Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line (From “Live at Montreux” DVD)

For more info – The late Johnny Cash was one of the most influential figures in American music in the pos…

Download sheet music pdf: Cash – I Walk The Line

Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line 1958

Johnny Cash at Town Hall Party in 1958 singing “I Walk The Line” *Notice Luther’s Intro*

How can anybody think Johnny cash can even come close to Hank sr? Hank sr died at 29 and had alot better song than cash.. The only reason anybody likes cash is because walk the line came out.. He had some good songs but no way is he at all the king of country music.. You can ask any oldtimer and they will tell you Hank was the man..

Download sheet music pdf: Cash – I Walk The Line

If Hank Williams had not had his troubles with alcohol and his temper he wouldhave had an even more phenomenal career than he did.Like you say he was an “old”29 when he died and despite his prolific output of great songs and writing he had justbarely tapped his immense potential and talents.Hiram King Williams(his real name)will always be the King of Country Music.Now as far as Johnny Cash.He is a true Iconand a Country Super Star.Not the best voice but great song writer and a charismaticperformer.He earned his place among the elite of Country.

I think Hank was way more Important to music it’s self. No Hank, No Elvis. No Elvis, No Rock. No Rock, Music as we know it wouldn’t exist.On the other hand Johnny Cash is Important in his own right. To an extent with out Johnny Cash, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal would be completely different. His signature All Black Wardrobe was widely adopted by early metal bands. And allot of his songs where very dark, and scary. Still to this day Metal bands are covering “Ghost Riders in The Sky”.But to be honest I don’t think either can compete with Delta Blues legend Robert Johnson. Both Hank Senior, and Johnny Cash where highly influenced by him. Not to mention the legend of how he sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads, is what inspired Charlie Daniels, “the Devil Went Down To Georgia”. He died at age 23, and no one really knows where he’s buried.

“Move It On Over””Rootie Tootie””Hey, Good Lookin’ “”Settin’ The Woods On Fire”(Who invented Rock ‘n’ Roll?)

I don’t think he’s better. Hank Williams is in a league of his own. People like Cash because of his image more than his voice. I like Johnny but he isn’t even in my top 5 list of singers. He honestly to me didn’t have that great of a voice, but it’s the way he portrayed himself & his songs. He had a way w/ words. And if you have seen the video for his version of “Hurt”, you can’t deny that is pure talent.

Johnny Cash was/is my All time Classic Country Music ArtistHank Williams Sr. is up there with my Favourites

Are there any movies about Johnny Cash other than Walk The Line? I have Walk The Line and I love it. But I was just curious if there are any others. And also, where can I get Johnnys autobiography?
What songs does the movie walk hard the dewey cox story spoof of? I know it does Billy Joel’s Piano Man with Midget ManAnd Johnny Cash’s I Walk The Line with Walk HardWhat others though?
Where can I get a custom rockabilly western suit made? I like the ones that Phoenix wore in the Johnny Cash movie “Walk The Line”. Any leads on where I can get one made?
hey man -did he even really wear anything special?it’s just a western style suitcheck out your area for a men’s warehouse type place and tell them what you’re looking for, bring picsthey’ll help ya.