How can i quit the band without hurting my parents feelings? I play the saxophone in my schools band, and was recently moved up to the more experienced band. I dont have any friends in there because they are all older then me and i get teased because of this and called a “fat mute”.I want to quit but my family members wont let me and say it will make them sad. What should i do?

You can download the score from the video: In my eyes you are beautiful – music Folk

tell them what you told me or start playing at all hours of the day so as they will ask you what is going on bro, or use this as an incentive to boogie on down like a bad mother who don’t take guff from anybody

Congratulations on being moved up to the more experienced players. I can tell from your question that you don’t see this as the blessing that it is, due to how uncomfortable you feel right now.That’s understandable. It hurts to be teased, especially when you don’t have any friends in this group yet. Having a friend would certainly make all the difference. You can’t see it now, but staying with the band has the potential to positively impact the rest of your life, if you are able to do these things:1. Practice the heck out of your sax until you get so good that no one would dare to ever tease you again.2. Completely ignore all these losers’ comments.3. Be friendly to all of them despite their moronic behavior by having good eye contact with each one of them while you muster up a hello with a smile. If you do this, a much needed friend will emerge out of the bunch.If you really want to play that sax, play on. Never let someone else keep you from your music. Once you are an adult, you will stand out in a crowd because of your saxophone. It will give you an edge, in every area of your life.even with the chicks. Girls love a man who can play an instrument!If you are only playing this beautiful instrument to please your folks, quit. You are NOT responsible for their happiness, nor their sadness. March in step to the beat of your own your case.sax!Hope this helped you.

Will the iPhone 3G be difficult to get during the first week? I really want to get the iPhone 3G this weekend but wonder what my chances of getting one are. Do you think there will be crazy long lines & waits at the stores? Or do you think the demand isn’t that great this time around? Should I wait a month or so or just go ahead and get it?
it could go either way. Many people want it because its cheap, but there are some problems with it. thats why i didnt get it. i was going to but decided not because all over the internet people are talking about problems. Anyway, Im not exactly sure. but dont be surprised if u have to wait.

YES! even though some like to wait, i could guess it would be hard to get (if i were u,, i would wait awhile, until it is on sale)

Hey,yah its going to be Really Really busy because you HAVE to activate your phone in the store it your not going to sell it.that’s the only place to activate it, in the store you bought it from.good luck

it mite be a long line bt not as long as it was 4 da very 1st iphone the new 1 has a ton of problems so probly not dat many ppl want it

Depends on when you go to get it go to an Apple store insead of att because they should be less crowded

Yes, I’m one of those girls who wait in line the day a shiny new gadget goes on sale, and the iPhone 3G is one of the shiniest gadgets of all. But while I’ll be out there waiting in the wee hours of July 11 (it’s my job, after all), the rest of you should think twice before losing sleep on launch day. Here’s why.1. Shortages are unlikelyRemember last year, when we all got in line early for the iPhone because we were afraid it would sell out? Well, that didn’t quite happen. Yes, individual AT&T stores sold out quickly, but many Apple stores had plenty of iPhones in stock in the days and weeks after the big day. (Indeed, there weren’t any serious iPhone 1.0 shortages until just recently.) Also, word of hundreds of massive overseas shipments bound for Apple (which began arriving as early as March) leads me to believe that there’s a healthy supply of iPhone 3Gs on hand. So if you’re worrying about a Wii-like shortage of the iPhone 3G, well . I wouldn’t.2. Chaos on Day OneUnlike last year, customers won’t be able to activate their new iPhones over iTunes—instead, clerks will have to activate them in the store, contracts will have to be signed on the spot, and new AT&T subscribers will have to undergo credit checks. It could take a good 10-15 minutes per customer—and that’s if things go smoothly. It’ll be a new process for everyone—especially for Apple Store employees, who aren’t accustomed to processing cell phone contracts—so I’m anticipating (dreading, actually) a train wreck next Friday. Even if you’re dying to lay hands on the iPhone 3G, you might want to wait a week or so until they get the kinks worked out.3. 32GB iPhone 3G on the horizonI was keenly disappointed when Steve Jobs didn’t unveil a 32GB iPhone last month—indeed, all we got were 8GB and 16GB versions, and I’d personally like an iPhone that I could cram with as much music and video as I can stand. Here’s the thing, though—a 32GB iPhone 3G is probably coming within the next six months, if not sooner (well, that’s my guess). If I wasn’t buying the 16GB iPhone 3G for Yahoo! Tech, I’d probably sit tight and wait for the 32GB version to arrive. 4. Best new iPhone features are coming to the original iPhoneYes, the iPhone 3G will be getting GPS and, of course, 3G—but for now, you can’t download music tracks over AT&T’s 3G network or access AT&T’s streaming video service. For me, the most exciting thing about the new iPhone is the upcoming App Store, which will be stocked with scores of 3D games, chat clients, productivity apps, RSS readers, you name it—and the App Store will be available July 11 as a free upgrade to the old iPhone. That’ll keep you busy till the 32GB iPhone comes out.5. The HTC Touch DiamondI’ve seen the future of cell phones, folks, and it’s called the HTC Touch Diamond. With its gorgeous VGA screen, beautiful touch-screen interface, and compact, light-weight shell, the Diamond is the first phone to make me green-eyed with envy since … well, since the original iPhone. The Diamond is set to arrive in the U.S. in September, and spy shots of a Sprint-branded Touch Diamond are already circulating on the Web. You might want to give the Diamond a serious look before committing to a new two-year iPhone contract.

Suprisingly no, there was almost no shortage of the first generation iPhones. If you can’t get one on the first day, try the second!

you should go ahead and get it cuz from what i heard the first version of iphone didn’t exactly sell out like they thought it was going to.there might be long lines the first day but try the second. as for me i’m camping out starting on thursday!