Into White – Cat Stevens (lyrics)

Into White by Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) with lyrics. The videos are taken in Edinburgh on my way back to England. If you like it pls give it thumbs up! Enjoy…

Online source: Into White (Cat Stevens) sheet music

Cat Stevens Into White

What are your thoughts on one night stands with someone who has a small penis? Im 3.5 to 4 inches erect. Kinda ugly looking penis I guess on top of it being small. I am a very good looking guy though. Nice muscles,hair etc. I have girls tell me how bad they want me when I go out. Some even are willing to cheat on current boyfriends with me. Im still a virgin though. I want to have sex really bad and dont want to miss out on life being scared of rejection because of my size. What are your thoughts on one night stands/booty calls with women when your that small. I want to have fun like everyone elese and dont want to miss out anymore on life. I can either get rejected or at least have sex. If I choose to never do this ill never have sex and miss out. it be embarrasing being rejected though. Any advice. Ladies do you care if you get with a guy whos smaller and are never going to see him again for a one night stand/booty call?Shelley add you personal opinion. Honesty is appreciated.

Online source: Into White (Cat Stevens) sheet music

learn about women and how to turn them onyou don’t need any penis to arouse a woman ( but penis is nice also)kiss her all over overwhisper to herlisten to her breathingtouch her gentlyand make love to all of herfollow her cuesby the time you get to intercourse she will be ready to explode.

Presumably you have never manually stimulated a woman either. 1 or 2 fingers works just fine. With this in mind, and the fact that the most sensitive parts of the female sexual anatomy are external, not buried down by the cervix, you really have nothing to worry about.

Man good looking. That’s a plus. Dicks don’t really matter. There are other ways to please a woman. Honestly dicks don’t last long enough to enjoy anyway. Just be good at puss Li ckin and master the arts of using your fingers my man.

I’m not into (O.N.S.) my boyfriend is just under 4 inches (erect) and he turns me inside out. (I wouldn’t have it any other way).He really loves me, and I’ll have no other man in my life!

I think all genitalia is ugly looking lol. You don’t look at a v*g or a d*ck and think “Oh, it’s so pretty”.I don’t think penis size matters much to be honest. In one study, over 80% of women agreed that men place too much importance on size. Here’s my opinion: As long as you’re not TOO big or TOO small, it’s fine. Keep in mind that fingers alone can induce noise neighbours complain about, so size isn’t THAT big of an issue in terms of being “too small”. If a think, small finger can do a good job, you don’t need to worry about size. Also keep in mind that there is too much of an emphasis put on vaginal sex. Clitoral stimulation makes the entire process a lot faster. Some girls can’t orgasm without it. Ask what kind of foreplay and how much helps. I mean, if you’re only seeing the person once, there’s no issue with being direct, right?

I have a feeling you want me to tell you to go for it. If you write back in the additonal details box that you do really want my personal opinion, I will add to my answer here. If you write that you do not want my opinion, or don’t mention me at all, I will come back later and delte my answer.

yeah if a guys is sexy in most other aspects it should not really matter to most girls πŸ™‚ don’t worry too much about being rejected seem confident and in the dark it wont matter πŸ˜‰

If you know what you’re doing in bed, and make sure she is sexually satisfied by the end, I don’t think she will pay too much attention to your penis size or shape.

Depends how good looking you are, if its for a one night stand that is kind of all that matters.Unless it is with someone you know then personality counts.You should of added a pic. Pic or it isn’t true lol

James,In my honest opinion, all I can say is that I would be feeling pretty scared, upset, concerned, and heartbroken by your words and current thoughts if you were to be my future husband. I may not be a guy, but I may be on the same page as you are; I’m a 22 year old virgin who is horny as hell.However, in spite of my feelings, I have learned (through God’s grace) to not allow my sexual feelings to overpower me, for I know that sex is replaceable, and love is irreplaceable.When one allows the act of sex to be independent on love, that person also allows their heart and mind to be consumed by lust and selfishness. Think about addition, who says that the only way to enjoy life is by having sex? The idea of putting and defining all of your enjoyment in ONE, any action is ridiculous! I suggest you to listen to Cat Stevens when he says, “there’s a million things to do, You know that there are”. In the end, however, you have to ask yourself what YOU truly desire and hope for YOURSELF in the LONG RUN. Lastly, about your penis size, don’t worry about it. In the great words of Barry White, “it ain’t what you got, babe [.] it’s how you use it”. Personally, I wouldn’t care about your size, and you should never allow that to define your overall value as a human being. Also, I think A LOT more good can come from your size than bad, but I won’t get into that because then i’ll being talking very inappropriately lolGood luck and have strength. I’ll be praying 4 ya

Don’t stress about penis size at all, SO over rated. Media and porn have socialized men to believe their penis’ have to be huge, but most chicks are way more concerned with how you can please her with clit stimulation for th most part. The absolute majority of women get off through their clit, not their vagina, so don’t stress over your penis – focus on stuff like giving oral pleasure, using your hands, foreplay etc. THAT is what will make you a successful lover. Penis’ and vulvas all come in different shapes and sizes the same way the rest of our bodies do, we are all unique and beautiful. Learn to be a pro at eating a girl out, most won’t really care about what you have between your legs πŸ˜›