In The Still Of The Night – Al Bowlly

In The Still Of The Night – Al Bowlly / Cole Porter Lots of people argue about who sings the song. ill just mention both.

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In The Still of The Night – Cole Porter – Artie Shaw & Orchestra (78 rpm)

Hi friends This record came from the Eastlight Box Set which I found on ebay and contained 12 gems this is one of them. Label: Parlophone Artist: Artie Shaw …

As a Night porter. Is it a legal requirement for 2 porters to be working the hotel night shift at any one time? I work at a big chain hotel as a night porter. Sometimes there is only 1 porter on Duty throughout the night & it is a 91 room, 3 star hotel.Is this legal? Does ther have to be 2 porters on duty thoughoput the night 7 days a week?

Download and print PDF scores of Porter (In The Still Of The Night)

No there does not, most hotels have just the one night porter. If you think your work load is unfair for one person, maybe talk to management and raise the issue.
try asking a third time, but you will get the same answers
No. The only exception could be if there was an unusual risk, say of evacuating guests from an old building, or some other Health & Safety risk assessment suggested two must be present.

i work in a hotel and am looking for the same answers to the question u have asked, i have been told there only has to be 2 porters on if there is over 100 guests inhouse overnight. but what i have found out is you by law need a medical once every year and also fire trainning every 3 months which i have never had having worked in a hotel over 3 years now.

Has anybody been a kitchen/night porter on a ski season? I’ve been offered an interview as a kitchen/night porter for the coming ski season. I am currently a kitchen porter locally, and am not the biggest fan of the job. I was wondering if anyone had had the same/similar role for a ski season, and whether or not they enjoyed it or wouldn’t do it again or anything? Any advice appreciated, Thanks!!
You should ask for a job descriptionHere are

hey Angus. guess whatbefore enlightenment you chop wood and carry waterafter enlightenment you chop wood and carry waterget the ideadude. the whole idea of working a ski season is to ski. the working part is so you can afford to ski

do you need a night porter in a hotel with 7 rooms? what is the maximum amount of rooms you can have with out needing a night porter?
well, it is improtant to have someone like a porter or a bellboy to do the odd jobs from fetching water to delivering coffee and taking things from one place to another, you can only work in capacity of an administrator or a porter, you cannot be both as you will have to maintain the dignity of being the owner or running the place, you will look odd running around carrying luggage and playing guard and bell boy all at once and believe me you will be tired, your look will be spoiled, better to have someone for your peace of mindsee for more ideas on tourism and hotel management
You need SOMEBODY there during the night if only for safety.
Can a 17 year old apply for a night porter job? Night porter in hospitality. Delivering meals, etc to hotel rooms. Thought il’d ask before actually applying for it lol. Reason i ask is because I think theres a law that doesnt allow under 18s to work at certain times i.e. after 11 o’clock.Thanks for any answers
It might be possible to answer your question had you said where you are. Laws vary from state to state.

My employer is too dependant on me to work night shifts, what can I do? Hello, I work as a night porter in a small restaurant and hotel. Due to our original night porter falling terminally ill I had to take his place as I was the only other member of staff capable to do the night porter duties. On busy nights I am told I have to work from 18:00 until 08:30. Regardless weather or not I agree to do those hours. I am 21 and have been with the business almost three years. I worked as an apprentice, then I was offered a full time contract and now I have been promoted to night manager, yet I have not seen a wage increase. I am on the standard £6.19 for my age group. Firstly, I do not think it is fair that I am unable to request days off because they can not find cover for me. I have to work every single weekend as I am the only person who knows how to turn the function suit around and set it up for the next day. Apart from the manager but of course he has to be there all day. My boss tries to get his new apprentices to work nights. Of course, it is not for their benefit to be trained up, it’s just to save him money. I have been looking on the direct gov site at the rights I have and they seem to be breaching quite allot of them. I go away on holiday for a month in October and I really can not see myself wanting to return to work. I want to go and do a training course as cabin crew.I have got allot of money in my savings to help tide me over for a few months until I find another job, but would you recommend making this move? I still live with my parents and they don’t charge me rent or anything like that, despite me offering. I am just very, very lucky to have the parents I do. It has got to the point where work has started to take over my life and their is no balance. I am not happy working the long tiring hours I do for a wage as low as £6.19 per hour, especially for unsocial hours. I work about 45 hours per week and my job involves allot of physical strain as I am carrying heavy items around to get the rooms set up. Now I know allot of you are probably going to say (Oh you brat, I work 70+ hours a week! You think you’re hard done to) so before you comment with that RUBBISH, think of taking it somewhere else. No one I knows works over 40 hours a week and they certainly have more of a work life balance than me. I am an extremely hard working and dedicated person, but when I feel taken advantage of by my employer then something needs to be done. Thanks for reading.
If you don’t like the job, leave.Not sure what your age has to do with your pay. If you are a manager, demand manager wages. Your age is completely irrelevant.Ummmm. You are taking an entire month vacation? Wow!
Wait to find another job before leaving. Don’t forget : it’s you who run after work not the reverse.