl you need to be strong about this. Firstly, this guy is pretty lousy to have a one night stand and tell you that he doesn’t respect her or care for her, when she has his child. Secondly, his kid’s mother, only called you to say that because she obviously has jealousy towards you – like come on, your young – no child no nothing. She knows she has fucked up her life and she is taking it out on you and trying show you that she has it better then you – when she really doesn’t. Her kid was born out of pure lust and no love or affection, who wants that? Girl, I know this is hurtful to be there for someone and have them backstab you in your back. But you know what? Your better then that. Because first off, he was already depressed about this whole situation – and I guess amongst this depression he doesn’t know what to do – he has a huge lot of responsibility on his shoulder now – job, house, support a child.he probably is getting extremly influenced by this girl. You get the better of this situation – believe me. You dont have to deal with him anymore – i mean if he stook around, imagine going through him having two lives? Taking care of a kid and battling a jealous one night stand? Moreover, he’d become so serious and different – nothing like the person you’d know.Moreover, you got your life ahead of you and you can show him that your a better person. Go on and about with your life, dont be calling him up – dont give him a reason to feel like a better person or that you ‘need’ him because you don’t, he needed you, he used you and he left, and you need him to realize what a dirt bag he is.So go on with your life, fulfil it.atleast your not the one with those responsibilities.he is, and he’s pretty much f#@$ed. He can’t just fall in love with his babys momma out of no where – its only because he sees the responsibility of a child. For all he knows, he stupid not to make sure its even his child.So if he doesn’t want to talk, f@#$ him. Build some confidence in yourself – you did the right thing, and he mistreated you – so karma is only going to come bite him in the ass, and you can already see that it’s biting chunks out already.

as hard as it is u have to let him go, and keep ur mind occupied on other things. Obviously he suffers from depression and u can’t cure that he needs to seek a doctor for medicine. U also said he attempted suicide, now u have to think how can he luv u or anyone else if he don’t even luv himself?? U need to let him just be and take care of himself. Remeber just keep ur mind occupied and move on, spend time with family or have a girls night out.lots of luck to u! hurts so much to find out that someone you cared for and helped really had very little value for what you did for just to brush yourself off and move forward.don’t look back. Stop wasting energy into something that is never going to be a good’s too short.