Wolfmother – In the Castle Live from Tilburg, Netherlands Part 9

Wolfmother performing In the Castle live. 013 Popcentrum, Tilburg, Netherlands January 26, 2010.

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Wolfmother – In The Castle (Lyrics)

Would you like to walk into the kingdoms of the sun? We can walk into the fields and see where it begun She could be the answer to your anything She could ta…

What are some good Rock bands(any genre)? I like listening to bands with their own unique sound that puts them apart from other bands of the same genre and please don’t put bands like dio, black sabbath, judas priest,ACDC or any “big time” bands cause most likly i already listen to them i just forgot them in the list, thanks ex. THe confessionmr bungleBeckA.F.I(their old punk)Iron maiden Dead kennedysOperation ivyI am ghostMisfitsNirvanaVelvet UndergroundTrophy ScarsBlack lipsLa disputeThanks a bunch!I’m sorry but when i say “unique” i don’t mean bands like bvb and bulletformyvalentine cause those bands don’t really do anything for the genre they play they just try to sound like everyone else.

See and download A. Stockdale – Wolfmother: In the Castle music score

as unique goes The Stone Foxes are unique for their time since their a new band, but The Answer, and the Sword are also good but not as original. These bands aren’t well known by the way even though they’re more awesome than anything that appears on the billboard top 200 or Rolling Stone for that matter.thestonefoxes.comtheanswer.ieswordofdoom.com

CoughLou ReedDiablo Swing OrchestraEyehategodKyussCrowbarElectric WizardCorrosion of ConformityAngel Witch

Los LobosThe RamonesThe BlastersAnthraxTwisted SisterStatus QuoHelloweenMr Gasser and the WeirdosThe OutlawsWhite WizzardThe BaseballsThe Moon RaysYou seem to have decent taste in music so you probably already know Queen, CCR, Deep Purple, and the Beach Boys

AcceptanceAll Time LowAnberlinAtreyuAvenged SevenfoldBlink-182Boyce AvenueBreaking BenjaminBuckcherryBullet for my ValentineA Change of PaceDaughtryA Day to RememberDisturbedThe Fall of TroyForever the Sickest KidsFraming HanleyFuneral for a FriendGodsmackGoo Goo DollsGood CharlotteGreen River OrdinanceThe MaineMatchbook RomanceMayday ParadeOasisPapa RoachPuddle Of MuddRed Hot Chili PeppersThe Red Jumpsuit ApparatusRise AgainstRoadrunner UnitedSalivaShinedownSick PuppiesTheory of a DeadmanTrapt+44

Misfits, Samhain, Ramones, The Clash, The Cramps, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Wayne County And The Electric Chairs, GG Allin & The Jabbers, Dead Kennedys, Crass, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks, Descendents, The Adicts, MC5, The Runaways, 45 Grave, Mourning Noise, Blitzkid, Gutter Demons, American Werewolves, Zombeast, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, The Meteors, Nekromantix, Koffin Kats, The Creepshow, Zombie Ghost Train, Rezurex, The Quakes, Frenzy, Scum Rats, Guana Batz, Mad Sin, Batmobile, Alien Sex Fiend, Bauhaus.

Here are a couple of bands that you can listen to no matter what rock style you prefer:The Red Hot Chili Peppers are basically a freak, isolated incident in rock music. They sound completely unique and have a scary amount of talent. Listen to Can’t Stop, Give it Away, Zephyr Song, Otherside, Snow (Hey Oh), and Under the Bridge. As much as I love their studio recordings, the live improvisation they play is really what proves their dominance. Look up RCHP + Slane Castle on Youtube, it will seriously blow your mind.Wolfmother uses tons of really cool filthy wah wah guitar tones and their singer/guitarist has an unbelievable voice that’s as unique as Axl Rose or Ozzy Osbourne. My only complaint is that although Stockdale is a competent soloist, I wouldn’t exactly classify him as a guitar hero. Check out Sundial, Cosmonaut, Joker and the Thief, New Moon Rising, Woman, and 10000 Feet.