Where can i find the top ten operas preformed in the united states. a reliable source please?

Download sheet music online: Il Trovatore (The Troubadour) by Giuseppe Verdi

The first two are La Boheme and La Traviata. You might write the Met. Just look up the address, research is fun.

check met and san francisco opera houses. these two are the top 2 opera houses in US. or just google it.

Here are 2 different lists I found. I included the references so you can determine which is the most reliable source.A. The Top Ten most requested operas, as selected by OperaNights users over the past seven days:1. La bohème (The Bohemians) – Giacomo Puccini 2. Der Rosenkavalier (The Knight of the Rose) – Richard Strauss 3. Madama Butterfly (Madam Butterfly) – Giacomo Puccini 4. Lohengrin – Richard Wagner 5. Così fan tutte (Women are Like That) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 6. La traviata (The Fallen Woman) – Giuseppe Verdi 7. Aïda – Giuseppe Verdi 8. Il trovatore (The Troubadour) – Giuseppe Verdi 9. Gloriana – Benjamin Britten 10. Siegfried – Richard Wagner B. The Cumulative “Top Ten” Most-Produced Operas in North America over the Past Ten Seasons Performance title/Composer/# of productions1 Madama Butterfly Puccini 172 2 La Bohème Puccini 168 3 La Traviata Verdi 157 4 Carmen Bizet 142 5 The Barber of Seville Rossini 131 6 The Marriage of Figaro Mozart 131 7 Don Giovanni Mozart 130 8 Tosca Puccini 122 9 Rigoletto Verdi 117 10 The Magic Flute Mozart 116 Note: This information is based on the annual Season Schedule of Performances Survey of OPERA America and Opera.ca Company Members, 1995-1996 through 2004-2005 seasons.

I would try to contact Lincoln Center, both the Met and the State Theater. They both have large companies, the Met probably the largest and best in the US. The State Theater uses second string names, and does do the usual top operas, but unlike the Met they have a tendency to add new and unheard of operas. I’m sure there is someone at the Met, or the Library attached to it who will be able to help you. I don’t know if google will be able to help, but you could always try and phrase the question to try and get the correct answer.Sorry, but I just read the other answers and am quite confused by the lists provided, the first list has operas rarely ever seen; ie, Britten; I agree with the second list, except I would think that La Boheme would be the most popular opera, but that could just be a personal favorite, so maybe as I call it Madame Mothball is more popular than I think.