I hate the Jonas Brothers does anyone else hate them and Hannah Montana? Miley Cyrus is the new brittany spears. Jonas brothers music is horrible. just some crap Disney pulled to brainwash little girls and boys who are hiding in the closet. Do you hate the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cryus? Why?

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I like miley cyrus its selena gomez thats fake and untalented Miley cyrus can at least singJONAS BROTHERS: HORRIBLE SINGERS AND PRETTY UGLY ( except nick hes hot and can do backflips

I dont HATE them. I actually quite like some of the songs. anI don’t like hannah montana. But miley isn’t half bad. I guess I’m just not an obsessed fan

no i don’t hate them, and you’re a loser for coming on here and talking about it like it actually matters. There’s no reason to hate anyone, I really don’t understand. They entertain people, that’s what they do, that’s their job, how is it brainwashing?Jealous much?

I hate them all,bunch of kids trying to be somthing they’re notget some proper music, for Gods sake!

usiojg hate makes you just as bad as you think they areto lots of people miley and jona mean more to them than just celebrities or music, and not in a sad way but they are a lot of peoples lives and make many kids happy so why hate them hey

i hate their singing stupid songs. why every kid like them I HATE THEM Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kids but i hate them

Miley is so not the new Brittany. She was cool, Miley sucks. Yeah I hate all the Disney shit. Also, I was on youtube and someone was saying how good and influence them people were. No! You know the Jonas Brother’s nicked a bit of a yeah yeah yeahs song? They are not role models, they are shit at what they do!

They’re pretty annoying. But they’re just fads. I like to compare them to what was in when I was a preteen (which is deffinately who these artists are geared towards). Jonas Brothers = The new Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Otown, etc. They’re basically todays boyband.Miley Cyrus would then be Brittney Spears. Who still has a career.So my prediction is that in a few years we never hear of the Jonas Brothers again, and Miley Cyrus gets undressed for her music videos, and possibly shave her head.

Anything that Disney packages and sells turns my stomach. Especially the folks you mentioned. They are selling so much because the parents of the teeny boppers pay for that crap to make their kids happy, not because the kids have the financial wherewithal to do so themselves. The parents see they have no choice in order to stay sane, so they cave and these crap acts sell out all over the place. It makes me sick. These kids should just shut up and obey their parents instead of wheedling money out them to pay for this junk. In a real market, they would not survive but a moment or two.

I hate them because first of all.NO TALENT whatsoever.so theyre hot.WHO THE FUCK CARES!?its like OMG.theyre just famous because they got looks but other then that theyre crap. they cant sing.they DEDFINITELY cant act.so its like WHY are they famous again?Miley Cyrus’s bitch ass is only famous cause her dad.and the Jonas Brothers are only famous because to everyone theyre like this hot piece of ass of something.I personally think they looks like some gay ass betches.with like TONS of eye-liner and blush.its like WFT!? guys arent suppose to wear that crap unless they REALLY are gay you know? haha!so yeah i hate them because they didnt really earn they infamousity with theyre talent.THEY DONT HAVE TALENT.they earned it with looks and superstar dads.and teenage boys and girls NEED to grow up already.theyre pissing me off too!???????-yamel-

If you hate them so much why are you wasting your time asking a question about them? I’ll admit that Miley is a skanky bitch who can’t sing, that’s a given. She sucks. But the Jonas Brothers deserve more cedit than you’re giving them. They are very talented and driven idividuals.

may i ask why?? i mean like the jonas brothers’ music is your opinion. Some people actually like that kind of music. I think Miley is great because even though people start talking crap about her, she’s still standing strong. Ok, so she made a mistake with the photos, she probably had something going on in her life that made her want to do that. Seriously, people like you need to stop judging people.

I HATE MILEY CYRUS!Im sorry but shes not talented AT ALL and she is so annoying.There is just something about her that i hate!JONAS BROTHERS ARE AWESOME, AMAZING && FANTASTICAL!I LOVE THEM! & THEIR MUSIC!

i dont hate them but i cant stand watching them on tv they are too goody goody i hate how they have clothing lines and little kids dressing up in the HM jeens ect kids are spending alot of money on theses people i feel that jonas bros and miley/HM are like people versions of barney they are out there to teech kids good things and stuff the bad thing about miley is in her tv show everytime she screws up they forgive her too easily that wouldnt happen in real life it takes days to forgive someone if they fuck up not minutes but yeah i also hate how its mostly kids from 7-10 that watch there shows and there are teenage prob thats just my opinion

Is country another genre that died in the 2000s? Ignore my user name, I actually like the old country music and folk and all that. But it seems like country’s became talentless like other genres. It used to be meaningful but now it seams to be all about drunks, rednecks, trucks, fake cowboys, lift kits, tractors, and most artists sound the same. There are a few good ones still out there, I like Eric church, bu it seams like country became commercialized garbage.
some songs (rarely) having good story lines like carrie underwood just came out with a good one and so did jason aldean . it just takes some time to find good ones

I dont believe it died,just evolved and some agree not for the better.But there still are allot of good new artists out there like Chris Young,Dierks Bentley,Josh Turner,Matt Stillwell,Joey+Rory etc.. you just have to listen around a bit and find the songs that appeal to you.

Country has gone mainstream just to stay in business. Every so often a new group of singers come along and replace the older people(even if older means 25). This is normal.Willie, Waylon, and Kris Kristofferson were outlaws for that very reason. If you want to hear country twang, listen to ” One’s Smoking, One’s Drinking, and One’s Taking Pills.by I think the Pistol Annies.really twangy.but really good if you like country twang.

As a long time Standing Classic Country Music Fan , Johnny Cash & Co. May i Congratulate you on your Taste , I could not have said it better

If you listen to the mainstream crap, but there’s a few good country artists that left if you search for like:James McMurtry Ryan Bingham Jay Munly Gillian Welch Dave Rawlings Machine Justin Townes Earle Hank Williams III

As long as George Strait and Alan Jackson are alive and making country songs, country will never be dead.

No way dude.If you think Brad Paisley is talentless and can’t play guitar and can’t write brilliant songs, then there’s something wrong with you.As for Taylor Swift.

I would agree that country, as a music genre, has not fared well since 2000. As far as I am concerned, modern country music is dead to me. Then again, I feel the same was about music in general. I stopped paying attention to pop music in 1990 for the most part. There actually has been a study that was recently completed that proved that modern music is becoming more bland and repetitive, that the lyrical differences are becoming less and less, as well as the notes played. It is almost as if each successive new “groups” are in a competition to out-stupid each other. In all genres music used to be more meaningful (think “We didn’t start the fire”, “Sundown”, “Ring of Fire”), now it is almost nothing but retarded drivel (“Honkey-Tonk Badonkadonk”, “Call me maybe”, and everything by that annoying polished turd, Justin Bieber) there are a few exceptions, but those are few and far between. You are correct, country music, along with all other mainstream music (i.e. other than small bands that are not carried by major labels) has become more commercialized. New bands are almost often a corporate design than a legitimate grouping of friends. (Think Spice Girls, Five, Jonas Brothers) Very few singers/artists do their own work any more, it’s pretty much a bland commercial crap than anything else. The worst part about the “new country” crap is the so-called “college country”, where the groups sing about nothing but getting drunk, and doing frat-boy crap, and they act like they are in college all the time getting wasted/high/laid/etc. If it was only possible to resurrect Jimmy Rodgers, Johnny Cash, and other REAL country singers.