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Eryn Shewell Band performs “It Hurts Me Too” at the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation Festival in Riverfront Park, Point Pleasant,, New Jersey: Saturday J…

Downloadable music scores: Whittaker – It Hurts Me Too

Ruby Tiger – It Hurts Me Too

Ruby Tiger jamming with King Rollo and Dave Foxon at The Fountain, Chichester, W. Sussex, May 2012.

How strong is the chance of Zab Judah winning against Amir Khan? Because I have a feeling that a 100% Zab Judah will show up that night does Amir Khan have the Ring IQ to capitalize on a focus Zab Judah.

Downloadable music scores: Whittaker – It Hurts Me Too

judah is not the same boxer he used to be, and khan is approaching his peak. this is a good fight for khan to help him prepare for bigger fish. khan in 10 rounds.

If Zab throws 5 punches per round like he has been, then 0%. He has the experience, the defence, the counter punching ability still, but he is slow now and I think it’s just another past his prime scalp for Khan to gain. I expect bigger things from a future fight with Bradley than I do this fight.

This should be a really good fight Zab has lost just enough physical ability to make this an even fight. I am going to go out on a lem and take Zab because he came back when I did not think he could pull him self together. I have not forgotten how Zab acts in big fights but as of late he has proven to me he is willing to fight.The only thing that worries me is Zab does not take a good punch any more but I am going to take Zab by knock out in the 11th round. Khan I have a real problem with until he fights and beats Prescott the guy who knocked him out in the first round I have no respect for him.

My thoughts on Khan/ Judah unification fight: I see everyone is dismissing Zab already. I don’t see this as an easy fight for either guy. I do give Khan a lot of credit for making this fight. Khan is a young gun who is only getting better (more complete) under Freddie Roach. He has reach, power, and good work rate. He does have flaws too. Prescott and Maidana proved he can be hurt. He also seems to not have the best stamina in the game.Zab is a very good boxer. He is a 2-time Jr Welterweight champion (his best weight) and he has been the undisputed Welterweight Champion. He has speed, KO power, he’s a southpaw who is skilled and if we learned anything from Cotto/ Judah he also has heart. I am not sure where this quitter, runner idea of him comes from. He’s a 5 time champion and at 33 he is A) on the comeback winning the IBF Jr Welterweight title.and B) getting a second wind (maybe getting better) under the tutaliage of Pernell Whittaker, who is making him more of a mindful boxer who thinks of defense too. To me, the worst of Zab has always been when he hasn’t been focused mentally. I have never seen him more mentally focused than in his last 2 bouts. For him, this is a great oppertunity. He isn’t old. he could be a problem for Khan. This fight is very exciting to me. I can’t pick a winner, but the Khan blowout talk is going to be proven to be a mistake I think. Zab has a chance here.

How can you deal with issues safely? I cant handle things without being depressed. What do I do?
DepressedIn case you feel depressed at events that do not go as you wanted them to go or are too sensitive toward words and actions of others, there may be a mineral vitamin imbalance. I would look into 1) Vitamin B6/Vit.B Complex, nutritional yeast, which taste great in soups. 2) You may want to monitor your pH. When we are acidic, also our mood may be sour. When we are alkaline, we tend to be sweet. pH strips are available on the Internet or at health food stores. A pH of 7 is neutral (not of much use for the body); a pH over 7 is alkaline (we should have saliva and urine pH 7.5 at all times); a pH under 7 is acidic, corrosive for body and mind. Best is to keep a pH list of pH and food, drinks, moods, events – to see what makes you alkaline and what makes you acidic.3) You may also want to take Hypericum perforatum, the homeopathic form of St. John’s Wort, which is used for depression and pain in Europe. I would dissolve 2-4 tablets in a dropper bottle of water, shake the bottle, takes a drop under my tongue every few seconds until I feel better; then less and less often, every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes etc., yet, at least 5 times a day for a long, long time. When forgotten, one simple starts over.On a mental level, there are some clarifications that may be helpful:4) Your value is not dependent of what others think about you, tell you, want you to be or not to be. Your value is to be. You may like to read the book What You Think of Me is None of My Business by T. Cole-Whittaker (Paperback – April 1, 1988) from Amazon. Right now: Buy new: $6.9971 Used & new from $0.065) When people say things that hurt you, it would be good not to take it literally. The people who like to hurt others have their own problem, it is not yours. They really only express their own difficulties they cannot deal with in a more constructive way. If their problems become overwhelming to you, you may want to talk to a parent, teacher or counselor you trust.6) As soon as one feels that depression is coming on, one can immediately turn the attention to the positive things in life. Thankful people are happy people. 7) You may want to do something you like to do: watch a positive, uplifting movie; listen to delightful music; do some crafts (clay, painting, playing an instrument).8) You may want to get a hobby. Creating and learning to do things can be very satisfying. 9) If you live close to nature, you may want to go on a hike in nature.10) On a permanent basis you may want to surround yourself with positive, uplifting things, e.g.: happy and calming music, movies without violence, beautiful colors and uplifting aromas from essential oils.11) You may want to meditate or develop ESP. One may learn the beginnings from the book You Are Psychic! by Pete Sanders, a psychic who graduated from MIT.When you look into the book Man Visible and Invisible by Leadbeater, you may discover that we have an energy field around us, the Aura. This Aura should be smooth and even like an egg, but it can be discolored, dull and uneven, e.g. depressed. The aura can be made stronger and whole by meditation or 12) Color*MedicineTM, working with the Dinshah colors. The main color for dark depression (nothing will ever work, nothing will ever be better) is Dinshah Yellow. The color for a personality depression (nobody understands me and sees my value) is Dinshah Violet. The best how to book I found is Color Medicine by Charles Klotsche (eBook on you may see, one can work on several levels to get out of the pattern of being depressed. One could e.g. start with one possible help.Wishing you delight and happiness – always.