The Ford Story, The Beginning

The story of Ford Motor Company, The Beginning, how the automobile industry began. There are consecutive videos based on allotted time frame.

Online source: In The Beginning – Ford sheet music

In the beginning – Robben Ford

What good exhaust company makes dual mufflers for a 2003 Ford Ranger? I got a 2003 ford ranger and i wanna make it dual exhaust but most exhaust systems i find for my truck are only one exhaust. I looked and i only got one muffler. I want to know what company makes one for mine or how do i make it a dual?

Online source: In The Beginning – Ford sheet music

The closest you’ll get to dual exhaust is dual tips at the rear merging from where the main exhaust pipe runs under the truck on the passenger side. You won’t have a true dual due to the fuel tank being on the inside of the chassis rail. I also have a 2003 Ranger. It’s a 3.0L RWD Edge model. I’d prefer not to make it true dual because these trucks are not fast to begin with (not even a 4.0L) and after a few hundred dollars worth of exhaust mods it still won’t be worth it ( dollar to power gain ratio ). I worked on real dragstrip musclecars and I would only bother with the dual exhaust if the engine saw a significant gain with just dual exhaust alone. These trucks won’t see that. Putting dual exhaust just for looks also screams “poser” (i.e. wanna be fast, but aren’t) to the keen eye.

Did Ford do the right thing when faced with the choice to allow Nixon to stand trial or pardon him? Did Ford do the right thing? When faced with the choice to allow Nixon to stand trial or pardon him.Ford chose to Pardon Nixon. Did he make the right choice and why/why not?
It was probably prearranged to begin with, but I think it was the right decision. Nixon’s crimes — burglary, etc. — if committed by a regular person, would be seen as relatively minor. It was the fact that he was president of a democratic nation that made them significant. Nevertheless, you don’t want a US president on trial like a petty criminal, with attorneys presenting a flood of evidence of his cheating, lying, etc. He resigned, and that was punishment enough.

Yes he did the right thing. Ford’s main job as President was to protect the country and the office he serves. Nixon was paranoid about losing so took drastic measures when in all honesty he did not have to. Nixon resigned, that caused him the most damage to his image. In pardoning Nixon, Ford cleaning up the mess of Nixon and allowing the country to move forward.

No. The highest crooks in America never pay for their crimes. We shouldn’t single out Nixon though, he had a whole cadre of dirty trickster criminals who continued to work in other administrations, fvcking up the world under Reagan and Bush 2.

How much would it cost to make a Roll Bar for a 1979 Ford Bronco? I am currently looking for a Factory Roll Bar (GT Bar) for my 1979 Ford Bronco but am having trouble finding one because they are very rare. Approximately how much would it cost to make my own roll bar? It would be a 4-point roll bar, and it would require about 21 feet of steel pipe, plus the pipe connectors. Thank you. you tried here yet?You might also check out L.M.C. Magazine & Website.Roll bars are tricky to make and an un qualified person should not attempt this as lives are on the line. Any local certified welder can do this and I will not begin to quote a price for them But I charge around $500 Labor plus material .

How do I gain a spnsorship deal so I can begin my racing career? I am looking to race in Formula Ford in 2007 but need to raise approx £80K for the season. I will be 16 years old then.
Read Speed Secrets by Ross Bentley. Short answer though, is if you don’t have a good resume already, you’ll find it very difficult to get sponsored.

Before you join Formula Ford, arent there any other sanctioned racing series that you join? maybe carts or some junior series?with that and hopefully some past good results, compile them up and make it into a portfolio, approach car clubs, tracks, private companies, automobile associations and so on.try from there.remember every little sponsorship counts. take them, no matter what they are. when i first started racing professionally, my very first sponsors were from a toothpaste company and another from a toilet roll company.well, it wasnt millions, but it got me off to a great start. and didnt have to worry about going to the toilet without the rolls.

Where would I begin to troubleshoot an overheating problem? My son came home tonight and tells me that his car was stalling at stop lights – but each time he was able to restart it. He noticed that is temp guage was pinned on HOT. It is a 1991 Ford Tempo. I recently had it in the shop (and they were supposed to check fluid levels). I plan to check the radiator in the morning. Then maybe replace the thermostat. Am I heading down the right path? What other problems exhibit these symptoms?
yes your on the right path, i had a ford and it was doing the same to me cause the fan wasnt kicking on, run the car let it warm up and chack to see if the fans kicking on.but yes you should check the thermostat.or have you noticed when the car runs when its cold and not hot, does it have a rough idle? if it does it good be the head can tell by taking the oil cap off while the car is running if its putting out like the exhaust would you got a blown gasket.

Thermostat is the first thing , but if the engine overheated I hope that the head gasket didn’t blowmany times when an engine overheats the hoses erupt or pop off and you start loosing the water fast.second , check the belt to the water pump , then check the water pump for leakswash off the radiator so the air can circulate through it freely make sure the rad fan works and it kicks in when the engine reaches operating temps check the fuses for the rad fanfor future incidents, and this works for any car, if you notice the engine is overheating turn on the heater full blastthis will help cool off the engine if cold air is comming out instead of hot air , your radiator is out of water . At this point you should stop the car and let it cool off

Cooling system is the first action you are heading down the right track it includes water pump,radiator etc. BUT if still doesn’t work check the engine timing of the car.