Romantic Piano music for audition? What are some romantic piano pieces that are not too. happy but not too depressing either. i would prefer they be in minor keys. Something that isn’t too difficult or too easy. thanks!

Digital sheet music source: Emmanuel Chabrier – Impromptu

It depends what’s in your skill range. I discovered this piece from Pieces Pittoresque by Emmanuel Chabrier, called the Village Dance(in english), it has a really nice melody and many have not heard of it, its in A Minor and is probably going to be difficult to find for free download all the same without downloading all the pieces from Pieces Pittoresque. Shubert Impromptus are difficult but they are amazing, you’d be a total wiz if you could play the famous ones in Bflat and Eflat major(though they have strong minor undercurrents). Then again, if you were on the level of playing these pieces, you’ve probably heard of them and I did no good.

GRIEG ! and his poetic tone pictures are very pretty.I personally like this

try i giorni by einaudi ocean by martinmusic are very cool pieces, but quite different

What are the best piano pieces? Looking for great piano pieces to play.any links perhaps??Level is intermediate
Nobuo Uematsu is an awesome composer. He does most of the music for the Final Fantasy video game series. His work is truly spectacular. Some of my favorites are “To Zanarand”, “Terra”, “Suteki Da Ne (Isn’t it wonderful?)” and “Via purifico”. If you download these, make sure you get the piano version of “Terra” and “Suteki Da Ne”

You should have said what level of pianist you are.Here are some of my favourites :Traumerei by de Lune by Impromptu in C sharp minor by Campanella by’s 18 variation on a theme by’t forget Beethoven’s piano sonatas : The Pathetique and The Appassionata.

like Liza I love video game music especially from Final Fantasy. you should give them a try coz they’re really wonderful and more than just background music from games!the best one I can suggest to you in intermediate level is.Border Village Dali(no.5) from Final Fantasy also try some of is awesome!more sheets can be found atffmusic.ffshrine.orgffdream.comGood day! ^_^

Great answer from brian777.all very difficult, but all great “classical” piano music. Might look at some of the pieces from the Anna Magdalina Notebook by Bach, not as difficult, but recognizable.You might look at some books for piano students at level 2 – 4. Most are published in collections.great stuff, Have fun.

Canon in D by Pachelbel Clair de Lune by Debussy Fur Elise by Beethoven Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven Ode to Joy by BeethovenYou can find links where you can download piano sheet music for the above pieces and many more at the Classical Sheet Music site ( ).

I am totally in agreement with the answerer above me – Rhapsody in Blue is simply amazing! Gershwin was an amazing composer.I also like Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

Claude Debussy has a lot of great piano music. Usually, his music is not technically challenging and is very interesting/ beautiful.

Bypassing the “usual suspects” (“Clair de Lune”, “Für Elise”, etc), you should definitely seek out sheet music of these composers: Karol Szymanowski, Gabriel Fauré (Impromptus, Barcarolles, Nocturnes), Francis Poulenc (Nocturnes, Les Soirées de Nazelles, Mélancolie), Emmanuel Chabrier.the wealth of piano music out there really is endless! Better yet: Go forth to your local sheet music store & just out the music of composers of whom you’ve never heard before. You’ll be pleasantly surprised & your sight-reading abilities will improve. :o)Check out just search by composer or title