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Do you think Michael Steel represents the average college educated African American? Or any african american for that matter? Carter is not a liar, that is what I know about my former President, he is not a liar. Michael Steele, after some things he has said, is he not the liar?No rude comments, I dont need them, if you want to answer answer with some class please.

Download and print PDF scores of I Thought I Lost You by Steele

He’s black, so what? Do you think all blacks should just fall in line with the democrat party? Show me a politician (R) or (D) that hasn’t lied. Or uh, in their words “misspoke”

Definitely not representative, but he is one of the few blacks in Congress that I trust and respect.Contrast him to Charlie Rangel (although if he is college educated, he doesn’t seem to be.)

Michael Steel is a republican puppet. Did you see how fast he apologized to Rush. “Oh sir, I apologize” Republican were ready to lynch him for that comment against Rush. They even had some people protesting, lucky for him he apologized right away.

He does me sugar. Nobody called Jimmy Carter a liar. He way overstepped his bounds and called called someone a racist without any proof what so ever. Even the Democrats including Obama have publicly said they do not agree with Carter.

Nope, not at all. Why do you ask? I hope that you are not trying to peg all African Americans. BTW, I don’t think that Carter was lying either.

I doubt it, since most people who go to college actually become politicians. Also, I don’t think it really matters if he went to college, since most politicians usually forget all of their formal education the moment they are in office, specifically centering around economics, government, and ethics (business or otherwise).

Just for kicks, even the liberal news bible says Jimmy Carter is a liar just for a face value statement;huffingtonpost.com/alan-dershowitz/jimmy-carter-is-a-liar-fo_b_43233.htmlBut that is just the broad premise. Jimmy carter stated an opinion that most of the opposition to Obama is a product of his skin color. This is utter bullsh*t. If I say Al Sharpton is a disingenuous race hustlin pimp have I said one damn thing about his skin color? In the same vein is that statement not likley to get me branded with “racist?”A paltry few uninfluential fringe idiots concern themselves with skin color one way or the other. The common form of political discourse as it pertains to race in this country will have us saying things like “blacks vote for Obama because he is black” or “white people can’t stand Obama because he is black.” That is more a statement of collective political/social designation than it is a remark about skin color as the ‘honorable” Jimmy Carter stated. “Black” confers many meanings simultaneously just as “white” does.Is Father Pfleger “white?” Yes and no. See how that works?So to sit there and insult millions by saying that Obama’s skin color is the only reason his opposition is so fierce is a cheap infantile trick reserved for the likes of the Al Sharpton’s of the world and certainly not the wisely chosen words of an elder statesman.

No, he does not, but I am not an african american so I should defer to someone other than I.That is a very pointed question and very insightful. Jimmy Carter is not a liar. He is a good honest decent and very deeply religious man and he is right on in this matter.There is no way Obama could have publicly agreed to this or there would have been 2 million people at the capitol instead of the real 60-75 thousand that were actually there.So, Michael Steele does not really represent anyone except himself and he is an embarrassment to the republican party that only picked him as the RNC chairman is because they needed the ONE black guy in the room to speak for them. They still did not get you actually have to address African American issues, just not hire a black hit guy.Michael Steele has said many hurtful things I think about African American people, but you know what, he has freedom of speech and as long as it does not turn into race hate speech he can do as he pleases. He makes the RNC look stupid.So, to Rush, GLenn, Sean Michael Steele and Savage and O’reilly I say, keep it up. You are making sure republicans will NEVER get more than 5% of african american votes and you are losing hispanic votes and on top of that the percentages of both are rising, so the future looks dim for this party.Great question, sorry for my long answer.I remain,Your assistant

Why is the Republican party losing support among young voters? Why is the Republican party losing support among young voters? Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 2:1 margin when it comes to younger voter support.Is this primarily due to social issues (i.e. gay rights, abortion, gun control, environmental concerns)?If so, does the Republican party need to become mor moderate on social issues if it hopes to still be a major party in the future?And do you think Michael Steele is helping the Republicans image and if not who would you perfer to see as the Republican Chairman?
If you’re young and not a Democrat, you have no heart.If you’re old and still a Democrat, you have no brain.

Because Obama appeals to younger voters. And because young voters are sick and tired of the neocons (you know, like most of America).And to those who think Obama just got elected because he’s black, why do you think Steele was elected RNC chairman?

Because they do not have any answers. They offer no vision for the future. All they have done since Obama has been elected is whine, complain, and then ask him for stimulus money.

because voters tend to vote for free stuff when they are young.then once they have to pay for what they voted for when their older.they vote for a conservative. example.look how the young people whined about the tax on cigarettes.

They don’t have anything positive to add to the discussion, nor will they even try. Their fear tactics are all they know, and America is tired of it. At least a majority of Americans are.

The young and immature always lean to those who paint the utopian picture in order to get votes. Republicans are realists. It takes a mature mind to grasp and accept reality.

Republicans are losing support across the board. When kerry ran, the only age group he won was people under 25. When Obama ran the only age group he lost was people over 65, and even that was closer than it was with kerry.Younger people who do vote tend to be in college. College educated people tend to remain democrats. People who pump gas and flip cheese burgers as a career typically don’t start voting till they’re in their 30’s but when they do they tend to strongly support republicans primarily over religious issues.

Republicans have never had much support with young voters, there are just more young people involved in politics lately.

Even in this last eletion the young voters didnt show up as much as expected to vote. I think it was due to more popularity than any issueNo the republican party just needds to proove they can be who they say they are. If they were really conservative, Bush would not have over spent.I dont think they need to be a majority party, we just need parties to actually work together, and not be 100% divided, this is not a Republican, Or a democratic world.Idont think anyone is paying attention Michael Steele. And with Obama new in office, I dont think anyone will for a while, so I dont think replacing him would make a difference no matter who it was.

Because young people aren’t usually as smart as their older counterparts. You learn more as you get older. As you gain more experience and intelligence, you become conservative..

Because the youth of today just aren’t what they used to be. Their morals are shot, they blame everything on whatever is convenient rather than taking the blame themselves, and they haven’t had real parents. I am not saying all of them, but the vast majority. Most of today’s youth are lazy. If you can’t get it on a computer they don’t want it. The wake up call will come when they get all the things they have been fed by the Liberal media. While they are standing in soup lines, they will realize that socialism sucks.

You need to be a liberal to survive in Higher Education. They spend years indoctrinating the youth to think and act like they do, and we wonder why recent grads vote democrat.?The educated left likes to flaunt guys like Hannity and Rush who bailed out of college before the brainwashing could take effect. They use them as prime examples of “ignorant” conservatives who just weren’t good enough to become liberals. In reality, both are good examples of guys who ditched formal education, and still made something of themselves.

I don’t see anything supporting your rant ! The young people who support Obama are mostly the ones who went to a liberal college and haven’t worked long enough yet to understand how the world really works ! They will change when it starts it them in the pocket !

I think young voters of today have been conditioned over the course of their lives to think a certain way. They’ve been bombarded all their life with liberal political correctness. In other words, they have been told what to think, what to accept, and how to live. Once they are completely on their own and away from PC lies, they realize that their opinion counts. Some will snap out of the PC mind control and become more aware of what the real world is all about. That’s when they move to the good side.

Speaking as a young voter, the Republican party just doesn’t support our views. It seems that every Republican candidate fails to speak to the Youth and they fail to speak for our future. If the Republican party wants our votes, they will definitely have to move toward more moderate issues. If the Republicans really want to change, with Michael Steele as their chairman, there are a lot of bugs that they need to get rid of, like Rush Limbaugh. People like Rush and Bill O’Reilly make young people disgusted with the Republican party, as they don’t understand our culture.

the largest factor for that is the fact that the government run school system is run by the liberal left and teaches that government is the answer to your problems. Another factor is that our younger generation has never had to earn anything they believe that they should just be given healthcare etc.So in reality the biggest reason is that the dems keep promising to take care of all their problems from the cradle to the grave and our schools are not teaching the values and virtues of ABSOLUTE freedom. And NO the republican party does not need to become more moderate they need to stand on their principles because if you learn from history they will have to save this country from itself again just as they had to do after Carter. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. we have tried to talk with our enemies and implement all kinds of socialistic programs and it almost destroyed our country. see jimmy carter.

It’s always been that way.When you’re young and stupid you vote democrat.When you grow up and see how the world works, you vote Republican.