Tony Banks Interview October 14, 1986

Here’s a nice little one on one interview with Tony during the Invisible Touch tour on October 14, 1986. It kinda ends abruptly though… Artwork credit: Kri…

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Phil Collins – Invisible Touch

No the title is not wrong. This is a solo-performance of “Invisible Touch” by Phil Collins as bonus-performance on some additional shows in 2005 of the First…

On this day in 1950, Mike Rutherford [Genesis] was born? >>Michael John Cleote Crawford Rutherford (born 2 October 1950 in Guildford, Surrey) is an English musician. He is a founding member of Genesis, initially as a bassist and backup vocalist. In later incarnations of Genesis, he assumed the role of lead guitarist. He is one of only two constant members in Genesis (the other being keyboardist Tony Banks). He also fronts Mike + The Mechanics. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Genesis in 2010. <<Now, for those of you who have no idea who Genesis is.. well, I'll explain in my own words then post an actual description. They're a progressive rock band (among those who headed the early movement of the genre), and often regarded as one of the best progressive rock bands of all time (at least, until they started putting out love songs 24/7).– Genesis are an English rock band that formed in 1967. The band currently comprises the longest-tenured members Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks. Past members Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett also played major roles in the band in its early years. Genesis are among the top 30 highest-selling recording artists of all time with approximately 150 million albums sold worldwide –Well, yeah. Genesis is among my favorite bands, and Mike Rutherford is up there in prog-bassists. MQ: Favorite Genesis tracks?MQ2: Favorite Genesis albums?BQ: Have you ever been to see a Genesis concert? (I really would've loved to see them in the early-mid '70s.. but I'm only 16. :/)BQ2: What is your favorite era of Genesis? (They've had a bunch)BQ3: What is your favorite classic progressive rock band? (Excluding Pink Floyd)BQ4: How many sheep does it take to change a light bulb?BQ5: Why do the brains of sheep have no value to scientists?BQ6: You wake up. You're blind – and you're told it's permanent. What would you miss the most?

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mq:no son of mine,mamamq2:i cant dancebq:no same age as you.bq2:mike,tony,phil(kill me i prefer the pop era sorry Troy)bq3:Rushbq4:ten?bq6:idkbq6:not being able to see

MQ: Looking For SomeoneThe Musical BoxSupper’s Ready (+Horizons)The Lamb Lies Down on BroadwayThe Carpet CrawlersDancing with the Moonlit KnightFirth of FifthCan-Utility and the CoastlinersThe Cinema ShowDuskMQ2: Selling England and Trespass. But everything from Trespass to The Lamb is amazing, and after that they were still pretty good until Hackett left.BQ: Nope, I also would’ve loved to see Peter Gabriel in all his crazy costumes.BQ2: Trespass to The Lamb.BQ3: Probably YesBQ4: One to change the lightbulb, and 20 to follow it blindly?BQ5: I’m pretty sure they do to some scientists, like neurobiologists or something.BQ6: Besides seeing? Maybe being able to read, but then they do have Braille. I could probably get used to doing many of the things I normally do without sight, and a nice seeing-eye monkey can help me out with everything else. OK, so I guess looking at girls.

MQ: Favorite Genesis tracks? land of confusion,no son of mine,I cant dance,congoMQ2: Favorite Genesis albums?turn it on again the hits and invisible touchBQ: Have you ever been to see a Genesis concert? yeah I was not born but watch the live dvd’s.such amazing drumming BQ2: What is your favorite era of Genesis? 1999. 1986 BQ3: What is your favorite classic progressive rock band? roxy music,whitesnakeBQ4: How many sheep does it take to change a light bulb? none they dont have thumbs, BQ5: Why do the brains of sheep have no value to scientists? because they sleep better? BQ6: You wake up. You’re blind – and you’re told it’s permanent. What would you miss the most?I think i’d miss the stars and i’d miss my vision

My favor album would be The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway: given all the overt literary rferences of Selling England By The Pound, along with their taste for epic suites such as “Supper’s Ready,” it was only a matter of time before Genesis attempted a full-pledged concept album, and 1974’s The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway was a massive rock opera, the winding, wielding story of a Puerto Rican hustler name Rael making his way in New York City. Peter Gabriel made some tentative moves toward developing this story into a movie with William Friedkin but it never took off, perhaps it’s just as well, even with the lengthy libretto included with the album, the story never makes sense.But just because the story is rather impenetrable doesn’t that the album is as well, because it is a forceful, imaginative piece of work that showcases the original Genesis lineup at peak. Even if the story is rather hard to piece together, the album is set up in a remarkable fashion, with the first LP being devoted to pop-oriented rock songs and the second being largely devoted to instrumentals. This means that The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway contains both Genesis’ most immediate music to date and its most elliptical. Depending on a listener’s taste, they may gravitate toward the first LP with its tight collection of ten rock songs, or the nightmarish landscapes of the second, were Rael descends into darkness ad ultimately redemption [or so it would seem], but there’s little question that the first album is far more direct than the second and it contains a number of masterpieces, from the opening fanfare of the title song, to the surging “In The Cage”, from the frightening “Back In NYC” to the soothing conclusion “The Carpet Crawlers.” In retrospect the first LP plays a bit more like the first Gabriel solo album than the final Genesis album, but there’s also little question that the band helps form and shape this music [ with Bian Eno adding extra coloring on occasion], while Genesis shines as a group on the impressionistic second half. In evey way, it’s a considerable, lasting achievement and it’s little wonder that Peter Gabriel had to to leave the band after this reocord, they had gone as far as they could go together, and could never top this extraordinary album.Some of my favorite songs would be.Lamb Lies Down On Broadway genesis – The Lamia – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway No Son Of Mine Can’t Dance, Tonight, Tonight Touch On The Corner Reply At All He Knows Me. yes back in the early 70sBQ2: the 70sBQ3: Frank Zappa, King CrimsonBQ4: I don’t know, please tell me.BQ5: Again please tell me so.BQ6: my grandchildrentake caredave