Whitney Houston Tribute – Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love You

I Will Always Love You – Written and performed by Dolly Parton In memory of one of the greatest performers of our generation – Whitney Houston. Rest in Peace.

D. Parton (Whitney Houston: I Will Always Love You, Dolly Parton: I Will Always Love You) sheet music is available for immediate download.

Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love you

Sometimes the sound seems to dissapair, i am sorry if this happends to you.. Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love you Music by Dolly Parton Font: Gabrielle & Di…

Is Dolly Parton the only country singer to ever write a Number 1 hit on the pop chart that sold 20 million? “I Will Always Love You” reached No. 1 for 14 weeks on the pop chart and sold around 20 million. Has any other country songwriter achieved this?

D. Parton (Whitney Houston: I Will Always Love You, Dolly Parton: I Will Always Love You) sheet music is available for immediate download.

I rather doubt your 20 million copies sold info, unless you are including Whitney Houston’s version of it as well. ///// I’d suggest that Kenny Rogers “Lucille” recorded in 1977 sold far more copies on the pop charts, than anything Parton ever did.

Why do people on this section hate Dolly Parton? Just because of some obsessed fans who don’t stop talking about her? It’s not Dolly’s fault. Why blame her? She is a fantastic singer and songwriter, and she shouldn’t be hated because of what OTHERS do.
Most people don’t hate HER, they hate HEARING THE SAME FOUR QUESTIONS over and over and over and over and over and over and over. It’s the same reason people hate LeBron, Tiger Woods, and the Yankees — they’re all ESPN can talk about. (Personally, I hold ESPN responsible, just like I hold the two people with five accounts responsible here.)The thing I hate about it is that the people do “self-fulfilling questions,” asking things that (supposedly) only Dolly can be the answer to (the way religious cults do). But the truth is that Dolly was NOT:-the first female million seller (Patsy Montana, 1935)-the first female to make the top ten with her own song (Cindy Walker, 1944)-the first female songwriter to write a #1 song (Walker, 1948, thanks to Eddy Arnold)-the first woman to have a #1 song (Kitty Wells, 1953)-the first woman to have one of her songs covered by a pop singer (Cindy Walker again, covered by Roy Orbison, 1962)-the first woman in the Hall of Fame (Sara and Maybelle Carter, 1970)-the first female in the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame (Walker, 1971)-the first woman to write a worldwide #1 hit (Felice Bryant, “Bye Bye Love,” 1957)-a singer who “writes her own songs” (her first top ten was a cover of a Jimmie Rodgers song).-the only woman to write and record 300 songs (Dottie Rambo recorded EIGHTY albums of her own music, and wrote over 2,500 songs — some of which Dolly covered!)And most importantly, Dolly DID NOT sell “20 million copies” of “I Will Always Love You.” The version that was popular was by Whitney Houston, and according to the RIAA it only sold FOUR million. That makes the person(s) asking the questions to appear rather hypocritical, because they claim they ONLY listen to people who write their own songs then extoll the virtues of a COVER.Liking.LOVING Dolly is one thing. This almost worship of a two-bit singer is ridiculous. And as Dolly is a Christian, she’d say the same thing.

Why can’t blacks accept that Dolly Parton is a better songwriter than Whitney Houston? Every time I ask a question about it, they change the topic and start talking about singing, when I am actually asking about songwriting?
Well, thanks for taking out the White/Black thing.you are progressing so I’m proud of you for that.Dolly is a songwriter.Whitney is not.

Dolly Parton is both a talented singer and songwriter and while I don’t know what Whitney has written, I’m always amazed at her talent as well. I relate more to Dolly and her songs but that doesn’t mean better, just different.

Why can’t you accept that Dolly can’t sing anywhere near as good as Whitney?Edit: Honestly i’ve never heard Dolly Parton sing, and 3 people already agree with my ignorance. It can’t get any better than this.

I don’t think any black person has a problem with you saying that Dolly Parton is a better songwriter than Whitney Houston.never know either of them could writewhat I do know is that Whitney Houston was a way better singer than Dolly Parton.she touches way more people with her vocals than Dolly

Sorry i didn’t know you knew every single black person on this earth, stop generalising you fool. p.s Audrey not every black person wants to look like paper

its not that we cant accept it. its just that we dont give a damn. neither of them have anything to do with us now youve been on this subject for about a month . its time to move on

thats a matter of personal opinion. both are respectable musicians. to call one a better songwriter is like spitting at the other ones face. you need to understand how much work musicians put into their music. well except for people like soulja boy and lil wayne.

I liike country better than rap altogether. I like rap when they rap about real issues or “from the soul”. If you are singing about being a thug or a gangster you are obviously not because you are a rich black rapper and know nothing of the problems of a thug or a gangster. You are just playing on what young kids want to listen to. Same goes for country. However I know more country songs where they are actually in that situation. Whitney Housten vs Dolly Parton is a whole other issue considering both of them sang “from the soul” (as well as the fact whitney housten was not a rapper). Making both of them equally respectable song writers AND singers.

jesus christ. Only southern hicks listen to dolly. What kind of trailer trash are you? Her music is hick music. You hicks are blacks of the white world. More annoying than interesting. And only gay guys, black people and women listen to whitney. LIsten to heavy metal if you have real taste in music which you dont. I’m too northern to listen to dolly and too upperclass suburban to listen to whitney. I cant even tell you who is better because i’m not hick or a ghetto person. I’m disqualified to make a judgement by fortune.

They are just being kind to you, honey, if they change the subject it’s because they don’t want to embarrass you! Whitney Houston is a singer, Sweet Pea, not a songwriter.she doesn’t WRITE songs, she sings them. Dolly Parton sings songs but also WRITES lots of songs, that’s what makes here a “singer/songwriter” rather than just a “singer” like Ms. Houston.

Very very few of the kids ( to me a kid is under 25 since I am an old fart) right now of any race or ethnic group are aware of D Parton’s songwriting skills. Yes she wrote the “I’ll always love you” song Whitney sang in “the bodyguard” but who would know that unless you were aware it was Dolly’s hit 25-30 years ago. Dolly & Whitney have way different fan bases and I do not think either fan base appreciates the other fan base.I wouldn’t even bring up the who is better topic. It sets you up to be disgruntled since you are stepping into some people’s personal opinion. Instead try pointing out Dolly’s songs when you hear someone else singing them, such as “Islands in the Stream” by Puff Diddy.This song written by her and sung with Kenny Rogers in late 70’s or early 80’s was a big radio hit also. By only pointing out which songs she wrote when the opportunity arises means you are only stating facts and won’t be perceived by Whitney fans as being argumentative.I read in a bio about Dolly Parton that when she came to Nashville in the 1950’s all she brought with her was what she was wearing and a cardboard suitcase full of songs she had written.