Lauritz Melchior Sings “I want what I want,” From Victor Herbert’s Mlle.Modiste

Some stern advice from the great tenor about avoiding the trap of marriage and kids! Herbert’s Mlle. Modiste was first presented in 1905. It is light-hearted…

Digital sheet music source: Victor Herbert – I Want What I Want When I Want It

I Want What I Want When I Want It; Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! – Robert Shaw Chorale.avi

Medley of two Victor Herbert songs. ‘I Want What I Want When I Want It’ is from ‘Mlle. Modiste’, his 1905 operetta; ‘Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! is from his 1910 op…

What names do you like better for my twins? Gertrude and Genevieve or Fay and Fionna or Sadie and SavannahRupert and Ricahrd or Vulf and Victor or Herbert and HomerVulf and Fay were my husbands grandparents names and he would love to name our kids after them. Im not fond of these names but I dont want to offend him. Are they as bad as I think? I could warm up to Vulf but idk about Fay.

Digital sheet music source: Victor Herbert – I Want What I Want When I Want It

Sorry all of those names are hideous and extremely outdated in my opinion. And try not to name them both having the same first letter. That’s just tacky.

i hate it when people give twins similar names.they are going to grow up to be two completely different people, give them each their own unique name.

sadie & savannah are so cute! and just tell your husband your not keen on the names because you should both like what your calling your kids!! good luck x

I really don’t like how matchy the names are.How about:Sarah (nickname Sadie) Fay and Genevieve (your mother’s name as the middle name)Fiona Savannah and Stella FayRupert Vulf and Victor Richard

Please don’t do sing/song names.they will be known as “the twins” for their whole lives, let them have individual unique names

I do not mean to sound insulting, but those are some of the worst names I have ever heard. These are names that these children will have to live with their entire life. If I had to choose from any of the names, I would go for Savannah and Fay for two girls, Richard and Victor for two boys and Savannah and Richard for a boy and girl. Naming them similar sounding names is kind of cute when they are babies, but just sounds tacky and silly when they are older.

I like the name Genevieve, Fay would be okay for a middle name. Savannah and Sadie are okay, not crazy about Fionna or Gertrude.Richard and Rupert are ok. I like Victor. Homer is an old name but I have never hear of Vulf. Maybe Vulf for a middle name. I don’t understand why you want to have their names start with the same letters. Is it necessary to you? Because it might sound better to give them each their own separate sounds, (and initials too).I like the fact that you have some old fashioned names in there. Why name a kid a trendy name and have them be exactly like everyone around them?To my ear, older style names have a strength to them that some modern names are lacking. Congratulations on your sweet babes.

those boys names.maybe only as middle names. I’m not a Gertrude fan..but I like old fashioned family names.Fionna, isn’t that from Shrek? and Homer from the Simpsons?

Out of the ones listed:Fay and FionaRupert and RichardMix and Match:Fay and SadieRichard and Victor

My middle name is Faye and I LOVE it! I think it’s pretty but not cutesy at the same time. Hard to explain.Most of the names you mentioned sound really old. I don’t think you would have to worry about your kid being named the same name as someone they end up going to school with. Best wishes!

Great names but way too matchy. How about.Genevieve and FionaGertrude and SadieSavannah and FayeVictor and RichardHomer and RichardGenevieve and VictorBy not letting them be so matchy, each name can shine in it’s own unique way :)Congrats!

They might be a boy and girl, or girl and boy. I like the old style names, and the family significance, but be careful of what they might get nicknamed. Good luck, and happy delivery =)

I actually have Fay on my name list! I like that it’s short and you can’t abbreviate it at all. The whole name HAS to be said. I love Gertrude also. not Gertie, Gertrude. I hate nicknames! Genevieve, Fiona and Sadie are all too popular anymore, for me personally.My favorites of the boys are Rupert and Herbert. (but not as sibling names! Too matchy)I wouldn’t choose names with the same letter or that sound alike. It’s not cute on normal siblings, let alone twins. Please don’t do that!

I like the names Sadie and Savannah but as for the boys twin names I really don’t care for any of them. NO OFFENSE!!

if any sadie and suvannahbut what about fay and suvannahbut for boyshow about ryan and kyle.

Sadie and Savannah for girlsI can’t say I’m a real fan of ANY of the boy pairs, but if you have to pick one of them, go for Vulf and Victor.

Sadie and Savannah are cute!I don’t like Gertrude!I think it would be cute if you named them Genevieve and Savannah, and just called Genevieve “Jenna” for short. I don’t like any of the guy names on the list, but if I had to pick, I would say go with Richard and Victor. Most people would just end up calling them “Rick” and “Vic”.

i agree. too matchy. but if i had to pick sadie and savannah.for 2 girls how bout reagan and sadiereagan, hannahreagan, alyssareagan, addison(addy)reagan, melonie(don’t know how to spell. lol)i luv reagan. super cute!and melonie, addison, kathryn,cassiefor boysdylan, cadden (kay-den. is it 2 ds or one?)

I’d have to go with a non-cutesy/matchy combination not listed, such as Genevieve and Fiona or Fianna (depending on which you meant there), or Gertrude and Faye (you may prefer that spelling to honor Fay, so I threw it in there). ;)If you feel you could warm to Vulf, and really want to use it to honor such a special person, I’d use Rupert and Vulf for boys. 😉 And the same goes for boy/girl twins, should you end up with them.Vulf and Fay(e), if you want the significant names, or Rupert and Genevieve, for instance. ;)Hope that helps.

Vulf is a lovely name. I’d go with Vulf and Richard.Sadie and Faye are cute.Youd have to be retarded to name your kid Homer! Sorry

If you must do matching initials then try to have names with the same ‘feel’ – but not rhymey!. Gertrude and Genevieve -> the impression given is that one will be the ‘nerdy’ twin and one the ‘pretty’ twin. Gertrude and Gwendolyn go together a bit more or Genevieve and Gabrielle/Gabriella. However I prefer separate initials. Genevieve and Savannah are very different sounding names but have a similar feel to them. Fiona would also with either of them. Sadie and Fay both have a country-cute, old-fashion quality to them.You have some interesting boy names going there. Richard and Rupert are different enough but go well together to work if you need the same initial. Personally I like Rupert and Victor or Rupert and Homer.If you’re unsure about Vulf and Fay use them as middle names. I think to pull off Vulf in Western society a child would need to be very confident in their name and they won’t be if they’re getting unsure vibes from one parent.