Really good indie bands with some pop in it? I’m music hunting and I can’t seem to find any really good bands.Any suggestions?Thanks, it’s much appreciated!

Digital music scores source: music Folk: In My Eyes You are Beautiful

Try Julian Casablancas’ solo work.He’s the lead singer to The strokes, but his solo work is more on the pop side. It isn’t EXACTLY pop, but you’ll understand once you hear it:

Gold MotelCoconut RecordsMargot & The Nuclear So & So’sThe JulietsBishop AllenDoes It Offend You, Yeah?IslandsThe New PornographersThe Pains of Being Pure At HeartThe Soft PackThe Tender BoxThis Is Ivy LeagueThrow Me The Statue1997The NarrativeI really really like these bands. They’re all so amazing so I hope you like them!

“fun.” is a pretty good indie pop

The Morning Benders – ExcusesMy Morning Jacket – Touch Me I’m Going to Scream part 2, I’m AmazedFleet Foxes – Winter Hymn, Your ProtectorSnow Patrol – Run, Open Your Eyes, Shut Your EyesThe Flaming Lips – Fight Test, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part IFuture of Forestry – Set Your Sails, So Close so far, Holiday, Hills of Indigo BluePostal Service – Sleeping InJon McLaughlin – Beating My Heart, Beautiful Disaster, Always on My MindGrizzly Bear – Two WeeksRaconteurs – Steady as She GoesRemy Zero – ProphecyVampire Weekend – A Punk, The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance, I Stand Corrected….etc….Broken Bells – Vaporize Mute Math – You Are MinePhil Wickham – Coming AliveDoves – Snowden, WordsGungor – These BonesSilversun Pickups – Panic SwitchThe Afters – Ocean Wide, Light Up the SkyRemy Zero – ProphecyRooney – When Did Your Heart Go MissingThe Strokes – SomedayFuture of Forestry – Hills of Indigo Blue, So Close So Far, Someday, HolidaySafetysuit – Anywhere But HereJet – Look What You’ve DoneKeane – A Heart to Hold You, You Don’t See Me, Somewhere Only We Know, Everybody’s Changing, Is it any wonder, Stop for a MinuteThe Good the Bad and the Queen – The History SongDeas Vail – BirdsVast – Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me, I Don’t Have AnythingAlpha Rev – New MorningBarcelona – Come Back When You Can, Falling Out of TreesBand of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love YouDeath Cab for Cutie – Soul Meets Body, I Will Possess Your HeartBright Eyes – We Are Nowhere and it’s nowOne Republic – SecretsCivil Twilight – Letters From the SkyThe Killers – Smile Like You Mean ItDavid Gray – This Years LoveOwl City – Vanilla TwilightThe Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon, Nights in White Satin, Go NowSimon And Garfunkel – the silence, bright eyes, bridge over troubled waterDirty Vegas – Days Go By (Acoustic)Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks

try matt and kim, darwin deez, fun, vampire weekend, yves klein blue, the virgins, miike snow, ra ra riot, the drums, julian casablancas,

Can anyone give me a Hindu folk song and its English translation? I need to find a Hindu folk song, its lyrics and translation for Music class. I’ve found some but I’m not really sure if they’re actual folk songs or modern movie music..
Ok I can’t really help you but by the way its Hindi not Hindu and Hindu means like we call americans to America’s people. I know that cuz I am punjabi and it’s really similar to Hindi so try to google Hindi Song to English something like that

Not sure if you mean Hindi song (as in the language) or the Hindu song (as in the religion). Either way:Here is a Hindu song in Sanskrit:Lyrics + Translation – – is an upbeat Bollywood Hindi song:Song –[Guys’ lyrics]Hey, what’s with you babyI never never never never never felt this way beforeHey, come a little closerBaby, baby baby wanna steal your heart awayHey fair, fair faces, glowing like the moonDark, dark tresses, and blue eyesHey fair, fair faces (be my love), glowing like the moon (be my love)Dark, dark tresses (be my love), and blue eyes (be my love)Make us dream, make us lose our way, and scatter our witsDestroy all peace of mind, make us burn and fill us with lust[Chorus]Rock and roll Soniye (my darling), my heart dances for youRock and roll Soniye, why don’t you dance with me too?These swaying and strutting bodiesFirst they ask for your heart and then your lifeThese colorful, magical streaks of lightningI’ve seen them a hundred times but they still astonish meLook! here they come and there they goSwaying with such style and airOne glance from these goddesses makes a man wildAnd the whole world goes crazy and falls at their feetEven so these fairies, flowers of beauty, don’t understand the language of love[Chorus]Same as one above ^^A red hat on your head, a silk scarf in your hand, what a sight to behold!Sexy Sam, sexy Sam, wham bam wham bam thank you Sam; oooh lalaFair, fair cheeks and curly hair locks; What a sight to behold!Sexy Sam, sexy Sam, Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah![Womens’ lyrics]These beautiful sweethearts, they don’t knowThe meaning of love and the meaning of fidelityThese temporary lovers, what are they complaining about?They have no idea what we go throughThese ignorant strangers, these hopeless chics, what do they know about feelings?These men don’t know and won’t accept that they can break their heartsWhat use? We expect fire to cool us and ice to warm us – now we regretWe lost so many precious moments with these men but we forget[Chorus]Rock and roll Soniye, my heart dances for youRock and roll Soniye, why don’t you dance with me too?Rock and roll to the beat of the musicC’mon shake your body, shake your body[Repeat 2x][Men sing] Honey honey honey honey honey: dance with meFair, fair faces (be my love), glowing like the moon (be my love)Dark, dark tresses (be my love), blue, blue eyes (be my love)Show us paradise, make us forget our worries and make us lose awarenessRemove our logings, fulfill our desires, give us carefree happiness.. Ho ho ho[Chorus]Rock and roll Soniye, my heart dances for youRock and roll Soniye, why don’t you dance with me too?