Brandon Boyd in pictures through years

00:00 Wish You Were Here 3:34 Talk Shows On Mute 07:23 Diamonds & Coal 11:10 Surface to Air.

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pics of Brandon Boyd (frontman of Incubus) [In The Company of Wolves]

In The Company of Wolves.

How do you get a Gap Between your front teeth? Well um, i’ve seen some pictures of Pattie Boyd and i’m really jealous of her gap in between her two front teeth! Is there a way to get that in my front teeth but without going to a doctor or something..

Download and print PDF scores of Boyd (In Pictures)

they might look cute to you know.but it’s just a phase.gaps in the teeth arent that attractive so ive been told.many people get braces fitted to remove them 😐
genetics, how peoples mouths are formed
It’s something some of us are unfortunately born with. It’s like curly hair- you love it unless you were born with it. >.<

Genes. They're all in the genes. I'm sure your teeth are fine without one.But.if you wanted "that look" for a night, you could use that stuff that people use on Halloween to black out their teeth. If you get the pencil one, then you can just line between your two front teeth. I did it one year when I was Madonna for Halloween. Worked great.

Any good ideas to put on a basketball shirt? I need a clever slogan/design that i could put on a shirt, or on two shirts. It is for basketball sub-districts, we are the West Boyd Spartans. It should be funny or catchy and the idea could be connected tp another shirt; it could be for either a girl team or boys, I need one for both. Thanks!
Hey 321earnedHave a basketball wearing a spartan helmet with a spartan spear through the middle of the ball. (or if its funny) have a basketball wearing a spartan helmet kicking other basketballs off a cliff. I usually have all my team shirts printed at usatees they give me some great ideas.Heres there link if your interested usatees.comHope this helps 321
Put a picture of a spartan who looks like a tough s.o.b.
How can I make an Australian vacation at my house? I don’t have enough time, or money to go to Australia so what are some places I could go online that shows pictures or videos of oceans at Australia? And what are some things I could do at my house to make it seem more like Australia?Thanks!
O thats too bad! Well I could give you a link to a website we use a lot when we travel. We posted all our Australia pictures there so take a look.yukiba.comThings to make your house feel more like australia would include:1 Print some of the pictures and buy frames to cheer up your house2 You could look up some typical Australian music artists and download there music3 Collect some shells, it doesn’t matter where they’re from and put them in little vases4 Buy a Lonely Planet of Australia and drop it between your magazines:)5 Buy a world map, hang it on your wall ( the one they sell at IKEA is awesome) and pin all your little flags on Australia!6 Take surf lessons or try other sport activities, Australiens love sport7 Order cute souvenir items on Ebay8 Watch a lot of National Geographic documenteries they are often recorden in Australia9 Download other television programmes or Australian movies10 Buy Australian Wine, its really good and makes you feel a little bit on a holiday.Hope this works!

Things to make home seem more like Australia.1. Have a pool party and Barbecue with beach towels, board shorts, Aussie meat pies, sausages and prawns (we don’t have shrimp here) – and don’t forget the coloured zinc cream for nose and face.2. Keep plenty of Vegemite and Tim Tams in the pantry for every meal. Serve Pavlova for desserts.3. Play music from bands such as: Men at Work, Jet, Australian Crawl, Cold Chisel, Jimmy Barnes, Olivia Newton John, John Farnham or even AC/DC (if you really want to annoy the neighbours).4. Hang pictures of Australian outback panoramas or use Australian art painted by Ken Done, Aboriginals (make sure its genuine), Pro Hart. Use poster prints by classic Australian artists such as Nolan, Whitely, Streeton, Boyd, Drysdale, Dobell, Namitjira.5. Display classic Australian artifacts – such as: a ceramic outback “outhouse” or Pub (bar), didgeridoo, boomerangs, stuffed toys (kangaroos, koalas, wombats).

Hey, it is a shame you can’t come and holiday here as Australia is such a beautiful place. It is summer here at the moment, so the first thing you could do which we are all doing over here at the moment is have a summer BBQ with some sausages, steaks and burgers. (we don’t do shrimp, even though somehow that became the saying!) We have salads with that, like potato salad and coleslaw. For dessert we follow it with cheesecake and pavlova. In Australia we sometimes have lamington drives though the schools. They are basically sponge cake squares with jam (jelly) in the middle and then covered in a type of chocolate mixture and rolled in coconut. They are absolutely delish, and many Aussies have fond memories of lammies growing up. You can get the recipe from for free. Probably one of our most famous landscape photographers over here is Ken Duncan. You can look at and order some of his prints from We don’t have a huge movie industry over here so most of our homegrown movies stink. However some of the more popular ones are The Castle and Muriels wedding. Kath and Kim (our version) and Summer Heights High were also pretty popular over here although many people find our humour a little hard to get! In terms of what we wear, well I guess it is pretty laid back and summery at the moment. Most of the girls are in short shorts and tshirts with thongs (the kind you wear on your feet, I think you call them flip flops) Our national Australia day is on 26th of Jan, so that might be a good day to celebrate your Australia day. We have fireworks and parades in pretty much every town in Australia. On this day my friends and I always have a BBQ and then go to the beach and watch the fireworks off the pier. They have rides at the local park and we put Aussie flag tattoos on and wear Aussie tees or thongs. I am sure you will probably find some coming up to Australia day. I guess you could always decorate your place with the stereotypical kangaroos, koalas wombats etc. At the BBQ you must drink beer. It would be un Australian not too. You must also put a stubby holder over your beer can!! Some typical Aussie music you could play at your BBQ would be Jimmy Barnes, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, Silverchair, Eskimo Joe, Inxs. I think there is a cd you can get and it is called Aussie beer songs. All this stuff I am sure you could get on good luck with it all, I will be sure to edit this post if I can think of some more stuff to add.