Thanksgiving 2012 Fonseca’s Santiago Family

Dia de Accion de Gracias 2012.

Download sheet music pdf: In The Family – Fonseca

Thanksgiving 2012 Fonseca’s Santiago Family

Dia de accion de gracias 2012.

Any famous portuguese people in history? I found out my grandmother was half portuguese in doing family research. Im suppose to write a paper about important figures in history, and I would love to do one on someone portuguese. Does anyone know if there are famous portuguese figures from the early 1900s?

Download sheet music pdf: In The Family – Fonseca

Columbus wasn’t Portugese but there are tons of famous Portugese to focus on. You could focus on Manuel II who was the last king or anyone from the 5 October Revolution would work.

Columbus was Italian—The most famed Portuguese include:Vasco de Gama and Pedro Cabral – explorers.St. Antony of Lisbon – a patron saint of both Italy and PortugalNelly Furtado, David Lee Roth, and Katy Pery – singersCristiano Ronaldo – the best soccer player in the world. If you try to stop him, he just passes the ball onto someone else. Makes your entire team seem

There’s a huge list of famous Portuguese people.I’ll try and make a small list of Portuguese people ,from Portugal/America, from antiquity and present day.Portuguese-Europeans:Henry the Navigator: The most important figure during the Age of Discoveries.Ferdinand Magellan: An explorer who proved the world was round.Luis Váz de Camões: One of the greatest Poets, the world has ever known.Amália Rodrigues: Fado singer.Maria de Medeiros: An actress who starred in Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”.Manuel de Oliveira: The oldest Filmmaker alive.Cristiano Ronaldo: Awarded as the Best Football Player.José Mourinho: One of the best Football Coaches.Durão Barroso: The president of the European commission.Portuguese-Americans:John Philip de Sousa: Composed the infamous symphony “Stars and Stripes forever”.Steve Perry: The leader singer of the band, Journey.Kevin Correia: Baseball player.James Franco: Hollywood actor.Katy Perry: Singer.Nelly Furtado: Singer.Tom Hanks: Actor.Lyndsey Fonseca: Actress.Meredith Vieira: Jouranlist, TV Host.Famous Portuguese from

Family Day: Are trucking companies considered as a continuous operation? I work in the warehouse of a courier/trucking company in Ontario. I found out that we have to work on Family Day. I’m a permanent full-time employee.Therefore, should I get Family Day off or does my employer have the right to request that I work on Family Day.Thanks again
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What are red wines that last for years, wines that can be passed down through the generations? I know a lot of red wines go bad and white absolutely wont save for more than a couple years. I want to start a wine cellar I can pass down through the years. I want to stay around the fifty dollar mark on most red wines. I wouldn’t be against an expensive bottle here and there, but don’t want to go broke.Thank you for your answersI have been to company parties where the owner of the company will serve two hundred dollar bottles of wine. Wow, I just don’t have that kind of money, but they are great wines. I wish I could afford them. maybe I am better off drinking beer. lol. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.
silly buy your wine at the winery in multiple units.spend time with sommelierno matter what you do it IS a gamble

Cabernets, merlots, shiraz, red zinfandel (true red, not pink), ports are all reds that can be aged. But the varietal by itself is not reason whether to age or not. It all depends on the vineyard and their grapes. One good website is Search by a label to get a wine review- it will tell you whether that wine should be drunk now or if it’s best to wait. But as a general rule- the inexpensive reds are best for enjoyment now. For $50 bottles- I’d look it up and pay particular attention to the year because vineyards do have bad years. At that price range- you may be getting a reserve from a less expensive label or you could be getting the low-end from a highly-rated vineyard.

I know many of the mid to higher end Penfold’s reds hold up well (some mature in 10-15 years.some later). Talk to your local wine dealer for good advice on that. You can get them in the $25-$50 range.But I found you some info online that gives you a better idea of what to hold onto for a much longer time (there’s even a cool “vintage chart” to tell you what to focus on as “good years” ):Choosing Wines to Keep The year of your wedding or your only child’s birthday may have been a great one for Claret – if you’re lucky! A good Port may be a better choice. So often people buy inexpensive wines, probably sourced on holiday where they tasted great, only to find that after a year or two, at best they have lost their freshness or, at worst they have turned to vinegar. Sound familiar?Maturation is, after all, the gradual oxidisation of the wine and all wines will eventually oxidise given sufficient time. Whether this is 50 weeks or 50 years depends on:the style or the winethe quality of the harvestthe skill of the winemakerthe storage conditionsFor example, at the top end of the scale, the best Bordeaux Cru Classes from 1982 (a wonderful year) are only now coming of age and are superb, those from 1984 (a very poor year) are already past their best and were never great.However, for the budget conscious mortal who wants to build a personal cellar, know your vintage charts and buy at the best quality level you can afford from one of the better producers. ‘Reserva’ wines are so much better than their generic counterparts and represent much better value given that Excise Duty in Ireland is a fixed levy per bottle of still wine up to 15% alcohol (double for sparkling) regardless of the value. From: chart is at

French Bordeaux’s are you best bet, Go to a fine wine shop and let the manager help you pick out some.

Here’s a really important thing to consider: eventually, someone in your family will decide to open up the wine and share it with family and loved ones on a special occasion. Are they going to like the wine? There are a lot of red Bordeaux and Italian Barolos that will go the distance in terms of aging, but a fully mature Bordeaux or Barolo are not to everyone’s tastes. In fact if you are not used to drinking fully mature Bordeaux, you might find it a bit strange, and aged Barolo is somewhat of an acquired taste.Therefore, a safe bet would be to go with either a vintage Port or Sauternes from a great vintage. Both will age very well for decades and because they are sweet dessert wines, they tend to have wide appeal.Presently, vintage ports from the 2000 and 2003 vintages should be readily available. For $50 you should be able to buy the top end ones like Fonseca or Taylor Fladgate in half bottles. You’d either have to downgrade or pay a bit more money if you want a full 750 mL bottle.The 2001 vintage in Sauternes was a classic vintage, and a top Sauternes like Chateau Suduiraut, Chateau Rieussec, or Chateau Guiraud will cost you roughly $50 for a half bottle and will easily age 30 years.Good luck!