Rory Gallagher – The beat club sessions 1971-72

Rory Gallagher – The beat club sessions 1971-72 01 – Laundromat 02 – Hands up 03 – Sinnerboy 04 – Just the smile 05 – Used to be 06 – In your town 07 – Sould…

Check out digitalized sheet music for R. Gallagher: Rory Gallagher: In Your Town

Rory Gallagher – Live in Europe 1972 [FULL ALBUM]. (1972)

Rory Gallagher Live in Europe Full Live Album. Released 1972. 00:00 01 – Messin’ With The Kid 06:26 02 – Laundromat 11:38 03 – I Could’ve Had Religion 20:12 …

Anybody else love that band called “The Script”? I’m loving all their songs so far.

Check out digitalized sheet music for R. Gallagher: Rory Gallagher: In Your Town

I knew of them for a while (irish myself) used to think they were f*gs, saw them opening for U2 & changed my mind ever since.they’re a proper band who worked hard to get where they are now & are brilliant live.but here is 2 or 3 other irish bands that personally i prefer (Rory Gallagher easily being the best irish musician my country has produced & easily one of the most underrated guitarists)Imelda May-Johnny Got a Boom Boom (rockabilly this stuff rules for foot tapping) is getting HUGE internationally, recently she played at the grammys i think & Jeff Beck immediately wanted her to perform on his albums. Saw her live too she has a belter of a voiceThe Riptide Movement- Cry Cry Baby (rock fusion blues) manager produced The Doors & Rory Gallagher (not too sure for how long in each case) you can definitely hear the influences of both named bands up there in them though, they are slogging their A8sses off in town generally once a week performing live free open sets, always attract a huge crowd.Critics loved their first album over hereLaura Izibor-If Tonight Is My Last (piano R & B) dunno much about her to be honest apart from her being possibly the only irish R & B artist, very similar to Alicia Keys & supposedly the underground R & B community in America absolutely love her, she has won a few ”upcoming artist of the year” awards***************FINALLY, Rory Gallagher. the quotes alone that i post are enough of a testament of his skills, alongside Rolling Stones wanting him in their band, & him being a very talented musician on over 6 instruments & Him selling 30 million records without ever releasing a single, his famous Stratocaster has a fairy-tale story of its own (eg the paint on it got peeled off from him playing 2+ hour gigs over 200+ days a year, his sweat alongside it being stolen once peeled its paint. The neck on it also got warped from his sweat being absorbed, eventually he re-connected it after leaving it in his apartment to ”dry off”)Rory Gallagher- Too Much Alcohol (acoustic slide VERY catchy) Gallagher- Walk On Hot Coals (ROCK, the 5 minute solo isn’t as good as the ”irish tour” solo, but jesus christ this rules & it highlights the bands chemistry)”Rory’s death really upset me. I heard about it just before we went on stage, and it put a damper on the evening” Jimmy Page (Led Zep)“ One of the things that was crucial for me I got from Rory Gallagher, which was the idea of, like, being a guitar player for life and living it ” Johnny Marr (The Smiths)”The man who got me back into the blues” -Eric Clapton (Yardbirds Cream etc)always the same guy, never wanted to be starry just wanted to play music, the purest kind of musician he was. And i dont know if this sounds Corny or whatever but its the absolute truth- i never met anybody like him- Never. he taught me humility & dedication & reinforced my belief that this (guitarist) really was a proper job. i owe him my sound” – Brian May (Queen)

Who are your top 5 “BLUES” voices in rock and links are appreciated? 1 – Janis Joplin – nobody sings the Blues like her – not in Rock anyway.Ball and – Eric Burdon – best voice ever in rock in my opinion.Tobacco – A Young Rod StewartAn Old Raincoat Won’t Let You – Robert PlantWhen The Levee – Roger Daltry is not truly Buesy but I think he deserves a mention anyway because he proves he can sing the Blues on this song.I’m a
HEY! I beg to differ! The Who had their roots in R&B and Roger had a FANTASTIC blues voice!! My 6, not necessarily in this order:1. Roger Daltrey (sounding like a 50 year old black man):”Bald Headed Woman”″Shakin’ All Over””Young Man Blues” Rory Gallagher”Bullfrog Blues” Johnny Winter”Mean Town Blues” Bonnie Raitt”Love Me Like A Man” George Thorogood”Bad To the Bone” SRV”The Sky is Crying”, Mike, that’s 6 I can’t narrow it down any more than that, as it is I left off Paul Butterfield and James Cotton! And yeah, Janis was a fantastic blues shouter, I LOVE that song!

Hey now Mike. Gregg Allman (Allman Brothers)

Agree with Janis, Stevie Ray, Eric Burdon and Johnny Winter and I’ll add Joe

Gregg Allman”Trouble No More” Youlden (Savoy Brown)”Train to Nowhere” Joplin”Summertime” Spencer (Fleetwood Mac)”Shake Your Moneymaker” Ray Vaughan”The Sky is Crying”

Only five? Grrrr!Joe Cocker ~ Black Eyed Morrison ~ Baby Please Don’t Turner ~ Undercover Agent For the Dewar of Robin Trower ~ Messin the George ~ Apolitical

Good evening Mike :)Maggie Bell {Stone the Crows}’One Five Eight’ Plant’Dazed and Confused’ Brooks {Vinegar Joe}’It’s Getting to the Point’[w. Robert Palmer]Peter Green {Fleetwood Mac}’Oh Well’’The Green Manalishi.’ Palmer’Early in the Morning’ did an entire Blues album!’Am I Wrong’

You really know how to FORCE me to answer, don’t you?I won’t do an “order” because then I’ll be that much closerto commiting, an’ then we’ll all be sorry cuz as you well know,it’ll become an 8,000-word essay and.*rolls eyes*Suffice this.Jagger.”Down In The Hole” off the Stones’ Emotional Rescue album.Also: “Ventilator Blues,” “Love In Vain,” and “Long Long While”.authenticisimo!!Plant.”Tea For One” off the Zeppelin’s Presence album.Too: “I Can’t Quit You, Baby,” “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” and “Bring It On Home”.Rod Stewart.”Blues DeLuxe” off Jeff Beck’s Truth album.Hear also: “Ol’ Man River,” “You Shook Me,” and “Rock Me, Baby”Listen to ALL of Truth, and you’ll discover a new major apprish for Rod the Mod.Eric Clapton.”Double Trouble”.off his 1980 touring release Just One Night.Check especially these as well: “Early In The Morning” and “Worried Life Blues”.John Fogerty.”I Put A Spell On You”.off ?Yeah, the depth and sincerity in this one are just unnerving!! Every time I hear it.