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You can download the score from the video: Vai – Incantation

Steve – Vai -Incantation (Astoria)

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Hinduism – Why the Crows are referred our ancestors? What about other birds? Please for Nature Sake – Avoid UNWANTED Answers. And This question is not for Anti believers of GOD.

You can download the score from the video: Vai – Incantation

Crow was considered as ancestors as they are readily available at our door step and the basis of this is to feed the bird which calls u for its food. The sounds of the other birds are different as when it is of crow it calls u as if like a name. I am sorry if I dnt tell u exactly wht u expected

Friend,In Sanatana dharma certain trees , birds, serpents, animals etc are treated to have special qualities.In trees we worship Biwam, Aswattam, neem, Banyanand usiri ( Amalaka) trees to name some.And Tulsi plant is so sacred.Similarly in birds GARUDA and CROW are having special qualities.In serpents we worship NAGA RAJA (COBRA).In Animals we worship COWS and OXEN AND ELEPHANTS .There are REASONS FOR DOING SO.But let us limit to CROWS.Garuda Puraanam says Vaayasam to have a special part in the Shraaddha karmaas and pitru Karmaas.A crow , when any other Crow dies due to electrocution etc (accidentallY), in minutes hundreds of Crows gather and circle round the dead crow , CROWING HEAVILY.After ten or fifteen minutes ALL OF THE CROWS LEAVE AND GO TO A WATER POND OR A RIVER OR A TANK NEAR BY , AND TAKE SEVERAL DIPS ( TAKE BATH) AND LEAVE THE PLACE.No other bird does so.In Shraaddha karmaas we are told that the Pitru devatas ( the depated ancesters) , father, grand father and great grand father ( we take three generations as said in scriptures, are present in CROWS ( Avaahana )and we offer vaayasa PINDAM.The crows come and eat it.Probably that may be the reason for saying what you said.Only CROW alone is supposed to have the Pitru devataa aavaahana , during that time.

Hi Lets us start with Navagraha, you might have observed that the priest in the temple does offering to Lord Shani and the vahanam on which rides around the earth is through crow. Lord Shani is the other name of Yaman who accepts all the rituals done by us to our forefathers in other words pithur-dharpanam.As Yaman is the executer of death to human’s and he keeps an account. There is a reason and story for this, till the period of Ramayana or Thretha yuga everyone could offer their offering’s or rituals to forefathers directly on the day of their death every year and they (forefathers) would come and collect them too , this a a method of getting all the blessings from them directly , it is also said that till then the human beings were able to know the correct and wrong doings of last 1 years through their forefathers and correct their mistakes if any committed. What happened in Ramayana is that Bharathan done the last rituals to King Dasharatha as Rama was in exile which as per Hindu system to be done by the eldest son.It is also said that the exact star on which King Dhasharatha died was properly known by Bharathan and on return from exile Rama learned it and performed the ritual on the exact day On completion of rituals Lord Rama awaited to see his father whom he haven’t saw on his death bed or the body. He awaited for hours long but his father haven’t appeared before the rituals, assuming that his father is totally dissatisfied of him he was about to return to palace to ask to saints and his guru’s, the reason for his father not to appear before him, as he started walking he heard a voice to stop and it was King Dhasaratha before him, Lord Rama enquired him, does he done any wrong to his father and all those stories of the reason of not able to do these rituals properly and correctly and timely , hearing this King Dasharathan said that nothing wrong is committed whereas he was happy with the rituals, then the next question came from lord Rama was why King haven’t appeared as the rituals was completed , he conveyed that whereas Bharathan who was also performing the same rituals along these years was also performing it in the other side of the river he had to visit him first and was discussing with him so the time went off. Hearing this Rama got angry and spelled that no father or forefathers should appear before the children on the rituals or offerings thereafter, he regretted for the spell he pronounced and discussed with his father, what could be done, he called Yaman/Shani and asked for the solution and it was said by Shani that as Lord himself has spelled it can’t he revoked so forefathers would not be able to come thereafter directly to collect the offerings and rituals anymore and Shani could come on their behalf as suggested by King Dasharatha, it was expressed by Shani/Yaman a difficulty to be present and collect the offering by the children to their forefather hence nominated its Vahanam – Crow to be present.Hence the Hindu’s offer to crow and wait for them to take these offering to their fore fathers.

Crow is not as fearful as other birds from human being. When some one die, why other birds are comming to take food ? Atma or self which are without body can easily temporarily can come in crow beacuse of nature of crow is the most suitable among all birds with humanity. Keep in contact to for journey on spiritual path.

Where does it say that crow are our ancestors ?Please provide the source and till then stop making hinduism a subject of mockery

Crows are affectionate to us.It visit us regularly in the morning.may be so its called.Some sweet birds comes to sing the morning praising songs.Now a days crows do not clean backside of house eating leftovers.It wants Biryani .lols

Crow is the vahana of shani who represents the karmas of past.We are indebted to our ancestors who have given us birth. so offering food to crow is regardes as appeasing the hunger of ancestors where ever and which ever form they are reborn.

Sangalikita Smiriti gives instruction to give Vayasa Pinda to crow and then only the pitrus get the satisfaction. Apastamba Sutra or the Bodhayana Sutra like Grihya Sutras give details to perform Srardha and give direction on Vayasa Pinda. In Valmiki Ramayana, Uttara Kanda, there is a story about the crow’s right to eat the offering of rice to Pitrus. 1) Vayasa Pinda (Crow food):‘agnau hutena devasca svargastha vipra bhojanah !yamasthah pinda danena manusha bhuri bhojanat !!ucchishthena pisacadyah narakah vikirena tu !ajnatah kakapindena sraddhe trupyanti saptadha !!’Seven types of persons get satisfied by performance of Sraddham:(i) Devas by homa done in Agni(ii) Pitrus in svarga by Brahmana Bhojanam(iii) Pitrus in pitruloka by Pinda Danam(iv) People by Anna Danam(v) Pisachas by Ucchishtha(vi) Those in naraka by Vikira Annam(vii) Unknown relatives by vayasa pinda.2) Crow Sanskrit Names:??? kaaga ??? kaaka ????vaayasa,???????balibhojana,??????balibhoja, ??????? balibhuj ???????? balipusta ?????????? grhabalibhuj ????????? taamraaksa, ????karatii,?????bhaavanaa, ????????? prahrstaka, ?????? nagabhid, ????????anyabhrt, ??????malabhuj, ???ali,??????rathajvara,?????????? krsnazakuni, ???????????nimittakrt, ????????vanavaasin,???????cakrin, ????????paatratira, ???karaTa,??????ghuukaari, ??????????dirghaayus, ????? krsna and many more!3) AKA (CROW). (i) Origin: Kasyapa was the son of Marici, who was the son of Brahma. Kasyapa’s wife Tamra had many daughters like Kaki, Sven!, Bhasi, Grdhrka, Suki and Griva. From Kaki were born the crows in the world. (Agni Purana, Chapter 19) . (ii) Crows—the symbol of sin: There is a reference in Siva Purana to this. Long ago the King of Kasi had a daughter named Kalavati. Even in her youth, she received the “Saiva pancaksara mantra.” After that, she was married by Dasarha, King of Mathura, who was a sinner. Whcn he touched Kalavati who was a holy woman, he experienced unbearable heat. Kalavati said that it was because of the King’s sir. So she took Dasarha to the sage Garga, who purified Dasarha with his mantras (incantations) and made him stand in water. At once the King’s sins came out of his body in the shape of crows. Some of them flew away. Many of them fell down with their wings burnt. Seeing this, the sage Garga said that all those crows were the volume of sins accumulated in the course of the innumerable births through which he had passed. (Siva Purana, Pancdksara Mahatmya). (iii) Crow and Rice-offerings:In Uttara Ramayana there is a story about the crow’s right to eat the offering of rice to Pitrus. Once a King named Marutta performed a Mahesvara sattra. Indra and other gods attended the sattra. Hearing about this, Ravana came that way. Valmiki Ramayana, Book 7, Chapter 18, Verse 5:5″??????? ????? ???????? ???????? ?? ????? ??????? ?????????? ???? ?? ????? ????” ‘indro mayurah samvrtto dharmarajas tu vayasah krkalaso dhanadhyakso hamso vai varuno ‘bhavat’ The frightened gods took the forms of different birds. Indra took the form of peacock. Yama escaped the attention in the form of a crow. Kuber took the form of chameleon. Varuna took the form of Royal Swan. From that time, Yama was pleased with crows. ?? ? ???????????? ?? ?????? ????????????? ???? ?????? ?? ??????? ?? ?????????? ????????? ye ca madvisayasthas tu manava? k?udhayarditah tvayi bhukte tu trptas te bhavisyanti sabandhavah’When human beings suffering from hunger, if you are fed / eating, those people become happy as if they have (met and fed) all his relatives (past and present). He gave a blessing that in future, when human beings worship the pitrs by offering rice to them, the crows will have the right to eat that rice. Thus the right of the crows to eat offerings of rice, originated from that time.Read Chapter 18 at; Reference, Book, Personal Collection:Srimad Valmiki Ramayana, Uttara Kandam, P S Krishnaswamy Iyer, Published by R Subramanya Vadhyar & Sons, Palghat, Year of publication: 1941, Pages 151 & 157 , Total pages 734.

Congrats for coming with a great question. some details are not known. Because of you members, it is a chance for us to know the details for which i again thank you.

Crows shown for unity. Crows never take food alone but call other crows to take part in taking food. In fact, Crows are among the most intelligent birds in the world. The crows are misunderstood for centuries and this episode shade lights on their intelligent. Please notice several points in the episodes about the Crows ability to make tools and use it; raise their children in systematic manners; live in social environment and mourn the death of their loved ones like humans. I wonder if our forefathers study the behaviors of Crows? Why did they choose Crows and no other bird? According to the ancient Hindu beliefs the Crows are the linkage between the dead and living humans. Few days ago were the days of “SHRADH”; an offering of food to the Crows so they can take it to our dead relatives. Believe it or not, Crows normally do not visit our yard but we have seen them come and eat our food during “Shradh”. There are many examples that if crows give sound, it is symbolizing that a guest will come.Animals and Birds occupy an important place in Hinduism. They are frequently mentioned in Hindu myths and legends and enjoy a place of their own in Hindu pantheon as vehicles of many gods and goddesses, as divinities and also as incarnations or aspects of Vishnu or Siva. They embellish and beautify Hindu decorative art and temple architecture, adorning the outer walls and towers of temples as objects of beauty or being installed inside as objects of veneration. Kag Puja, also known as Kag Parva, or worship of crows is the first day of Diwali or Tihar festival in Nepal. This day is dedicated to worship crows. ==========Trisha===================

It is a stupid belief of the centurySingapore has also plenty of Indians/TamiliansYou will not find a single crow anywhere in living areasCrows(our ancestors) are shot dead since they make the vehicles and the city dirty with their shit

What type of answer you need? There are so many foolish quotes in holy books. If you want to become an Emporer, you simply climb the tree named ‘Angola’ and pray to Vishnu, it is written. Think logical and avoid nonsense.