I Saw Three Ships ~ Another ancient Christmas song

A more modern lyric of the original Forbes’s Cantus (1666) in Opie’s Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes, 2nd ed. (no. 471 [p. 456]) I was going to launch it…

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Gary Miller ‘Folk Song For Thomas Spence’, Heureka, Vienna 20.07.10

Gary Miller performing ‘Folk Song For Thomas Spence’ at Cafe Heureka, Vienna on 20th July 2010. Unfortunately only the first half of the song was recorded (a…

What was your proudest moment in the military? Mine was the first I checked onboard my first ship. I made it through bootcamp, school and saw a lot of others fail, or get sent home. Even though I wasn’t, I felt almost elite. It was a proud moment, in uniform and seabag on my back. Ship life was very scary at first, but a very proud moment that first day.

Download and print Folk (I Saw Three Ships) sheet score

I helped out a shipmate by allowing him to take repeated color-vision tests so he could qualify for the rating he dreamed of – I never thought it was a big deal – we had enough coverage, and he really wanted it. He finally got qualified and I lost track of him due to PCS moves.Three years later, I receive an e-mail from the PO2, and he thanked me profusely for doing so much to help him out, because he absolutely loved his new rating and his life was wonderful.It taught me that even “little” things can mean a lot to folks. I still feel happy about it – and I never thought it was a big thing. go figure!Brian Raini

Well, congrats! Let the journey begins.For me, it was the moment that I got the Crab pinned on my chest. I have made it after a long and challenging pipeline; and I have proven many people, including my parents, wrong. They said that I would have never completed the pipeline.

Being awarded an immediate Field Commission !? I was 19 at the time of the respective action.Later awarded / decorated with the Military Cross for a further action 8 weeks later!

Telling my CofC that they have to send me to the old PLDC (now WLC), my 1SGt that they lost my promotional paperwork and I told them I had a copy, even thought it is suppose to be sealed.

Why do pilots are more appreciated than train drivers / ship captains since they all can cause disasters? the train driver can cause collision with another train or derail the train and it will be a disaster.the ship captain too can sink his ship..so why do you think that the pilot is the most appreciated among them ?
because the pilot may face the toughest emergencies among them ,and he will face the emergency alone by flying his plane with auxiliary aid from his copilot (remember captain Sully when he said “my plane”when he knew that all engine failed)and the last thing is that nobody can do anything to help people in a plane falling from the sky..if any thing happened in a train or a ship they can stop and fix the problem or evacuate people planes can’t do that .the other thing is even if train crashed or the ship sank ,,people can be rescued by rescue teams or in case of runaway train the locomotive engineer can do nothing it is the job of the rail tower now while it is very hard to find survivors and rescue them in a plane fall from the skyso ship captains and locomotives engineers share responsibility with others while pilots don’t

Beats me.I have never heard that.All three professions are performed highly trained and skilled people.Truth be told the engineer has the biggest potential to cause loss of life if they screw up.One serious hazmat spill because of a train accident could wipe the population of a good sized town off the map.And more people appreciate train crews than they realize.That big screen TV(and many other things we use every day) they just bought would have cost a bunch more money if a train didn’t help deliver it.Edit Mem O I hope to god i never get on a plane your at the controls of because your clueless.

If the train has a fault, you might have to stop.If the plane has a fault, you might have to die.

yeah ive never heard of this one either. i think though its related to the exposure of it all. being that planes have a higher accident rate compared to ships or trains, they are talked about more. or flashed on the evening news more. thus like when a pilot ( and a dam fine one at that!) like Cpt Sullenburger comes along, hey, thats real good news. whens the last time ya heard about a ship captain? whats his name that commanded the Valdeez? last famous engineer i heard of was Casey Jones. and he died while simply trying to deliver your mail on time. sure, of the three, the rail engineer holds the ace card of destruction. but its only the flight captain you get to see as you exit the flightway and into the plane and he greats you. hopefully with a smile. hopefully hes having a good day. hopefully his last name is Sullenberger JR! hopefully your taking the time to shake his hand and make him feel “appreciated”. ya never know, it could be a bumpy landing otherwise! you dont get to do that with the other two.

Passenger or military ship captain STILL has that cachet. Train engineers DID, until airplanes came along. Now that we do most of our travel on the Internet, it’s “dot-com executive”.

A very good question. But it wasn’t always so. And it changed within my own lifetime.As a kid in the 50’s, the big three for boys was policeman, fireman, locomotive engineer. Commercial pilots entered the fray not long after, but primarily for the money they make, not necessarily the appeal. Still at the top of the economic heap, if any craft is overpaid, it’s them. The most dangerous part of their duties is moving the plane around on the ground. Most folks don’t realize it, but runway incursions happen way too frequently. The biggest airline disaster happened when two jumbo jets collided due to a runway incursion, killing well over 500 people.Today, most commercial aircraft is “fly by wire.” The flight crew gets the plane into the air and maneuvers through over crowded skies near all international airports, according to instructions given them by an air traffic controller. Then you hit the auto pilot and the plane flies itself until time to land in over crowded skies again. And for those really long flights (mainland USA to Australia, for example), they can take turns getting some sleep in the handy accommodations thoughtfully provided by the builders. But when something goes wrong, they are very highly trained individuals with hundreds of lives on the line riding on the next decision he makes. Just ask Captain Sully’s passengers if he earned his paycheck the day he made a dead stick landing of his plane in the Hudson river.Ship captains have an awesome responsibility as well and not just because there is human life at stake. Just ask captain Hazelwood what happened when after getting a snootful headed for his cabin to sleep it off with the third mate handling the ship in dangerous waters. Once on the open sea the danger decreases rapidly.Then there are the hogheads. I apologize in advance if I seem overly melodramatic, but it is absolutely true that they face death and disaster every time they climb aboard. Planes have crashed into neighborhoods killing people on the ground. As Andy points out a train can absolutely blow a town all to hell. Do you think we’re kidding? Just ask the residents of Antelope, California, a town bordering the UP’s yard at Roseville. (It was SP at the time) who saw their town literally disappear on the morning of April 28th, 1973 when a dozen or so carloads of 750 pound bombs exploded, which also caused three carloads of liquefied petroleum gas to explode. In a true miracle, no one died and the town has since been rebuilt. It was determined that the bombs had been loaded improperly by the Navy with friction causing pallets to ignite when they got hot enough.Planes and ships crash infrequently. On the other hand, there is probably a train in the ditch as you read this. Frighteningly, derailments just don’t always make the evening news and so for most of us we are living in comfortable ignorance of an impending disaster.50,000. Without qualification, this is a large number for most. In this instance that number is very close to ALL the locomotive engineers currently working in ALL of North America. I don’t usually keep up with population so I’ll take a guess at 350 million citizens. I am not good with math but I know enough to speculate this is a very small percentage of people moving everything you see around you at this very moment. I am proud that I was a member of this very select craft.And that makes me one of the luckiest people in the country. I was one of those kids that grew up in the 50’s. I was one of those kids who wanted to be a part of the big three; policeman, fireman, engineer. How many of us grow to realize a childhood dream?Yup. A lucky guy.And the icing on that cake?I got out alive.I’ve known several who didn’t.How many co-workers of yours have been killed on the job?

i’m sorry to say it but is true ,train drivers face no emergency ,if any thing went wrong stop IF YOU CAN’T STOP enjoy the ride and the tower worker will do his job :)the same thing for ship captains they face no emergencyif any thing went wrong stop fix it or evacuate and wait for rescue to pick you :)and if the train driver crash the train or the captain sink the ship paramedics and rescue teams will do there job in a plane crash they only search for bodies for pilots if any thing went wrong you can’t stop FIX IT OR YOU WILL DIEand Pilot don’t share responsibility and there is no second chance when the pilot crash his plane that is why we are appreciated