Innuendo – Queen – Guitar solo w/ tab

Argentinian guitarrist Gustavo Eiriz playing it on a nylon guitar the middle part of the song.

Downloadable sheet music: Queen: Innuendo (B. May)

Brian May @ Wembley – Solo


Queen – Those were the days of our lives | What album? Besides Innuendo, what other album is this amazing song on by Queen?ThanksThe Pmiester

Downloadable sheet music: Queen: Innuendo (B. May)

it’s on greatest hits 3 stone cold classics (limited)Queen/Geroge Michael – five live also on the platinum collection

Stephen Lloyd Queen: A Guitar Accolade 2004 George Michael Queen Five Live 1993 Nigel Planer Queen We Will Rock You: Rock Theatrical [Bonus Track] 2003 Soundtrack Queen Queen Classic Queen 1992 Rock Composed by: Queen Queen Queen Classic Queen 1992 Rock Composed by: Queen Queen Queen Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert [DVD] 2002 Rock Composed by: Queen Queen Queen Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 1999 Rock Composed by: Queen Queen Queen Innuendo 1991 Rock Composed by: Queen Queen Queen Platinum Collection, Vol. 1-3 2001 Rock Composed by: Queen Queen Queen Return of the Champions [DVD] 2005 Rock Composed by: Queen Queen Queen Return of the Champions 2005 Rock Composed by: Queen Queen Queen Stone Cold Classics 2006 Rock Composed by: Queen Queen Bohemian Rhapsody 1992 Rock Queen Jewels, Vol. 2 2005 Rock Queen Made in Heaven/Innuendo 2002 Rock Lisa Stansfield Queen Biography [Germany Bonus CD] 2003 R&B Composed by: Queen Lisa Stansfield Queen Biography 2003 R&B Composed by: Queen Barry Williams John Deacon . Return of Johnny Bravo 1999 Rock Composed by: John Deacon, May, Brian, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor Deacon, John Richard . Queen of Rock: Electronic Tribute to Queen 2001 Rock Composed by: Deacon, John Richard, May, Brian Harold, Freddie Mercury, Taylor, Roger Meddows Deacon, May . We Will Rock You [Original Soundtrack] 2005 Soundtrack

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Queen Rarities/Demos? How many Queen rarities/demos are there? and of what albums? I know for example that there are some demos from ‘The Miracle sessions’ so are there any others and what about rare tracks/b sides? and where are they normally downloaded from? any queen experts out there? lol
Wow! What a question! LOLI’m not a Queen expert by any means, but I do loves me some Queen!First of all, let’s try to define rarities. Most rarities are just a variation of the released song.or a concert that Queen felt wasn’t good enough for public release.or bits and pieces of finished songs. Most rarities out there are bootlegs and they are as vast as the ocean. Some bootlegs are easier to find than others, but that doesn’t make them official. Also, what is rare in one country, may not be considered rare in another. The Miracle sessions are bootlegs and kind of hard to find, but they are out there. There are also Innuendo sessions, Hot Space name it! Most of Freddie’s rarities were released on his 12 disc solo collection. Most “B’ sides are still only available as that.”B” sides.unless you find bootlegs.I’m going to give you a couple of sites. Do with them what you will. Also check out ebay. LOTS of bootlegs on out “The Queenring” on the net.

Not only of “The miracle” sessions there are even some rarities from “Queen”, for example “Mad the swine” or “My silver salmon”, from “Queen II” the song “see what a fool I’ve been” is other example (reminds me Led Zeppelin) you can fin’em at youtube, but I don’t know if you can download them.P.D. Excuse for my english, is not so good as I’d like.