GIRL TAKES BRA OFF IN POOL (Part 1/2) (Vlog Update)

Ashley comes over and hangs out with my sister and I. Her ex decides to tag along for the ride. PART TWO: Twitter:…

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Biased Idol: The show has lost its touch? Well, that’s it. I had a feeling that this was going to happen. Phillip Phillips won, and I can no longer look at what used to be one of my favorite shows the same way again. The show has become Biased Idol. Or better yet, how about WGWG Idol? Seriously, what’s the point of having anyone else audition? They may as well just tell every woman and non-white guy to go home, cause they have no chance. Or they could just tell them “You got a shot at second place, but we all know those WGWG’s are gonna get voted for like crazy by all the little teenage girls who find them so cute or think they’re hunks. So enjoy that silver medal, cause that’s as good as it’s going to get for you.” If I was the executive producer of that show, I wouldn’t be thinking “Another successful season.” I’d be thinking “This show is going to hell!” Because it is. If you can look back at the past four.I’m sorry, the past five seasons of Biased Idol and tell me that the voting was 100% unbiased, didn’t factor in popularity, and was solely based on talent, then you need an eye transplant. Stevie Wonder could see how biased this show has become. It has lost almost all credibility in my eyes. People can say all they want how they think that “Phil is original.” Or “There’s nobody in the music industry like him.” Really? Cause the four seasons before this year tell otherwise. But am I going to stop watching the show? No. Why? Because I will continue to hope that one day, this show will finally have a winner that isn’t a white guy, and it will no longer be Biased Idol. But until that day happens, the show is Biased Idol to me. You can call me a jerk or say that I’m just a mad little kid or whatever (and I’m not a kid, by the way; I’m a 22 year-old guy with special needs), but I am speaking my mind and saying exactly how wrong the voting has been for this show for the past five years. If the voting system doesn’t have some sort of change, then it will just be deja vu all over again. But what do you think?Do you agree with America’s decision 100%?Do you think Phillip Phillips was the best contestant this year overall (not based on how cute you think he is, solely based on talent, vocal ability, and consistency)?Can you honestly say that there isn’t a single sign of biased anywhere in the past five years of this show?Can you honestly say that the best contestant of the season won?@Halo Mom: First time a singer/song writer won? Okay, then answer this. What would you define the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood as?@Honey Badger Don’t Care: What’s the point of having America choose if they’re going to choose the same kind of winner every season? And just for the record, last time I checked this was America, and I am using my 1st Amendment rights to speak exactly what I and everyone else knows is true. That show is biased. The voting is biased. I do not blame Phillip, I blame America.When David Cook won, I was like “Okay. In a way, he was the best.”When Kris Allen won, I was thinking “Okay, he wasn’t the best, but he was one of the best, and it doesn’t seem weird at all.”When Lee Dewyze won, I was like “Okay, this is getting a little weird now. He definitely wasn’t the best.”When Scotty McCreery won, I was like “That’s it! Now I know that something’s wrong. The voting has to be biased.”And when Phillip Phillips won last night, I was like “Oh my God almighty! I am sick and tired of the WGWG winning over and over aga

Download sheet music online: Tank: I Love Them Girls by A. Dixon

american idol is RACIST and SEXIST. grrr. I think phillip is good, but Jessica was much better. Joshua was the best out of all three of them, and he definitely should have one the whole thing. I’m even surprised jessica made it to the top two. The reality is that mostly teenage girls vote, and go for the white male. I honestly think Joshua was the best, and i thought he was going to win because he is better looking than phillip. people are so judgemental!

I’m happy Jessica was the runner up. The runner-ups always get more of the spotlight than the winner. Way to go, America! Love your dumb decisions! 🙂

The best singer did not win this year. Nor last year. Nor the year before that. This show has lost all credibility.something needs to change with that voting system.

I pretty much knew the second the Judges and Audience praised Phillip last night sealed Jessica’s fate.I called it a weeks ago that WGWG#5 Phillip would win. This show isn’t what it used to be. It’s being controlled be Teens who think these guys are cute and play Guitar. I don’t think we will ever see another Girl or a guy who doesn’t play guitar win again.I’m just tired of this WGWG trend every single season.But i don’t see it changing

I agree with you 100% ! Phillip did NOT deserve to win. Jessica had the best voice hands down. What is wrong with people, don’t they know a good thing when they hear it?I am furious and think the show has lost all credibility.

Yes I agree Was he the best singer noWas he different, yesYou may see another WGWGI see the first time an singer song writer wonTo all that did not win, like Crystal who was much better then LeeI real think it came down to the last songJessica song was not very goodIt was the song they had other winners do, that america pop musicThey had Phillip do a song that they would have the runner upJessica is very young and lack something on stageJoshua and Phillip were much better on stageScotty, Lee, Kris or David or even Jessica can not do what Phillip does to a songThere is something so different It’s the first time a non singer won American IdolJoshua and Phillip were both better on making the songThe truth is, if Jessica picked a better song in the 2nd round, even with the last song she could of wonBoth her and phillip mess up that win

Jessica and Joshua are best, hands down.White Guy who’s cute and plays guitar is obviously going to win, right?The voters are not very smart, are they. Plus they wrote Jessica a crappy song and they give Phillip the catchy song! Why is it that everybody wants people like him to win!

I do believe that American Idol is biased.I had hoped in the beginning after I got to know the many many talented top 10 contestants..who are all good.that Joshua Ledet would win it because I wanted a black guy to win for a change and I thought Joshua was good, and Jessica is the girl with the best voice on American Idol.but American idol has always been 50 % a talent show and 50 % a popularity show.It does not make sense to me either that American Idol should be racist, especially as the one Judge who has been there since season 1 is Randy Jackson and he is black.Jessica should have won..but i don’t blame it on Phillip.Phillip was just’s America who voted and wanted a white guy to win.but not all America is biased or racist because you look at ”the voice..last year Javier Colon won it.a black guy.this year Jermaine Paul, another black guy won ”the voice 2012..and if you watched Reality TV shows such as Dancing with the stars..2 years in row guys have won ”dancing with the stars.last year it was war veteran Jose Rene Martinez.know as JR..because of his Charisma..he suffered 4th degree burns when the tank he was a passenger in went over a landmine..but he had over 25 operations and still has more ahead of him but he never lost his optimism so people got to like him and this year NFL player Donald Driver who is also black won ”Dancing with the stars..I am sure there is some bias but I don’t really believe the bias comes from the judges.I believe America seems to want white contestants to win..but i also know for a fact that a lot of people pulled for Jessica to win this it’s not hopeless ..but Philipp Phillip had a lot of female supporters, and I believe Jimmy Lovine that he did not know who this year’s winner would be.because it’s America whose vote counts.I am sure there were a lot of female voters who from the beginning hoped that either Colton Dixon or Phillip Phillip would win it.I saw Kelly Clarkson perform on Dancing with the stars this week on Tuesday. Personally i take comfort in the fact that if you look at Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.Adam Lambert is out there a lot more and he is selling a lot more CD’s than Kris Allen..but i don’t have any ill feelings toward Phillip.he did nothing wrong to make people vote for him.He was emotionally overwhelmed when he was supposed to sing again..I am sure he did not know that he was going to win..he like jessica hoped to..but he would not have wanted to win biased show.he is not a fake person.he would not want to get votes just because he is white and handsome.he hopes people voted for him because they love his music and that he won for the right reason..if he tought American Idol is biased toward artists and contestants of a different race, Phillip is too nice a person he would want nothing to do with that.he would not feel he had won fair and square if he he believed that..because he respects Jessica and he knows what a great singer she is and that it would be uncertain until the end who would win..I am absolutely sure that Phillip was not certain that he would win..Please try to take comfort in the fact that even if Phillip won, Jessica will make a lot of records, I am sure that the judges know talent when they see it and they know that Jessica has the kind of voice that will sell a lot of songs.and now all she has to do is find a better song than the one she wanted to choose if she had won for her first recording and I know she now will come up with a better kind of song.some Blues and soul music. something that challenges her beautiful voice.and that is pure Jessica Sanchez.then she will be just as famous as Phillip will become.I still stand by what I said..yes American idol has some biased voters.but American Idol has 2 winners really.Jessica and Phillip will get flooded with making recordings.and both will appear in public and we have not seen the last of Jessica Sanchez.and i also believe that Hollie, Skylar, Elise and Colton and all of the top 10 will continue their musical careers with passion and they will all be deserving of becoming the musicians they already really are.because there are so many who got talent this year.xxxPS. obviously when Kelly Clarkson won it was difficult for other reasons for the winner. can only hope for everyone, doesn’t seem as glamorous in reality.