Linda Pritchard: “You Shook Me All Night Long” & “River Deep Mountain High” (Sweden, 2013)

Lasse Holm’s “Diggiloo” Concert (25 August, 2013)

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Linda Pritchard – You’re Making Me Hot Hot Hot

This tune is immense! Its a shame that it’s not gonna win the whole damn thing! Let’s make it a hit anyway! The tune is available for purchase at P…

How to make a hole that is 15nm in diameter? My project for this year is water filtration,purification or treatment.I found that there is something called “the lifesaver” that filter the water through a holes that is 15 nano meter. i want to know how to do that, how to create something with holes of 15nm. please don’t tell me that this will coast a lot. because according to Michael pritchard(the inventor) this lifesaver isn’t expensive.there is something else.if anyone has an idea for a good project in water filtration,purification or treatment.please tell me 🙂 🙂

See and download Pritchard (Is It Me) sheet music

I don’t think you understood that concept – I’m pretty sure it’s not ‘a’ hole but several millions of them. That principle is used in basically all outdoor water filtration units – like Katadyn or MSR water works. Or reverse osmosis water purification systems. What you do is you find a certain ceramic material and manufacturing process that yields holes (or rather pores) of about the right size. How you do that is usually kept secret by the respective companies.
Do you understand what a nanometer is? Look it up, you wouldn’t be able to see that small.
How do you rate Tom Carroll and Andros Townsend? Easily the two brightest English prospects at Spurs, along with Pritchard but I wouldn’t expect many of you to have heard of him. So from what you’ve seen what do you make of them?
Total sh1t. They’ll be onloan warming the bench at Kidderminster or Northamptown this time in November.

Carroll nothing special doubt he’ll ever break the england squad tbh townsend is pretty good thought very direct!

Tom Carroll isn’t good enough, Townsend is a decent winger. Very good against weaker opposition, whether he can replicate it against better opposition is questionable.

How many more corrupt tories have lucrative moonlight jobs? Mark Pritchard MP (Con-The Wrekin) ex secretary of the Conservative 1922 Committee, has made the front page of the Telegraph today for offering his services to influence the Government, for hundreds of thousands of pounds to journalists posing as industrialists in Malta!How many more high profile tories are up to these tricks?
Almost all MPs have second jobs. That’s why parliament works late into the wee small hours – traditionally so that the legal profession can do their court work, then go to vote in parliament.It badly needs reform, but no-one dares face the lawyers.

They all have some type of “directorship” where they can turn up once a month and get paid thousands of pounds. Politics is corrupt to the core, very few honest politicians

Not confined to any one party. ALL Politicians of every colour have a secondary job. Some are more open about it than others but all have somewhere else to go if they suddenly lose their seat. I also vividly recall a load of Labour MP’s caught up in “cash for lobbying” cases very recently.

I don’t know all the ins and outs.But firstly if he is elected to Parliament isn’t his job to influence Government.What do you want a Politician to do, make your mind up, do they have influence or don’t they if they don’t what do you wish them to do.Secondly, all those saying Politicians are corrupt, all you are doing is showing your ignorance.And those shouting loudest are obviously corrupt themselves, so are gross hypocrites.And it is just Tories is it.No they are the cleanest of the lot, Labour was so full of hypocrisy and hubris they were voted out.

I suspect every single one of them.on some level or the other!Lobbying an MP is a very lucrative MP side line. Your posted example shows this ‘clown’ claims he has done nothing matter he was filmed spouting on about the benefits of ‘his services/influence etc’.for a payment price – which is not allowed within the MP rulings.The arrogance of this + these other self serving political carpetbaggers – especially when caught out – is staggering.Just imagine the numbers of other MP’s doing the ‘same thing’ that have ‘not yet’ been exposed.If this political clown is not censured by the investigating committee – it will prove ‘yet again’ that the UK political system is just a ‘private self serving club’.The political ‘gravy train ride’ just keeps on rolling along.

I would say most of the tories, history shows that they tend to get more “Chancers” in their ranks, and nowadays many on the Labour Benches are looking for opportunities, the Lib Dims are embracing the tory sleaze train and the Ukippers are up to their knecks in bogus expenses fiddles in Europe, so the only answer is the Communist Party and the Socialist Workers, well apart from their coverups of sexual harassment that is, so, errrrm, vote independent.VOTE FOR ANYONE BUT YOUR SITTING MP IN 2015.

About the same as the number of corrupt labour pigs.Did the expenses scandal teach you nothing.? Maybe you lefties should stop calling the telegraph the torygraph? What next the mirror admitting that gordon the genius might actually have not been so clever after all.

Probably far fewer than from the Labour backbenches. Remember that most of the MPs named and shamed for claiming improper expenses were Labour.

How much time do they spend looking after their constituency problems? Th is is an ‘A’ political question bearing in mind that Mark Pritchard (MP for Wrekin) is a part of an”all party parliamentary group”? Is this why so few MPs can be seen on live TV from the House of Commons. Why on earth are they involved in places like Albania, Hungary, Japan and the Dominican Republic? Surely we already have Ambassadors and staff in place in those countries who are also being paid by US ?
Benches looked empty yesterday during a “10 minute Bill” Helen S. Our MP (Young Tory Boy – and VERY capable) spends loads of time in his constituency. A LWAYS replies to my texts/emails and may be found at weekends opening fetes and dealing with urgent matters for constituents. Very pleasantly surprised by the dedication shown from a relatively young man.True though. The prime requirement of a MP is to represent his constituents.

Gawd only knows. what they get up to, Helen.If we have ‘all party’ groups with special ‘interests’ in places like Albania – one can only assume it’s continuing the EXPENSES racket.Whereby – ‘paired-off MPs’ (Con/Dim-Leb/Lab) can find an excuse to ABSENT themselves from our House of Commons – to visit such places – on some sort of BOGUS trip – investigating ‘points of common interest’ we we have Albanians.It’s a neat way of tacking a holiday jolly on to supposed Parliamentary ‘business’ – with a CHUNK of the travel and hotel costs borne by tax-payers.And all the jollier – if Wives/WAGs/Others can be justifiable Secs/PAs/research assistants – on the same 10 day TRIP.Cheaper than Thomsons ; ) and even Thomas COOK !Aren’t our MPs clever ?

Not enough. Every other Saturday?As for working parties on Albania. Ridiculous.No wonder Blair is promising to get them into the EU he no doubt has ‘friends’ in this and other groups.

They don’t. I can think of a few ‘career’ politicians who spend all their time chairing committees and do sweet FA for their constituents. They do this at their peril.My own MP lost her seat for faffing about too much with her post at the Home Office and was replaced by someone who at least takes the time and trouble to resolve local issues and understands rather better what her mandate is.