Bon Jovi – In And Out Of Love

Music video by Bon Jovi performing In And Out Of Love. (C) 1985 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Bon Jovi- In & Out of Love (Richie Sambora Guitar Solo)

Bon Jovi Live “In & Out of Love”, Richie Sambora begins the song with a solo. Amazing video.

Does anyone know when Bon Jovi is touring in the UK again? I just love Bon Jovi, and I really want to go and see them, problem is, they aren’t touring! That I know of anyway, so by complete chance, does any one know any future plans for Bon Jovi or are they retiring?

See and download In And Out Of Love – Bon Jovi music score

The new album is due out late 2009 and chances are they will tour again in 2010 to promote it. Saw them in Manchester 2008, absolutely brilliant. Apparently the new album is a “riff rock record”, whatever that means.

How does Bon Jovi treat his fans? I really love Bon Jovi, and I love how he doesn’t behave like one of those spoiled stars, but I’ve noticed that on this Circle Tour he ignores his fans who wait for him at the airport. Is this just an exception or is he really like that? Can you share some experiences?
He’s probably so used to fans he has no sympathy for them anymore. It’s not like they can talk to every single fan, it’s impossible. They have to cope with fans, it’s probably pretty hard to get along being that famous and all.

I suppose it depends what his schedule is like, if he is running late, or needs to get somewhere fast. When fans wait outside the hotels that the band stay at, more often than not he (and the rest of the band members) will stop and sign autographs, have their pic taken, etc – so he does take time for his fans, and yes he does appreciate that he’s where he is because of us fans.But if he stopped and made time for everyone in every place, he’d never get anything done. So, no, i he’s not one to ignore his fans, but i imagine sometimes he simply cannot make time for them.

how do you write ” i love bon jovi” in Japanese? My boyfriend is moving to Japan next month and I want to make him a t shirt that says “i love Bon Jovi” in Japanese. He is a HUGE 80’s fan and an even bigger Bon Jovi fan. Any other gift ideas you have that would be appropriate for this situation would be much appreciated!
What is a good song for an acoustic guitar? I have been playing an acoustic guitar for a little under a year and I don’t know what to play. I am into classic rock and some country. I am also open to alternative and pop. I love Bon Jovi, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, and The Plain White T’s. And technically, I am still a beginner, so an easy song would be nice. Thanks!!
The bass line to “Down On the Corner” by CCR is easy, and it’s simple enough to make you look proficient even if you’re relatively new. One of my go-to songs is “Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies. With both of these you can find different arrangements on YouTube. Good luck and keep practicing!

Violent Femmes- Blister in the Sun, Nirvana- About a Girl, Sublime- Bad Fish, (alot of Elliott Smith songs), The Cure- Lovesong, John Lennon- Working Class Hero, Don Mclean- American Pie, Sublime- What I got

Wish You Were Here by Pink FloydSong:

What is your favorite Bon Jovi song, album, and video? I love Bon Jovi and I want other peoples opinions on what to listen to next and what videos to watch. Help appriciated. PS I have the Misunderstood video, and the albums I have are Slippery When Wet, Crossroad, New Jersery.
Best band in the world.My favourite song is AlwaysFavourite album CrossroadsTheir new album “Lost Highway” is excellent.

I love Have A Nice Day, It’s My Life & of course Livin’ On A Prayer!! Soo many good memories attached to them!!I’d defo give their One Wild Night album a listen!! There’s a cover of I don’t like Mondays on there.

I like older Bon Jovi – I can’t stand that country influenced sound they presently have and won’t buy any of the newer albums.My favorite song from them was never what one would call a “hit” – it was off New Jersey and called “Wild Is The Wind”. My favorite video from them is “Lay Your Hands On Me”.

Songs, I’ll give you 10: 1. Bitter Wine (unreleased demo from the These Days sessions)2. The Radio Saved My Life Tonight3. Never Say Goodbye4. Dry County5. If I Was Your Mother6. Hey God7. Whole Lotta Leavin’ Goin’ On8. Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White9. Janie Don’t Take Your Love to Town (JBJ solo)10. DamnedAlbum: These DaysNP: “Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City” – Whitesnake

Melissa’s answer is the best!Livin’ on a prayer was one of my favorite songs when I was a girl.didn’t get the meaning, but I loved Sambora–so it evened out.

best song: livin’ on a prayerbest album: slippery when wetbest video: hmm.livin’ on a prayer again

Who would buy Adam Lambert’s American Idol records or sit in a concert with all that screaming? Chris is so melodic and I love Bono and Bon Jovi and he is the man.
at least he would put on a good show.& i doubt that the whole record/concert would be of the super high notes.
no. his voice makes unicorns cry.
He is a class act! What are such a stooge! You will just cry your eyes out when Adam wins!

My husband & I were talking about that during the show. It (listening to Adam sing) is like hearing a woman in labor or something. Or maybe a cat when it is about to fight. I would never ever spend money to hear that screeching. We actually turn the channel during most of Adam’s songs because it is so hard to listen to. Kris definitely should win because he has a wonderful voice, but I think the judges think he is just too clean cut & normal to make lots of money.

Adam is a star he has the total package, he an Elvis lookalike and he smoulders sex appeal and that man can sing and entertain. Chris is very ordinary skinny little guy he keeps the little 12 year olds happy but that is why girls like him hes cute but Adam is the Bomb.

Love the Katy Perry endorsement and the numerous magazines this month with the Elivis-like Idol on the cover. I’ve seen bloggers from New Zealand, Philippines, and Canada who cheer for Adam. Itunes released a couple weeks ago that Adam had 6 songs in their top 10 and Kris had 3. I agree with an Adam versus Kris final. Adam resembles Elvis in personality, appearance, and performance. I want to hear him sing in the lower octaves this next week. Listen to Adam’s studio versions at theadamlambertconnection.