John Lennon-Imagine

La canzone più bella scritta dal grande John.

Lennon (Imagine) sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.

John Lennon – Imagine (Live)

Última presentación de John Lennon en vivo, filmada en el “Salute to Lew Grade” el 18 de abril de 1975 John Lennon’s Last live performance, filmed at the “Sa…

How could you earn a fortune fast if someone offered you a time machine to 1968? Let’s just pretend that is your goal and you have the time machine.There are so many ways you could modernize everything around you. And you could just plagiarize someone else’s work. Be a jerk and write Imagine before Lennon could. What would you do?Being the clairvoyant genius from the future during the summer of love sounds pretty aight. Bring what back though? I think the most fluid thing is bring ideas back with you. Designs. Concepts. That’s still plagiarism.

Lennon (Imagine) sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.

i would research which stocks will go up the most since then and invest a load of money there. travel forward to their peak and cash in

It would be quite easy, just bring a couple pieces of new age technology along with a wealth of knowledge about future events and you would be famous for being the most accurate history predictor to ever live. Companies and media outlets would swarm to you with press coverage and job offers.

All the medical research we’ve accomplished. What we’ve done with dna , heart disease, cancer, etc .Especially the equipment

Place a monster bet on the N Y Jets to win outright in Super Bowl 3. Use the proceeds to help George Lucas make that series of Sci-fi takeoffs on western/samurai movies that nobody wants to invest in.

There are so many questions about what if John Lennon was still alive? his music was so unique to him, i believe he could not be influenced by any musical trends that followed him, imagine lennon doing disco,or rap or punk, and what he would have made of jackson is another matter, i believe he would have become a dylan type elder statesman of music, a fund raiser that would leave geldof and bono without a portfolio !
it doesnt matter. he is dead. theres a lot of what ifs, but really you have to face reality and know that what ifs dont matter.

He’d be about seventy now. I think he would still be outspoken about things, because he was never afraid to. I didn’t always agree with his views. But most people never say what they really think and I think its baloney.It’s a shame he went when he did, because I think he was about to enter a new phase of his life, with probably some more personal peace and contentment.

What death metal song do you think will be good if covered by The Beatles? Imagine John Lennon singing “Suicide Machine! Lobotomised corpse shredding your flesh! Leaving your body a bloody mess!! Here your screams remain unheard! Watch your flesh decay and burn!!”
None. sorry to say that they would most likely murder any metal song. It would be terrible and it would end the Beatles good reputation with most people (i personally don’t like them. sorry).

That would be a major Natural Disaster, because any Death Metal song is a masterpiece compared to The Jonas Brothers or The Beatles rather so they would attempt it and Butcher it to shreds perfectly and a waste of a good death metal Song